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					  Developmental Benefits of Dance in the Younger Children
What age to start?

Centre Pointe is dedicated to providing age and developmentally appropriate
dance classes for all ages. The average age for a child attending their first
dance class is around the age of 3yrs. However, some children are confident
enough to begin dancing at 2yrs if accompanied by a parent or carer,
therefore Centre Pointe offers a Little Bear Feet, mom and toddler class for
2yr olds and a Twinkle Toe unaccompanied class for 3yr olds.

The Program

It is important that the program taught progresses logically and is taught in
such a way as to ensure that the interest and imagination of the child is
constantly engaged. It is for this reason that Centre Pointe teaches the
syllabus work of Melody Movement Early Learning; this syllabus is designed
to meet the Early Years Foundation Stage criteria.

The structure, content and accompanying music of an early years dance
programme is of key importance and should include the following

                                           travelling movements

              compliments and enhances the actions
The Physical benefits of the early year dance experience

                                  nd with confidence
                                 -ordination, flexibility and balance

                   - dance as part of a healthy lifestyle 

The Creative benefits of dance


group is based

Communication, Language and Literacy Development

                                  ds, poems, rhymes, and stories as an
accompaniment to dance
              - developing conversational skills

Ms. Anita, CP studio owner is a Licensed teacher of Melody Bear Early
Movement and is Licensed to teach Little Bear Feet, Melody Movement, First
Ballet, Foundation Ballet & Tip Tap Toe

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