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									           Boundary County Fire Chief’s Association
                        Boundary County Fire Chief’s Association
                                Meeting Minutes 1/20/2010
                                 @ Good Grief Restaurant
                     Meeting called to order: by Ken Baker at 6:30 p.m.

                              Recorded by Michelle Rohrwasser
Members present:
Bonners Ferry Fire Department-------------------Pat Warkentin
Curley Creek Volunteer Fire District------------Brad Stalcup (Absent)
Hall Mountain Volunteer Fire Association------Brad Lowther
North Bench Volunteer Fire District--------------Bill McCabe
Boundary Volunteer Ambulance------------------Ken Baker
Paradise Valley Fire District-----------------------Jock Johnson
South Boundary Fire Protection District---------Tony Rohrwasser (Absent)
City of Moyie Springs Fire Department----------Ken English
Idaho Department of Lands------------------------Chris Lund (Absent)
U.S. Forest Service Fuels Technician-------------Lee Colson (Absent)


       Minutes for 12/09. Approved by Jock, second by Pat.          .
       Account Balance/Treasurer’s Report: Postponed.

Old Business:

Early Warning System. Pat discussed the early warning system. The Local Emergency
Planning Committee (LEPC) would like to be proactive to mitigate potential hazards with
the larger concentration being the city. The thought was that Dave Kramer, Bob Graham,
and Mayor Anderson would be interested in this system along with Jay Baker and
although there was discussion at the LEPC meeting, there were no comments or response.
Some public education was provided via radio and Dave Kramer has sent emails to
request keeping interest in this subject going. It was said Bob Graham has reservations
about using the city’s siren for anything out of the ordinary. The siren used to be used as
the city’s fire alarm. Troy, Libby, and Eureka, Montana all have these early warning
systems for what their communities need. Ken E. said he has brought this topic up at the
City of Moyie Springs’ council meeting, and the council members and attendees felt an
early warning system is a good idea. Brad L. said he would be interested and this system
would definitely be needed at Customs. Pat mentioned various locations for systems such
as Naples and Eastport, etc.

It was said Dyck’s Oil & Auto would like to install a 30 gallon propane tank. Pat said the
International Fire Code suggests a 50 foot setback so he doesn’t know if that will work.

          Boundary County Fire Chief’s Association
Pat said if the topic of an early warning system comes up at the LEPC meeting it will
require the chiefs to jump on board with it. Cost would be the difficulty, but the Sheriff’s
Office should be the biggest supporter as they have the most to gain. Pat felt the system
needs to be in town. Brad L. and Ken E. said they would also mention it at the LEPC
meeting so it isn’t just Pat that is talking about it.

Motion to authorize Tony to write a letter promoting the use of the Bonners Ferry siren as
part of the early warning system to the community by Jock, seconded by Pat. Motion

Brad L. suggested explaining what could happen during an emergency and the issues of
liability. Pat said the FCC has legitimate concerns and good examples are in Montana.
Pat said Three Mile and the Highway1 junctions are big concerns for accidents.

It was suggested Tony contact Brad L., Pat, and Ken E. for information for the letter on
the early warning system.

Communications Class. Jock said he would like more time to review the presentation. Pat
mentioned how well the presentation went. Jock said Chief Deputy Sheriff Rich Stephens
suggested writing down the date, time, etc., when there is an issue with a call and to talk
face to face with the Sheriff’s Office. Those present discussed the issue of dropped
dispatch calls, pagers toned with no voice, and pushing the buttons on the console in the
Dispatch Office that notifies the various fire departments and ambulance association.

Those present briefly questioned who would attempt to contact Marty Becker about
hosting a chili feed.

Motion to authorize Brad L. to speak with Marty Becker about hosting a chili feed by
Jock; seconded by Pat. Motion carried.

Those present discussed contacting the Chief’s Association in Worley about obtaining
new passport tags.

New Business

Jock said he had come from Unifire and they are willing to come up north to put on a
class on K12 rescue saws at no cost if everyone is willing to participate, including
Northside. The representative from Northside is also a FEMA instructor. A FEMA trailer
with heavy duty equipment would be available and would be a good resource. Bonner
County has also signed up for this.

On February 11, 2010, OXARC is putting on an all day safety class on chlorine for a cost
of $65.00.

          Boundary County Fire Chief’s Association
The North Idaho Fire Chief’s Christmas dinner will be Monday, January 25, 2010 at 6:00
p.m., and will be held at 41 South in Sandpoint.

Public Input

Jock informed those present of the matter involving an item located in his district that
contained a low level of radiation and the process of contacting Boisecom.

The next Fire Chief’s meeting will be held by North Bench Fire Department on February
17, 2010.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 p.m., by Jock, seconded by Pat. Motion carried.


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