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									                                                  Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
                                                          Human Resources Department
                                                                         P.O. Box 2503
                                                              Winston-Salem, NC 27102

                TEACHER JOB VACANCIES (Updated August 8, 2012)
                This posting will be updated as vacancies occur/are filled.

Elementary Schools             Current Teacher Vacancies
Ashley                         Spanish (80%), Bilingual Kindergarten (must be fluent in
                               Spanish and English), Bilingual 2nd Grade (must be fluent in
                               Spanish and English)
Bolton                         Primary Reading Teacher (50%)
Brunson                        Transitional Bilingual 1st Grade (must be fluent in Spanish and
                               English), 1st Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, Guidance Counselor
Caleb’s Creek                  No Vacancies
Cash                           No Vacancies
Children’s Center              No Vacancies
Clemmons                       No Vacancies
Cook                           3rd Grade, EC/Special Ed-General Curriculum (Resource)
Diggs-Latham                   No Vacancies
Downtown                       No Vacancies
Easton                         5th Grade, Pre-Kindergarten, Guidance Counselor
Forest Park                    No Vacancies
Gibson                         No Vacancies
Griffith                       EC/Special Ed-General Curriculum (50%)
Hall-Woodward                  ESL (50%)
Ibraham                        No Vacancies
Jefferson                      No Vacancies
Kernersville                   No Vacancies
Kimberley Park                 3rd Grade, Art (50%), Media Coordinator
Kimmel Farm                    No Vacancies
Konnoak                        Kindergarten, ESL, Primary Reading Teacher (50%)
Lewisville                     No Vacancies
Meadowlark                     No Vacancies
Middle Fork                    No Vacancies
Mineral Springs                No Vacancies
Moore                          No Vacancies
Morgan                         EC-Adapted Curriculum
North Hills                    No Vacancies
Old Richmond                   No Vacancies
Old Town                       No Vacancies

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Petree                          Art, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th
                                Grade, Primary Reading Teacher (50%)
Piney Grove                     No Vacancies
Rural Hall                      No Vacancies
Sedge Garden                    No Vacancies
Sherwood Forest                 Primary Reading Teacher (50%)
South Fork                      No Vacancies
Southwest                       No Vacancies
Speas                           No Vacancies
The Special Children’s School   No Vacancies
Union Cross                     No Vacancies
Vienna                          No Vacancies
Walkertown                      Primary Reading Teacher (50%)
Ward                            No Vacancies
Whitaker                        No Vacancies

Middle Schools                  Current Vacancies
Clemmons                        7th Grade Science, 6th Grade Language Arts
Downtown                        No Vacancies
East Forsyth MS                 Science
Flat Rock                       7th Grade Science, ESL (50% - will pair with Philo/Hill MS for FT
                                position), 6th Grade Language Arts, 8th Grade Math
Main St. Academy MS             No Vacancies
Hanes                           Band
Jefferson                       No Vacancies
Kernersville                    No Vacancies
Lowrance/Homebound              No Vacancies
Meadowlark                      Theater Arts (20% - can pair with Northwest MS and Reynolds
                                HS), Family & Consumer Science (50% - will pair with Southeast
                                MS for full-time), 6th Grade Math
Mineral Springs                 No Vacancies
Northwest                       Theater Arts (20% - can pair with Meadowlark MS and Reynolds
Paisley                         8th Grade Science
Philo/Hill                      7th Grade Math, Spanish (80%), ESL (50% - will pair with Flat
                                Rock MS for FT position), 8th Grade Math (Algebra I), 6th Grade
                                Science, Dance (60%)
Southeast                       Family & Consumer Science (50% - will pair with Meadowlark
                                MS for full-time)
Walkertown                      7th Grade Math/Science, Physical Ed (30% - will pair with
                                Kingswood HS for 80% position)
Wiley                           7-8th Grade Science
Winston-Salem Prep Academy      7th Grade Social Studies, Math

High Schools                    Current Vacancies
Atkins                          English (17%)

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Career Center                 Allied Health (RN preferred, but bachelors/associates possible),
                              Network Engineering/Cisco Networking (66%), Early Childhood
Carter Vocational             No Vacancies
Carver                        Math, Family & Consumer Sciences, English
Early College                 No Vacancies
East Forsyth                  No Vacancies
Glenn                         Allied Health, JROTC
MAIN St. Academy HS           Business Ed
Jacket Academy at Carver      No Vacancies
Kennedy                       Business Ed
Kingswood School              Art (50%), PE (50% - will pair with Walkertown MS for 80%
Middle College of Forsyth     No Vacancies
Mount Tabor                   No Vacancies
North Forsyth                 English/Technology support
Parkland                      English/Yearbook, English, EC/Special Ed-General Curriculum,
Reagan                        No Vacancies
Reynolds                      EC/Special Ed-Occupational Course of Study, Theater Arts (35%
                              - can pair with Meadowlark MS and Northwest MS), English
Walkertown                    No Vacancies
West Forsyth                  Science
WS Preparatory Academy        EC/Special Ed – Resource, English

Speech-Language Pathologist
Interpreter (Sign Language)
Occupational Therapist

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