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					SECURITY Policy


Information for Staff, Pupils and Parents


Following the ‘Cullen Report’ the Government allocated finance to local Authorities
to allow for an upgrade of security in all schools

The purpose is 3 fold

      To deter

      To prevent

      To detect

       any potential intruders.

We have seen an improvement in security, not only during class time but also at
intervals and lunchtime, the most common times when problems arise.

We will, however, only see further improvement if ALL users and visitors are
prepared to cooperate. We must ALL accept responsibility for the monitoring of
security. All users, staff and pupils must be aware of the need to report an
unusual event.

It is our hope that these measures will enhance life at our school, by making it a
safe and secure environment to both visit and work within.


We have been conscious of the need for security for some time.

      We introduced Staff identity badges

      We have school uniform

      The school is fitted with secure entry doors

      We have a system of visitors badges, ALL visitors must collect and return

       a badge to the school office

      We have Security Cameras covering the campus

      We have a Campus Police Office

These changes have been successful, we will hopefully build on this success,

making a safe and secure environment for ALL staff and pupils here at Eastwood.

       Normal entrance arrangements at 8.45am and over lunchtime

       Normal exit arrangements at lunchtime and 2.45pm (Wed and
        Frid) and 3.35pm (Mon, Tues and Thurs)

       Single entry point during school working hours

       Entry point at School Office

       CCTV cameras monitoring school perimeter

       Entry by ‘Electronic key’ or via video phone link to school office.
        Frequent users will be issued an ‘Electronic Key’

       All external doors to be alarmed. All doors to be kept closed.


Ø       Pupils contained within school grounds at intervals

Ø       No access to rear car park area for pupils at morning interval

Ø      Out of bounds areas for pupils at interval and lunchtime include the
    external fire escape and the rear of science wing and PE building

Ø       All visitors, including parents, report to school office area

Ø       All pupil late comers report to school office area

Ø       All pupils leaving school early do so via main office door

Ø       Back gate at Technical closed at intervals and lunchtime

Ø       Evacuation procedures in event of a fire or other emergency. 2 practice
    drills will be tried and full consultation with the Fire Service before possibly
    amending these procedures

Ø      All pupils under 16 years old must be collected from the school office, by a
    parent / Guardian or their nominee known by the pupil, when leaving for an


Ø       If you find a door open

Ø       If you think you have seen an intruder

Ø       If you see anything suspicious

Ø       If you see any vandalism being carried out

             Report to the School Office or Head Janitor

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