School Readiness Goals by 21D755G9


									                                 Nicholas County
          Pre-K/K Transitional School Readiness Goals

Pre-K makes a commitment to work towards the following school readiness goals
for the beginning of kindergarten. These goals were established based on the WV
Early Learning Standards, Early Learning Framework, Head Start Performance
Standards. Knowing that all children do not have a pre-K experience these goals
are not mandatory for children to enter kindergarten.

- Develops relationships and interacts with peers and adults.
- Recognizes emotions and responds appropriately.
-Participates in group work and play.
-Follows rules and school safety.

Physical Development
- Demonstrates gross motor skills of balance, run, walk, gallop, etc.....
- Manipulates small objects in the classroom including writing/drawing tools.
- Makes healthy food choices and has self-feeding skills.
- Completes personal care routines such as brushing teeth, toileting, and washing
- Understands importance of and cooperates in health screenings.
- Participates in movement activities including Choosy, I’m Moving, I’m Learning
and Let’s Move WV

Language Arts
- Engages in conversations and oral language through questions, vocabulary, stories,
songs, poems.
- Follows detailed, instructional, multi step directions.
- Expresses thoughts and needs through language.
- Uses and appreciates books.
--Practices listening/matching environmental sounds, syllables, rhyming,
beginning/ending sounds of words.
- Identifies and names letters in the alphabet.
- Writes name.

- Counts to 10
- Recognizes numbers 0-10 and quantifies objects to 10.
- Recognizes basic shapes (circle, square, triangle).
- Recognizes, creates and extends patterns.
- Understands different proximities (between, next to, beside).

-Observes and collects information.
- Asks questions, predict, explain and draw conclusions on information.
- Participates in investigations.
- Uses senses and tools to gather information.

-Uses creative movement to express concepts, ideas and feelings.
- Uses different materials and techniques to make art creations.
- Uses creativity and imagination to manipulate materials and assume roles in
dramatic play.

Social Studies
- Recognizes a variety of jobs and their roles.
- Recognizes items in the environment such as, buildings, roads, gardens, trees,
water, or land formations.
-Recognizes personal/family events in past, present and future

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