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					                    RIVERTON EARLY MIDDLE SCHOOL
                           September 2011

                                  Welcome to the 2011-12 school year!
                        REMS staff hope that your family had a fantastic summer
                            and that you are anticipating a great school year!
     We are very excited about opportunities for learning and celebrating school pride!
                             LEARNING TODAY TO IMPROVE TOMORROW

                                      Dates to Remember
Fri., Sept. 16          -      Hotdog Day
Thurs., Sept. 22        -      Parent Evening @ Gimli High School cafeteria – 7-8:30PM
                               Diane Gossen – “Restitution – Bringing the Strength from Within”
Fri., Sept. 23          -      No School – PD Day
Mon., Sept. 26          -      Milk Program begins
Thurs., Sept. 29        -      Terry Fox National School Run
Sept. 30 & Oct. 3       -      Strong Beginnings Assessment – No classes
Oct. 5, 6, 12, 13, 20   -      Artist in the School – Bud Gillies
Fri., Oct. 7            -      Early Dismissal @ 12:00 PM
Mon., Oct. 10           -      No School – Happy Thanksgiving!
Thurs., Oct. 20         -      Picture Day
Fri., Oct. 21           -      S.A.G.E. – PD Day – No classes
Wed., Nov. 9            -      Remembrance Day Service @ REMS
Fri., Nov. 11           -      No School - Remembrance Day
Wed., Nov. 16           -      Picture Retakes
Nov. 16, 17, 18         -      Student Conferences
REMS Staff
Nadine Trumbley – Principal
Lana Bobrovich – Kindergarten
Kelly Barkman – Grade 1 ELA, Math, Science, Art, Grade 7 ELA
Renate Gruenenfelder – Grade 1 S.S., Health, Literacy, K to Gr. 7 Guidance
Noreen Barkman – Grade 2-3
Debbie Hnatiuk – Grade 3-4
Leanne Hibbert – Grade 5, Gr. 7 ELA
Candace Toderan – Grade 3 ELA/Math, Grade 6 ELA/Health/Art, Grade 7 ELA
Cindy Parker – Resource, Grade 6 Math, Science, S.S.
Carter McLean – Gr. 3 to Gr. 7 Phys.Ed., Grade 7 Math, Science, S.S., Health
Carol McCalpin – Gr. 1 to Gr. 7 French, Grade 1 Phys. Ed., Grade 7 Art, Library Clerk
Lane Collins – K to Gr. 7 Music
Educational Assistants - Dorothy Thordarson, Crystal Sigurdson, Val Anderson,
                          Liz Willis, Michelle Symynyshen
Susie Einarson – Secretary
Robert Dahlman – Head Caretaker
Cleaners – Dianne Irvine, Sharon Bardarson
Bus Drivers – Sonny Popowich, Percy Marks, Irwin Schellenberg, Thor Eyjolfsson

                                    R.E.M.S. EXPECTATIONS
                         Be responsible       Be respectful        Be safe
                  If we want to have a TERRIFIC school, we all need to display…
                   We expect our students to be positive citizens.

Keeping You Informed
At the beginning of each month, one copy of the REMS newsletter will be sent home with
the youngest child in each family. You can also read the REMS newsletter online by
accessing the REMS wiki - remschool.pbworks.com. The REMS newsletter provides you with
a variety of relevant information from the school - special dates to remember, upcoming
events, and many other items of interest. It is our goal to keep families informed and be
aware of “what’s going on” at school. Keep an eye on the REMS sign in the school yard as
well! It is another way we can communicate with our Riverton community. Thanks for your
ongoing support! We are looking forward to a positive start to the school year!
PLEASE NOTE: REMS is on a different 6 day cycle than other schools in Evergreen School
Division. The 2011-12 REMS calendar is included in all student planners/agenda books. The
calendar was also sent home with report cards in June and it is accessible online on the
REMS wiki. We encourage your family to add the REMS WIki as one of your online favorites or
as your homepage for easy access.
                          Student Planners
                       Student planners are provided to
                       each student by the school for $5.00.
                       The planner is a daily
                       communication tool between the
            school and home. Students are responsible for bringing the planner to
            and from school every day and parents/guardians are encouraged
            to sign it daily. If you have not paid for your child’s planner, please
            submit your payment to your child’s teacher. The first few pages
            provide families with important school information that can be read
            and reviewed at home. This should alleviate any questions or
            concerns you may have regarding a variety of school topics.

School Visitors
                         When visiting REMS, we ask that you park on the street, use our main
                         (East) entrance, and report to the office before proceeding to any
                         classroom. As per the Evergreen School Division Safe Schools policy,
                         visitors/guests are asked to sign in and out at the office. This is to ensure
                         that we know who is in the school at all times. The North and South
                         doors will remain locked during school hours. Please pay attention to
                         the No Parking signs on the street to free up our crosswalk, and the No
                         Parking and Visitor Parking signs in our parking lot. The safety of our
                         students is of the utmost importance and we would certainly
                         appreciate your cooperation.

Keep our children safe.
Please observe the following rules to ensure that REMS students are safe:
1. Do not “stop and drop”
Please do not drop your child off while parked in the middle of the street. Please park by the
curb so your child does not have to navigate thru traffic to get to the side walk.
2. Drive slowly
It is especially important to enter the crosswalk zone in a very cautious manner during pick up
and drop off times. Often our little ones are not paying close attention and someone speeding thru the crosswalk
can be very dangerous. Please remind your driving teenagers to remember this as well.
3. Don’t park close to the crosswalk.
Please do not park your vehicles in front of the yellow curbs. Drivers cannot see children entering the crosswalk if
cars are parked in this zone. Keeping the children visible is the key component to keeping them safe.

Crosswalk Training
The Kindergarten to Grade 4 students will be reviewing crosswalk safety rules on Tuesday,
September 13. REMS staff and students ask drivers to remember to maintain a slow speed
while driving near the school. Please adhere to parking signs located near the crosswalk,
and watch for students who may be crossing the street.

Volunteers Needed
We would like to see volunteerism increasing @ REMS. Volunteers are a huge asset to any school. Whether it is
spending time at the school listening to students read, or helping a teacher with a variety of tasks inside and
outside of the classroom, volunteers are wonderful. If you are available a certain day of the week or a particular
time of day, please consider volunteering at REMS. As per Evergreen School Division policy, all volunteers must
have a child abuse registry check done. Forms are available from Susie in the school office. Any caregiver who is
interested in volunteering at the school and/or attending school field trips must adhere to this divisional policy.
Please keep in mind that it takes 6 weeks to process these forms so if you are wishing to volunteer and you have
not had a child abuse registry check done, you may pick up the forms at the school office or call the school to
have the forms sent home with your child. REMS Volunteer Handbooks are also available in the school office.

We will continue to have HOTDOG DAYS every second Friday.
REMS is in need of a hotdog cook – a volunteer who is available every second Friday for approximately two hours –
                  11:45 to 1:45. Please contact Susie @ the school 378-5145 if you are interested. THANKS!

                   What is the Balanced School Day?
                   REMS staff and students follow a balanced school day schedule. This schedule
                   breaks the instructional time into three one hundred minute blocks.
                   There are 2 nutrition breaks (15-20 minutes) and 2 activity breaks (20-35
                    minutes) separating the instructional blocks.

                                             2011-12 Balanced School Day Schedule
                                               10:40-10:55 Early Years Nutrition Break
                                               10:40-11:00 Middle Years Activity Break
                                                 10:55-11:15 Early Years Activity Break
                                               11:00-11:15 Middle Years Nutrition Break
                                       12:55-1:15 Early Years & Middle Years Nutrition Break
                                        1:15-1:50 Early Years & Middle Years Activity Break

                                                 What Are The Benefits?
    Balanced Nutrition                  Physical Activity          Flexible Programming                More Time for Learning

                                                     Nutrition Breaks
                                Microwaves will not be accessed during the AM nutrition breaks.
       There is no need to pack two separate lunches for your child. Simply divide the contents into two fulfilling portions.
                          Students who leave school for lunch would do so during the 12:55-1:50 break.

The milk program will start on Monday, Sept. 26. Milk is 75 cents. Milk forms will be sent home this week. If
you would like to include milk as part of your child’s lunch, please return the form along with payment.
Hotdog Days take place every SECOND Friday and they are $1.25 each. Hotdog Days are included on the
school calendar. The first Hotdog Day is on September 16.

School Nutrition
Please keep in mind that all Manitoba schools have a nutrition policy. Evergreen’s School
Food & Nutrition Policy can be found at www.esd.mb.ca .
The document entitled, “The Foods Available in K-12 Schools
in Manitoba Guidelines”– Serve Most Often/Sometimes list -
informs parents about nutritional guidelines which schools
need to follow. If you want to learn more about the School
Food & Nutrition Policy, you can go to the MB Dept. of
Education website – www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/policy.

12:00 Dismissals
Early dismissals in Evergreen School Division will take place on four Friday afternoons this school year
- October 7, December 2, March 9 and May 18.
On early dismissal days, students will be dismissed by 12:00. Early dismissals allow teachers the
                  opportunity to collaborate about instructional strategies and goals, address
                  divisional priorities, action areas, school plans, and focus on student outcomes,
                  progress, engagement, and achievement.

                                        REMS Parent Advisory Council
                 The REMS Parent Advisory Council (PAC) will hold their annual general
 meeting in September. If your child attends REMS and you wish to join the PAC, or you
  would like to learn more about their role with the school, you are
                                welcome to attend.

                    Over the past four years, the PAC has been a great
                     support for REMS. Their enthusiasm and positive
                  involvement are appreciated by all staff and students.
                  We are so excited to have the new play structure in the
                                        school yard!
                                         THANKS, PAC!

                         Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held June 30, 2011.

Parent Evening with Diane Gossen
“Restitution - Bringing the Strength from Within”
             Thursday, Sept. 22 @ Gimli High School cafeteria 7:00-8:30PM

                                             STRONG BEGINNINGS
Evergreen School Division believes that all students can be successful when given the appropriate support
to meet their unique needs. Assessment plays a major role in how students learn, their motivation to learn,
and how teachers teach.

What is Strong Beginnings?
Strong Beginnings is an assessment period at the beginning of the school year where teachers gather
student assessment data through observations, conversations, learning activities, paper/pencil tasks, and
student reflections about interests and learning. Strong Beginnings includes two days designated for
conferences where students attend school by appointment. This process enables us to plan for a Strong
Beginning for each student.

How does it work?
On either Friday, September 30th or Monday, October 3rd each student from Kindergarten to Grade Eight
will attend school by appointment for 60 minutes to participate in assessment activities in Language Arts
and Mathematics. During this time, the student will meet individually with their teacher, as well as
working independently or with another teacher, Education Assistant or volunteer. This is an opportunity
for teachers to gather data about each child’s learning that may not be evident during whole class
assessment activities. It is also a chance to further develop the teacher-student relationship.
                                th             rd
               On September 30 and October 3 , there will be no regularly scheduled classes for K-8 students.
                                       Students will attend school by appointment only.
                      Parents will be notified about their child’s appointment in the upcoming weeks.
                          It is very important your child attends his/her scheduled appointment.

What will teachers learn through Strong Beginnings?
Teachers, working with their students in an atmosphere of support and encouragement, will collect first hand
information on each of the children about
    o how they learn
    o their confidence as learners
    o the learning strategies they possess
    o their reading, writing and mathematical skills
    o their approach to problem-solving
    o their attitudes toward school and learning

How will the assessment information be used?
   o Teachers gain insight into what students understand in order to plan and guide instruction and provide helpful
       feedback to students
   o Students develop an awareness of how they learn and use that awareness to adjust and advance their learning,
       taking an increased responsibility for their learning.
   o To communicate with parents about their child’s progress

Questions? Please call Mrs. Trumbley @ REMS – 378-5145.

                                     We are very grateful for your support of this project.
The opportunity to meet with children this way greatly accelerates what we know about them and helps us address learning and
                                            curricular issues early in the school year.
REMS Fundraising
            We have partnered with a new company, Dieleman DFS
            Fundraising Sales for our fall fundraising campaign which begins on
            Monday, Sept. 19. Permission forms will be sent
            home soon. Participating K-Gr. 7 students will sell a
            variety of items from catalogues, such as gift wrap,
            cards, note pads, ornaments, decorations, and
jewelry. Proceeds from our fall fundraiser will help to financially
assist special school events, support the purchase of student
rewards and incentives, as well as support the costs of
presentations, guests, artists, and theatre groups. This fall
fundraiser will end on October 14. Please help to support REMS activities by
selling items from the catalogues. We appreciate your involvement in school
fundraising efforts. The students will receive some great prizes for their

The Farm to School Manitoba Healthy Choice Fundraiser is a fresh and healthy fundraiser
that REMS will be participating in this year. This will be done in partnership with Peak of the
Market. You will have the opportunity to buy quality vegetables at a low cost ($10 to $20)
while supporting the school! More information about the Farm to School fundraiser will be
available in the upcoming weeks! We are looking forward to participating in this program
which promotes nutrition and supports local producers.

Terry Fox National School Run
REMS will be participating in the Annual Terry Fox National School Run Day on
Thurs., Sept. 29th. All money raised from this event will be donated to the
Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. Last year REMS students
raised close to TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS! Students will receive their
pledge sheets very soon. Online pledging will also be possible by using the
website www.terryfoxrun.org. Pledge sheets and online pledging are both
easy to use and great ways to raise a lot of funds to bring us closer to
Terry’s dream of a world without cancer. Cheques can be made payable to
The Terry Fox Run. Tax receipts for donations $20 and more will be issued
automatically by the Terry Fox Foundation. Each dollar can save a life.

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