BS SW446 01 Due Date Checklist by 21D755G9


									                                   FIELD EDUCATION DUE DATE CHECKLIST

                   Field Education SSW 446 – 01 (Year I – 3 days/week placements)

                             Assignment                                                   Due Date

         Process Recordings written by student due to agency field     Three (3) due each week to field instructor in
     instructor.                                                       Fall semester, and two (2) due each week
                                                                       Spring semester.

        Learning Plan (Appendix C) completed by student and            Fourth Friday in October.
     agency field instructor and due to advisor.

        Field Education Report (Appendix K) completed by student       First Friday in November
     and due to advisor.

        Field Education Assignment (Appendix L) with two (2)           One week prior to scheduled field visit Field
     process recordings due to advisor.                                visit scheduled between early November and

         Fall Field Evaluation (Appendix N) completed by agency        Second Monday in December.
     field supervisor and due to Field Education Department.

        Psycho-Social Assessment Assignment (Appendix I)               Second Friday in January.
     written by student and due to advisor.

        Field Education Report (Appendix K) completed by student       Second Friday in February.
     and due to advisor.

        Spring Field Education Assignment with two (2) process         One week prior to the Field visit. Spring field
     recordings written by student due to advisor.                     visit is scheduled from mid-March through end
                                                                       of April.

         Final Field Evaluation (Appendix N) for placements ending     Third Monday in April
     in May due to Field Education Department

     Students are expected to be in contact with their advisors at regular intervals during the academic year.
     Please schedule an introductory meeting with your advisor in the Fall and have an in-depth conversation with your
      advisor prior to each field visit.
     Year I students should schedule an advising meeting to plan for Year II placements.
     Students should be in contact with their advisors with any questions or concerns about field or academic issues.
     Meetings with advisors may take place at Simmons or an off-site location.

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