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									        Caistor Grammar School Junior Athlete
                Education Programme.
The Junior Athlete Education (JAE) programme is designed to support gifted and
talented young athletes.

Working with national governing bodies of sport (NGBs), and implemented through
Sports Colleges and their partner schools, the programme helps young athletes achieve
a balanced lifestyle of training, competitions, schoolwork, exams and family life

Specially developed resources in lifestyle management, profiling and planning, as well
as training teachers as JAE mentors for talented pupils in PE and sport, enable students
to maximise their potential in both academic studies and sports performance. Integral to
this is an education workshop for parents of talented young athletes.

                     The Gifted and Talented Sports Performer.

Gifted and Talented students perform at levels noticeably advanced for their year group.
They will demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and understanding at the highest
levels appropriate for their age.

At CGS, we recognise gifted and talented students demonstrate not only exceptional
physical ability, skill acquisition, development and performance, but in fact have
exceptional ability in other aspects including evaluating and improving performance
through leadership and the selection and application of advanced skills and tactics.

                     The Junior Athlete Education Programme

At CGS we are at the preliminary stages of implementing our Gifted and Talented
policy. Registers are in the process of being developed and audits from Year 7 students
are completed in their first term. Academically CGS students excel and as a Sports
College we would like to see our student’s progress and achieve to the highest level in
the sporting area of their choice.

We currently have 3 specially trained JAE (Junior Athlete Education) Mentors. The
mentors aims are to help our students and the people around them who influence them,
to plan ahead to ensure that their sport, school work, social and family lives remain in
balance. Our mentors will provide support and guidance to the gifted and talented
athletes and assist them in the process of becoming independent thinkers. We know
how important it is to achieve the right balance between all the factors that can affect
our performers but also do not want to over-load them and burn them out.
Pupils will be identified in each year after the first term and a cohort of pupils will be
selected from Years 9-11 to become the new JAE group. Pupils in Years 7 and 8 will
continue to be monitored and will be re-evaluated when they enter Year 9. Years 9-11 is
a very crucial time for pupils and a time where they will require the greatest guidance
and advice. As pupils move through the JAE programme in Year 12 they will have the
knowledge and expertise to help assist in advising and guiding pupils who will be going
through similar experiences as what they did.

Denise Lewis offers this advice for budding athletes and staff at CGS feel that this
epitomises what we are trying to create for our students.

“Don’t try to specialise in any event too early, try out everything and most
importantly of all enjoy it and stay focused. I would not be where I am today if I
didn’t love the sport and the competition and that keeps me motivated. Be
realistic, I would advise young people to keep studying – a sports person’s career
can end overnight.”

Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools, David Bell, said:
"The start of the Olympics highlights how important it is to ensure that youngsters with a
special talent for sport are given every opportunity to realise their potential through PE
and school sport.
"These talented pupils could well be our sporting stars of the future. PE and school
sport can help give them the knowledge, understanding and skills they need when they
make the choice of playing sport either recreationally or professionally.
"Schools are committed to realising this goal through the Government's gifted and
talented programme and this report finds some pupils are benefiting from this already."
At CGS we monitor and evaluate performance of gifted and talented students through
the involvement of students in self and peer assessments; end of key stage
achievement; head of department reviews/ recommendations and involvement in
National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY). Extension and enrichment
work is offered through extra curricular clubs where a high level of cognitive skills is
offered at master classes and also through access to NAGTY where appropriate.

We also monitor and evaluate the provision for G&T students – the planning and
delivery of the curriculum; class work and homework; differentiation opportunities in
each subject area. However as we have stated previously we are very much concerned
with the personal and social development of those identified as gifted and/or talented
and monitor this area via the form tutor, Heads of Sections and JAE mentors.


In order to achieve effective Gifted and Talented students support, Caistor Grammar
School has set up a programme that will endeavour to:

Whole School Staff
Raise awareness of CGS Gifted and Talented students through the distribution of CGS
G&T register to all teaching staff.


Provide YST JAE mentor training to all interested parties (teachers and AOTTS)

Gifted and Talented sports performer.

Create a framework of support, which places the performer and their needs at the
centre of the programme.
Identify potential hot spots in anticipation of their occurrence.

Offer individual and group mentoring at the discretion of the G&T student.

Parent / Coaches.

Communicate school requirements.

Involve in the mentoring process.

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