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									                         Welcome to Crake.

This handbook is designed to help you prepare for the changes that will occur as
you enter Crake House in September. It should answer some of your questions but
probably not all so, if you have any questions that require answers during the
holiday, then please contact me on 07901 914184.

             I hope to communicate in the main using e-mail

                       phone messages can be left on:
                        01295 724315 (Crake Office)

                     Housemaster – Mr David Best

I have been teaching for twenty-seven years and, whilst at my previous school, The
Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Dover, I was a housemaster for five years. I
have been the Housemaster of Crake House for seven years (though occasionally it
seems like rather longer!). I teach Mathematics throughout the school, from little 1st
form pupils up to U6 Further Mathematicians, coach boys (Zebras – U13XI) and girls
(2nd XI) hockey teams, Canoe whenever time permits, sing in the school choir and run the
2nd XI cricket team. I went on the 2006 Sports Tour to South Africa and Namibia and,
for the past four years, have accompanied the Lower School’s outward bound fortnight
based in the French Alps. I have three children. Jennifer completed her seven year
stint at Bloxham (Raymond House Capt. during her final year), spent a gap year working
in Bordeaux, and has just completed her second year of an International Business
degree course at Cardiff University. My twin boys Nicholas and Jonathan, both of whom
are now taller than me, completed their A2 courses in the sixth form and Wilson House
1 year ago. Jonathan has been reading Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff University
whilst Nicholas has travelled the world and starts at Oxford Brookes in Sept. Having
spent four years running Crake House in tandem with Robin Thompson, who has now
moved on to run Egerton House, Michael Noone (Head of Biology) moved into Crake as
the resident assistant three ago. It is hard to believe that he has only been in post for
such a short time as he is already ‘part of the Crake furniture’. I am looking forward to
Crake House having another highly successful year in the classroom, on the games field,
in the SKMS, on stage and within the boarding house.

                                                 Assistant     Housemaster – Mr
                                                 Michael Noone
                                                 Michael joined Crake and Bloxham in
                                                 Sept 2007. He taught at The
                                                 Marlborough School, in Woodstock,
                                                 for five years and is the Head of
                                                 the Biology department. He quickly
                                                 settled into the life of a resident
                                                 Assistant Housemaster and is
                                                 always to be found in either his Lab
                                                 or his flat. The 3rd form dormitory
                                                 is directly above his flat and every
                                                 footstep, particularly after lights
                                                 out, can be heard! He runs a variety
                                                 of wildlife clubs and can always be
                                                 found on the touchline, supporting
                                                 Crake boys in whatever activity is
                                                 taking place. Last summer he took a
                                                 group of 6th form pupils to
                                                 Honduras and plans to do the same
                                                 in 2011.
Tutor Team –

                    Mr Hugh Alexander: Mr. Alexander
                    runs the Dyslexia course at Bloxham,
                    as well as teaching English. He
                    produces     the    annual   Bloxhamist
                    magazine and is the ‘unofficial’ school
                    photographer, regularly to be seen at
                    sports fixtures, concerts, plays and
                    any other school based activity. He
                    lives in Bloxham with his wife Jeannie.

               Mr Gordon Cruden:
               Mr. Cruden teaches French across all age
               groups. He is passionate about his rugby,
               has coached the colts (U16) team for many
               years, and holds weekly training sessions
               throughout the Summer Term. He is also a
               Warwickshire Society referee. Before most
               of the school have risen from their beds, he
               has organised an early morning swimming
               practice. He was, for many years, Crake
               Assistant Housemaster and has always
               tutored in Crake (the only member of the
               teaching staff to have remained in the same
               house throughout their career at Bloxham)
Mr David Dales:
Mr. Dales joined Bloxham School in September 2009, from Dover College, as the
new Head of the PE Dept. He joins Crake house this year bringing with him the
experience of having been a former Housemaster. He is heavily involved in the
school’s sport running both the boys and girls 1st XI hockey teams. His wife,
Jayne, works and tutors in the Lower School and his two children, Lucy and Tim,
attend Bloxham in the 5th and 2nd form respectively. I am delighted that he has
joined the Crake House team.

Mr Richard Devesa: joins Bloxham School and Crake House at the start of the
September term. He will be teaching Spanish in the Modern Languages Dept.

When I have photos of and more information on Mr Dales and Mr Devesa I will
post them on the school website.

Mrs Elaine Herbert
Elaine has been Crake’s Matron for the
past Six years. She is a very important
link between the boys and me. She takes
care of all aspects of clothing and
laundry and, together with a team of
three assistants, keeps the house in an
excellent condition. She and Dawn,
between them, work five days-a-week
and for a couple of hours on a Saturday
morning. Elaine can be contacted during
the day on 01295 724308 or eh@bloxhamschool.com

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