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									Ickford News                                     place where I can refocus my mind on the
                                                 real purpose of my role. This place is the
                                                 classrooms and particularly the Early
I am a great fan of the Lake District and
                                                 Years. So, this morning, I went into Class 1
enjoy spending time there during the
                                                 for a chat.
holidays. Driving to work this week, I
realised I now work in the Lake District!        It is also good for the self-esteem (still
Thank you to all of you who, despite the         recovering from being in the stocks) as I
flooding, have managed to get your               was invited to several birthday parties,
children to school each day and on time.         given some personal art work and accused
Our percentage of children arriving late         of being 30!! Beginning next Friday, Miss
for school is now at an all-time low and         Vukomanovic and I would like to invite
better than other schools in the area.           parents of children in the Reception class,
                                                 to remain at school after the celebration
Ballet is, in my opinion, an incredible
                                                 assembly and spend the time before
expression of physical control combined
                                                 playtime in the classroom with the
with a beauty and passion unsurpassed in
                                                 children. We hope that you will be able to
other dance disciplines and today we
                                                 join in activities with them, read, write,
were entertained in assembly by our
                                                 play in the sand and generally share in
ballerinas all of whom performed with a
                                                 their learning during that hour. We hope
grace and poise rarely seen in such young
                                                 to trial this until the end of term as we are
children. The standard of dance in school
                                                 considering    making     this   a   regular
has reached new heights and I am very
                                                 occurrence from September.
grateful to Claydon’s Academy and Sharon
Collison for inspiring the children and          Of course this is not compulsory and I
running the lunchtime clubs. There are           know that many will not have the time or
still   places   available   in   Ballet   and   may have child care issues to deal with as,
Cheerleading so if you would like your           unfortunately, for health and safety
child to start either one please enquire at      reasons, we cannot have other younger
the office.                                      siblings in the classroom at this time.
                                                 However, some of you may welcome the
Whenever, I am feeling the pressure or
                                                 opportunity to be with your child in the
unable to make a decision, I head for a
                                                 classroom to share some time together
although, I must make it clear, that this is not   Music Lessons
a time for posing questions to the class
                                                   There is still time to register interest in your
                                                   child learning an instrument in school
This week we have managed to get a large           (Woodwind, Strings or Brass) and also Guitar
electronic screen fitted in the hall and we        Lessons with Mrs Child. Please contact Jan in
have also secured the connections for the          the School Office, if you are interested, as
screen in the sport’s hall foyer (donated by       she will be asking the music teachers to
Complete Tank Care Ltd). The large screen          assess pupils for suitability next week.
will help us to improve such things as
                                                   From the PTA
assemblies and presentations whilst the
small screen will not only allow us to show        The Great Ickford Jubilee balloon race was

examples of the children’s activities but also     won by Chloe Pearce whose balloon was
enable us to introduce video and photo             found in Cheltenham by a little girl named
analysis into PE lessons. I am confident that      Millie (age 6) and her brother Jacob. Millie
this will take teaching to another level.          was so excited that she took the ticket in to
                                                   school       for       show        and        tell!
Finally, I return to the arts and I am happy to
                                                   Other people whose balloons were found
report on a successful outing to see
Shakespeare’s     Macbeth     at    Waterperry
Gardens this week by the children in Class 4.      Lottie Randall – Cheltenham
Thankfully, the rain held off and the sun          Jessica Smith - Ham nr Cheltenham
shone bright enough to warrant class ice           Miss Newell - Cheltenham
lollies and even a little sun cream for Jan. Our   Mrs Campbell (Scott's Mum) - Cheltenham
own Shakespeare production of Romeo and            Dean Kaboleh – Oxford

Juliet takes place later in the term so get your
                                                   Thanks to all who took part.
tickets booked early so as not to miss what I
am sure will be an entertaining performance.
                                                   5K Race for Life – Waddesdon 24th June
Have a good weekend,
                                                   Charlotte Hurst, Class 4, will be taking part in
Mr Ronane                                          this race - please find herewith the justgiving
                                                   link if you would like to sponsor her or ask at
                                                   the office for the sponsor form:

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