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									                                           Parental Involvement
                                               Fact Sheet
                                                 (Family Engagement)

What is Parental Involvement per the                        What must a school-parent compact include?
Elementary and Secondary Education Act                       Describe a responsibility to provide high-quality
(ESEA)?                                                       curriculum and instruction in a supportive and
Parental involvement is the participation of parents in       effective learning environment that enables
regular, two-way, and meaningful communication
                                                              participating students to meet the state’s challenging
involving student academic learning and other school
activities, including ensuring –                              student academic achievement standards;
 That parents play an integral role in assisting their      Describe the ways in which parents will be
    child’s learning;                                         responsible for supporting their children’s learning
 That parents are encouraged to be actively involved         such as:
    in their child’s education at school;                     - Monitoring attendance;
 That parents are full partners in their child’s             - Homework completion;
    education and are included, as appropriate, in            - Television watching;
    decision making and on advisory committees to             - Volunteering in their child’s classroom, etc.
    assist in the education of their child; and              Address the importance of establishing ongoing,
 That other activities are carried out, such as those        good communication between teachers and parents
    described in section 1118 of the ESEA (Parental           through, at a minimum:
    Involvement).                                             - Annual parent-teachers conferences in
                                                                  elementary schools;
What are Title I districts and schools required to            - Frequent progress reports to families on student
do regarding parental involvement?                                academic progress; and
The following must be developed and implemented:              - Reasonable access to staff and opportunities to
 District Parental Involvement Policy;                           volunteer, observe, and participate in classroom
 School Parental Involvement Policy;                             activities.
 School-Parent Compact; and
 Building Capacity for Involvement.                        What are Parents Right-to-Know?
                                                            According to ESEA, under Title I, districts must
What must be included in a Parental                         communicate required information regarding the annual
Involvement Policy?                                         progress of the school with parents whose children are
 Involve parents in developing district improvement        provided Title I services.
   plans;                                                   Which districts are required to provide an
 Offer technical assistance and coordination to help       annual notice regarding Parents Right-to-Know?
   schools plan parental involvement activities to          Any district that receives Title I funds must provide
   improve student and school academic performance;         annual notice.
 Build school and parent capacities for strong parent
                                                            When must the district notify parents?
                                                            At the beginning of each school year, the district shall
 Coordinate and integrate parental involvement             notify the parents of each student attending any Title I
   strategies with other programs, such as Head Start       school receiving funds.
   and any early childhood program that currently
   exists in your district; and                             What information is required in the annual
 Annually evaluate, with parents, the effectiveness of     notification regarding Parents Right-to-Know?
                                                            The notification should explain that parents may request
   the policy in academically improving district schools.
                                                            information regarding the professional qualifications of
                                                            the student’s classroom teacher, including, at a
                                                            minimum, the following:

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   Whether the teacher has met state qualification and         Must parents be involved in the decisions
    licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject         regarding the use of these funds?
    areas in which the teacher provides instruction;              The district must involve parents of Title I, Part
                                                                    A participating children in decisions about how it
   Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or
    other provisional status through which state                    allots to schools the funds the district has reserved
    qualifications or licensing criteria have been waived;          for parental involvement activities.
   The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and             The involvement of parents should be in a manner
    any other graduate certification or degree held by the          consistent with the definition of parental
    teacher, and the field of discipline of the certification       involvement.
    or degree; and                                                A district may choose to use its district-wide parent
   Whether the child is provided services by                       advisory council (if it has chosen to establish one)
    paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.             to provide advice on this and other matters relating
                                                                    to Title I, Part A programs.
What additional information are schools
required to provide?                                            May districts reserve funds for district level
In addition to the information that parents may request,        parental involvement activities?
a school that receives Title I funds must provide to each         Not less than 95 percent of the funds reserved shall
individual parent –                                                 be distributed to schools served under this part.
  Information on the level of achievement of the                 Only five (5) percent of the set-aside may be
     parent’s child in each of the state academic                   allotted for district use.
     assessments as required under this part; and
  Timely notice that the parent’s child has been               May a school or all schools within a district use
     assigned, or has been taught for four or more              their share(s) of the one percent reservation for
     consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly           parental involvement under section
     qualified.                                                 1118(a)(3)(C) to support a district-level parent
                                                                resource center or some other district-level
                                                                activity for parents?
What is meant by providing information to
parents with limited English proficiency, “to the                 The law is clear that 95 percent of the one percent
extent practicable,” in language parents can                         of Title I, Part A allocation the district reserves for
understand?                                                          parental involvement under section 1118 must be
  This means that, whenever practicable, written                    distributed among the district’s schools, and that
    translations of printed information must be                      the parents of those schools must be involved both
    provided to parents with limited English                         in deciding how those funds will be allotted, and
    proficiency in a language they understand.                       once allotted, how they will be spent.
  If written translations are not practicable, it is             Parents of children receiving Title I, Part A services
    acceptable to provide information to limited                     and school officials may decide at the school level to
    English proficient parents orally in a language they             pool their individual resources to pay for district-
    understand.                                                      level parental involvement activities, such as a
                                                                     parent resource center.
What reservation of funds is required for
parental involvement?                                           What resources are available?
  A district with a Title I, Part A allocation of               The Kansas Parent Information Resource Center
    $500,000 or more is required to spend at least one             (KPIRC)/ www.kpirc.org.
    (1) percent of its allocation for district and               A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement/
    school-level parental involvement activities,                  http://www.sedl.org/connections/toolkit/index.ht
    including family literacy training and training to             ml.
    enhance parenting skills.
                                                                Who should be contacted with questions?
  Districts with allocations of $500,000 or less are           Title Programs and Services Staff
    also responsible for implementing parental                  785-296-3069
    involvement activities, although no minimum
    allocation is required.


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