Parental Consent to Use website by pWh1aG


									                                      EARLY EDUCATION CENTER

                          Parent Consent to use child’s picture on the EEC Website

Child’s Name    ________________________________________ D.O.B. _______________

Teacher’s Name________________________________________

Parent’s Name ________________________________________

It is your option to give us permission to use your child’s picture on EEC’s website.
We want you to be aware that information on the web is available to anyone who views the website.

     Early Education Center’s Website: Early Education Center has a website which displays pictures of
      our school including children. Children’s pictures do not show names. Even if you give permission with
      this form, we would always ask you before your child’s picture is posted on our website.
     Staff is not permitted to use social networks to post a student’s or their family’s personally identifiable
      information (ex., Facebook, My Space, etc.)
     Staff is not permitted to text, blog, tweet, or use any other electronic correspondence which identifies
      your child’s or your family’s personally identifiable information.

Parent Acknowledgement (please INITIAL):
________I acknowledge that I have read and understand the risks of my child’s picture being used on the EEC

EEC Website (please INITIAL):
I DO________            I DO NOT________          give permission for EEC to use my child’s picture, without
listing their name, on its website. I understand that I will be contacted before a picture is posted.

Signature ____________________________Relationship to child______________Date ___________

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