Emory DOM Research Awards by HC120913033833


									Outstanding Scientific Citation for Early Career Research
To recognize the researchers producing the most outstanding research publication in each of two

      Basic Research
      Clinical and Translational Research

Deadline: Nominations will be accepted through midnight EST April 28, 2010.

Eligibility: All Instructors and Assistant Professors within the Department of Medicine of Emory
University are eligible except faculty who have received this award within the previous 3 years.

Nominations: Investigators must submit an application in conjunction with a peer reviewed publication
on which they are the first or last author. The associated manuscript must have been published, or
accepted for publication between May 1, 2009 and May 1, 2010. A single publication will be
entertained for only one nominee, and may not be submitted in subsequent years. For works
involving multi-site clinical trials, the nominee must be first or corresponding author, or have held a
significant position on the development, steering, or writing committee. For both basic and
clinical/translational research awards, a significant portion of data acquisition must have been
performed at Emory.

Nominations can be self-made or derive from another eligible faculty member. Nominations must be
reviewed and approved by division director.

Submission must by made electronically by e mail and include

      Completed application form, including citation, nomination category (basic or
       clinical/translational research), narrative of significance, name and contact information of
       author to be nominated

      Manuscript in PDF

Submissions and requests for further information should be directed to:
Department of Medicine Office of Faculty Development at domfacultydev@emory.edu

Decision: Will be made by an independent committee outside the Department of Medicine.

Award: The award will include a monetary award and a commemorative plaque to be awarded during
a celebratory Medical Grand Rounds.
Outstanding Scientific Citation Research Awards Application
Choose Award category (choose one)
□       Basic Research     □      Clinical and Translational Research

Choose Award (choose only one)
□       Outstanding Research Award (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor)
□       Outstanding Early Career Research Award (Instructor, Assistant Professor)

Name                       ____________________________

Division                  ____________________________ (Division director must sign or send an
email to domfacultydev@emory.edu indicating approval of nomination)

Campus address             ____________________________

Email                      ____________________________

Phone                      ____________________________

Citation                   ____________________________
(please include PDF of citation with application form)

Please provide a narrative about the merits of the submitted citation (400 words or less). The
narrative should avoid descriptions of the candidate, his/her research potential.
Outstanding Scientific Citation Research Awards


□     Completed Application Form (including award category, contact information and narrative)

□     Citation in PDF format

□     email to domfacultydev@emory.edu by Midnight EST April 28, 2010

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