suggested transition websites by pWh1aG


									Websites Recommended at the Transition Advisory Committee

Post-secondary Education
        – Information provided to students and teachers on college loans and
            classroom resources
        – Information on preparation and funding for college
        – Information on career clusters, pathways, and careers
        – Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) National Evaluation
            Systems, inc.
        – Information and pre-test for THEA
        – Career and college planning information
        – Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) National Evaluation
            Systems, inc.
        – Provides information and pre-test for THEA
        – Information on applying for, preparing for, colleges and technical
            schools in Texas
        • College and Career Planning Website
        • Free personality assessment and matching careers
        • Information on colleges, majors, interviews with people in various
        • Ed Pubs
        • Books, posters, and other types of free publications
        • “Transition of Students with Disabilities to Postsecondary
            Education: A Guide for High School Educators”
        • Post-ITT
        • Collection of resources and activities to help students, parents, and
            educators plan for transition from secondary to postsecondary
        • Searchable database of postsecondary education programs that
            support youth with intellectual disabilities, designed to allow
            individuals to submit information about additional postsecondary
            education programs.
        • Discussion board designed by students -- for students who are
            interested in sharing college experiences.

          •   "Choice for Everyone" Listserv, hosted by the Institute for
              Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston.
              Membership includes family members and a wide range of
          •   Resource section that contains web-based resources with links to
              other sites and a bibliography listing related publications.
              Individuals will be able to submit suggestions for additional links
              and publications.

Career information and Assessments
    • Early Career Awareness and
      Development for Students with Disabilities in Elementary and Middle
      Schools: An Overview of Early Career and Transition Programs
     Enderle-Severenson Transition Rating Scale
          o Provides information on research-based, age-appropriate transition
              assessments for students with mild to moderate disabilities
          – Provides many free resources for the student including
              parent/student action plans, online career advisors, career videos
              and more.
          – Lists education required to enter various fields, as well as statistics,
          – Site maintained by US Department of Labor and the US
              Department of Education
          – Information on career clusters, pathways, and careers
          – National Center for Secondary Education and Transition
          – Provides general information on transition, work-based learning,
              self determination, parent participation and other valuable topics
          – Information is free, provided in article and manual format
          – AchieveTexas,
          – Sponsored by TEA
          – CTE initiative
          – Prepares students for post-secondary education, careers,
          – Incorporates Career Clusters
      • My Future (interest inventory)
      • Career Clusters (interest inventory)
          – Quickbook of Transition Assessments

                 • Free 175-page book
                 • General information on transition assessments
                 • Sample assessments
      • Information and free assessments
      • OSCAR career interest inventory
      • Reality Check- students compare their life goals with the money it
          takes to reach them
          – Texas Industry profiles
      • Career Key
      • Free Career Test.
      • Assess interests, skills, abilities and competencies to see what career
          path to follow
      • Career Planning Begins with Assessment
      • Free manual containing information on transition assessments

Legal Information
        – Specific information and legal citations on IDEA 2004 requirements
           Legal information on transition and other areas

        o Kids as Self Advocates
• FullPublications/PDF/TheArcs
      • ARC Self-Determination Scale
    • Air self-determination scale

Transition Information
     National Center for Learning Disabilities
        o Provides transition information for students with learning disabilities
        – Located on NSTTAC website
        – Provides students with information on transition planning
        – University of Kansas Transition website
        – Free publications and information on best practices

      Transition training packet that is a step-by step guide to transition planning.-
      Transition and the IEP
    • - Down load a manual
      titled Guidance and Career Counselors’ Toolkit Advising High School
      Students with Disabilities on Postsecondary Options

Student-led ARDS
      •    Information for parents, students, teachers on self-
            determination and student-led ARD/IEP meetings
        – Jim Martin- Oklahoma University Website
        – Free lesson plans and information on student-led transition

    • Ansell/Casey Life Skills
    • Free on-line assessment of life skills
    – VAC information
    – Website created to assist states and districts on compliance with
        Indicator 13
    – Contains manuals and other documents
               • Click on any state and learn about their transition practices
    • Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities-free videos, and
    Entire self-directed course on person-centered planning
• lesson plans.asp
    • Self-Determination Lesson Plan Starters
    • Free lesson plans in self-determination
        • National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
               • Free transition manuals on transition and many other topics
                       • Transition 101
                       • Transition for Parents
                       • Transition for Students
                       • Transition for Professionals
                       • Transition for Specific Disabilities


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