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									Socials 8 – Checklist
                                 Socials 8 – Checklist

The following course is designed to work with the Michael Cranny Text “Pathways”

#       Filename           Lesson Title                                  Check
                               Early Middle Ages
1.      ss8_earlymid01     Rise of Rome
2.      ss8_earlymid02     Roman Roads and Aqueducts
3.      ss8_earlymid03     The End is Near!
4.      ss8_earlymid04     The Fall of Rome
                         Earlymid Quiz (Rome)
5.      ss8_earlymid05     Judaism, Christianity and Islam
6.      ss8_earlymid06     The Franks
7.      ss8_earlymid07     Charlemagne
8.      ss8_earlymid08     Anglo-Saxons and Celts
9.      ss8_earlymid09     Saxons Handout and Poster Project
10.     ss8_earlymid10     Vikings Handout and Worksheet
11.     ss8_earlymid11     End of the Viking Age
                Earlymid Test (Fall of Rome to Vikings)

                               High Middle Ages
12.     ss8_highmid01      William the Conqueror & the Feudal System
13.     ss8_highmid02      The Manor
14.     ss8_highmid03      The Castle
15.     ss8_highmid04      Commoners and People of the Middle Ages
16.     ss8_highmid05      Belief and Devotion
17.     ss8_highmid06      The Law and Contact with Asia
18.     ss8_highmid07      The Crusades
19.     ss8_highmid08      Royal Power and Democracy
                          The Renaissance
20.   ss8_renais01   The Renaissance – An Intro
21.   ss8_renais02   Italian City States
22.   ss8_renais03   Renaissance Thought
23.   ss8_renais04   Renaissance Artists
24.   ss8_renais05   The Northern Renaissance

                         The Reformation
25.   ss8_reform01   The Reformation
26.   ss8_reform02   The Catholic Counter Reformation
27.   ss8_reform01   The English Reformation

                      The Age of Exploration
28.   ss8_explor01   The Riches of Asia
29.   ss8_explor02   Ships and Navigation
30.   ss8_explor03   The Portuguese and the Spanish Explorers
31.   ss8_explor04   The Explorers
32.   ss8_explor05   The British, French & Dutch

                      Asia – A Brief History
33.   ss8_asia01     India – A Brief History
34.   ss8_asia02     China – A Brief History
35.   ss8_asia03     Japan – A Brief History

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