Guiding Principals Final For Schools after Principal Feedback by yb6PSfD


									                DRAFT Parkway Student Assessment System: Guiding Principles
We believe that …

      the Parkway assessment system ensures we attend to each of the components in the Parkway mission
       – students as capable, curious, and confident, able to understand and respond to the ever-changing
      we assess what we value as a school district, so we continually work to develop, use, and refine
       assessments to align with mission, vision and learning principles
      because the Parkway mission involves ‘the ever-changing world,’ Parkway’s assessment system must
       be adaptable to changes external to our district, such as state-required assessment, and internal to our
       district, such as a change in our data collection needs
      a major commitment of the Parkway assessment system is to empower ALL students, preK-12, and
       their teachers, parents, and administrators with ongoing information about their progress as learners.
      a quality assessment system for our district considers whether assessments are appropriate in number,
       kind, and quality to measure student progress toward the Parkway mission.

                                          Roles and Responsibilities

Students are responsible for

      tracking their progress on learning goals for each subject and reflecting on where and how they are
       able to transfer their learning.

Teachers are responsible for

      helping students self-assess
      helping students understand their assessment data at multiple levels of the system, including
       individual, grade, building and district, so that they can monitor their own progress and set goals
       aligned with the Parkway mission.
      communicating and/or helping students to communicate with parents on a consistent and timely basis
       about the learning targets, as well as the progress students are making toward the target.
      connecting parents with assessment information to help them understand their child’s development
       toward achieving the Parkway mission.

Building Teams are responsible for

      collecting and analyzing student data on a timely basis to inform a responsive system to meet
       individual learners’ needs through intervention and enrichment.

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Building Administrators are responsible for

      creating structures and systems, at the building level, to cause student growth based upon assessment
      using student assessment data, including classroom and school growth data, to track progress,
       promote discussion and development, and inform decisions
      monitoring, developing, and supporting teachers in their roles and responsibilities
      linking parents with the purposes and uses of assessment, including how to access this information.

Curriculum Coordinators are responsible for

      analyzing growth and snapshot data at the building and district levels to inform the work of the
       professional learning team, teacher study groups, and curriculum writing teams.
      working collaboratively with building PMI teams to collect information that informs decisions regarding
       interventions and/or extended learning opportunities, such as summer school.
      collecting data for program evaluation.

The District Assessment and Data (DAD) Action Team under the leadership of the Assessment Coordinator is
responsible for

      recommending an assessment system and specific assessments that meet our needs regarding student
      creating and maintaining technology system(s) needed to ensure timely use of assessment data (i.e.
      identifying and providing needed support (tools and training) to teachers and administrators.
      on-going review of the assessment system to ensure it is meeting its goals.

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