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					                                 Laboratory Medicine Best Practices Topic Suggestion Form

The Laboratory Medicine Best Practices Initiative accepts suggestions for future evidence review topics from anyone.
All suggestions for future reviews are carefully considered based on a set of criteria. Priority is given to topics for which there is/are:
    • A defined quality issue/problem (pre- and post-analytic) of broad stakeholder interest consistent with IOM domains (safety,
       timeliness, effectiveness, equity, efficiency, patient-centered)
    • Potential practices that demonstrate impact on quality

To nominate a topic, please fill in the rich text format (rtf) version of form below as completely as possible in any text editing program
(e.g., MS Word, Wordpad), and e-mail the completed form to futurelabmedicine@battelle.org.

In case we have questions, please provide information in the spaces below.

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LMBP Topic Suggestion Form                                                                                           OMB No: 0920-0848
Page 1 of 4                                                                                                          Exp. 5/31/2013
               1. Briefly describe a specific question, or set of related questions, about the effectiveness of pre- or post- analytic
                  treatment/ testing that LMBP should consider for an evidence review

                            What are effective practices to reduce blood culture contamination?
                            What are appropriate decision points (cutoff) for diagnosis of myocardial infarction?

               2. What quality issue(s)/gaps does your question address?

                            Reduction of blood culture contamination rates can reduce costs of retesting, increase the timeliness and
                             accuracy of bacteremia diagnoses and treatments, and, indirectly, reduce the rate of healthcare acquired
                            Improved accuracy of MI diagnosis can increase the timeliness of treatment, improve treatment outcomes,
                             and reduce length of stay

LMBP Topic Suggestion Form                                                                                           OMB No: 0920-0848
Page 2 of 4                                                                                                          Exp. 5/31/2013
               3. What are some current quality improvement practices to address this quality issue? Provide study citations if

                            Use of dedicated phlebotomy teams to draw blood culture specimens
                            Use of cardiac troponin I enzyme assay and the 99% cut-off level improves the positive predictive value for
                             acute MI, especially in the first three hours after presentation of symptoms
                            Clinical decision support (IT/EHR interventions)

               4. What patient population does your question apply to? (Include details such as age, gender, diagnoses)

LMBP Topic Suggestion Form                                                                                        OMB No: 0920-0848
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               5. What care setting(s) does your question apply to? ( Emergency Department, Hospital inpatient, physician offices,
                  public health laboratories, reference laboratories)

               6. How will an answer to your question be used to help inform decisions for you or your organization?

LMBP Topic Suggestion Form                                                                                    OMB No: 0920-0848
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