Grant I.D. #:

                                              PROPOSAL COVER PAGE
We are pleased to invite you to submit a full proposal to The Jewish Fund based upon your Letter of Intent. Please review
The Jewish Fund’s Guidelines for Grant Requests before submitting your Proposal. This Cover Page is almost identical to
that submitted with your Letter of Intent, and you may be able to copy information directly from that form. However, this
separate Cover Page is required to provide us with updated information and to obtain authorization from your CEO and
Board Chair for the Proposal. You may scan or reproduce this form or e-mail to request that it be e-
mailed to you in template form. Please be sure to include your Grant ID number in the upper right corner of this

Name of Organization:
      (Please use full legal name as shown on your 501(c)(3) or other qualified tax exempt status designation)

Street Address/PO Box:

City:                                                    State:                  Zip Code:

Phone #:                                        Fax #:                 E-mail:

Contact Person:                                                       Title:

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director:

Signature:                                                                             Date:

Chief Volunteer Officer:

Signature:                                                                             Date:

(please note: original signatures are required for both individuals)

         New Request            Request for Multi-Year Grant – Year [1] [2] [3] [ ]

Project’s Total Estimated Cost: $

Total Amount Requested from The Jewish Fund: $                                           Number of years:

Amount Per Year: $

Anticipated Total Contribution From Other Sources (indicate in-kind as well): $

Organization’s financial contribution (indicate in-kind as well): $

Project’s target population (demographic characteristics)

Send 1 original and 1 copy of this Cover Page and the Proposal and 1 set of the required attachments described on pages
3-4 of the Guidelines (Proposal Budget Form; Operating Budgets; Board List; Support Letters, if any; Staff information) to:
                                                    The Jewish Fund
                                                      6735 Telegraph Road
                                              Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48303-2030


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