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					         PARAPHRASE EXERCISE                           e – learning article
To get the key idea in sentence, look at the subjects,. especially key noun in subject
 eg - people, schools, online learning, companies
   Put one word in each gap

Paragraph 5 line 1-2
Additionally, community colleges and universities in Washington, DC have
experienced significant growth in distance learning.

a) In universities in Washington DC, distance learning ______ _____________


Paragraph 9      lines 5-8
Web-based technology is becoming a primary tool and environment to satisfy the educational
and training needs of both the workforce and many individuals whose personal and
demands make it difficult for them to attend traditional colleges and universities.

Many people who cannot ________________ ____________________ classes

can now obtain education because of _________________________.

    TEXT 1 paragraph 3/4 line 1-2
The online (web-based) format allows students to pursue
their studies entirely on the internet without attending classes in person

    d)   Students are __________ to __________________ their study through

    _______________________ and there is no ____________ to participate in

    _________________________ instruction.

Paragraph 5 lines 1 -5
Distance learners come from a variety of backgrounds and range in age. The students
select distance education to suit their social and work commitments and generally are
people who, because of time, geography, financial considerations, family obligations, work
requirements, or other constraints, choose not to attend a traditional classroom

   e)    ____________ ________________ is suitable for ________________

  of ___________________ ages and backgrounds and especially

 who have _____________________ of time, ______________ and

Paragraph 8 line 1-3
Despite the popularity of distance education courses in secondary and tertiary
institutions, there are challenges. Vail (2001) points out that online students may
lose opportunities for socialization and personal interaction.

__________________ distance education has become __________________,

____ still presents students with some _________________ __________ as

the lack ____ ____________________ to _________________ or interact with

face to face.

Paragraph 9 main idea
A policy for online instructors needs to be developed. With teacher time being
a scarce resource and the main cost in most schools being spent on teachers’
wages, educational administrators often seek to decrease this cost by increasing
the number of students that each teacher reaches (Tinker, 2001). Distance
education courses, on the other hand, offer a solution to dealing with large school
enrolments. Administrators have to decide how much work an online teacher
should do compared to a face-to-face teacher. Currently, there are significant
differences in the workloads of face-to-face instructors and those who are teaching
online courses.

  Because ___________________ spend much money on a teacher’s

  they try to _________________ this expense. ____ __ ______________, many

  teachers ______________ much _________________ than traditional teachers.

Therefore managers need to _________________ ___________________ to
address this issue.

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