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									                                 REIMBURSABLE DETAIL
                                 Center for Tobacco Products
                                      Office of Science

The Center for Tobacco Products, Office of Science is offering Detail opportunities for a Senior
Regulatory Health Project Manager, GS-601-14. Applicants at the GS-13/14 level are
encouraged to apply. The Detail is available immediately for a period of up to 120 days. PHS
Commissioned Corps Officers may apply. A temporary promotion will be considered.

Bargaining Unit Status:               Bargaining Unit Position

Office Location:                      FDA
                                      Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)
                                      9200 Corporate Blvd.
                                      Rockville, MD 20850
Opening Date:                         March 12, 2012
Closing Date:                         March 26, 2012

Area of Consideration:                HHS-Wide

The CTP, Office of Science offers a fast-paced, dynamic environment and an opportunity to
work with dedicated, energetic people who really want to make a difference and improve public
health. The position is ideal for someone who wants to have a critical role in the organization and
would enjoy the challenge of handling a variety of assignments related to the regulation of
tobacco products.

Duties include:
The selected employee will provide regulatory project management for projects established to
support the Office of Science in implementing the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco
Control Act. The duties may include:
    Developing and implementing programs and procedures.
    Serving as leader or co-leader of scientific projects and/or tobacco application review
       teams, responsible for the management activities of the team including developing
       strategic project planning, scheduling meetings, facilitating meetings, preparing
       issue-based agendas and official records of meetings, tracking overall status of the
    Applying regulatory knowledge and expertise to address complex issues faced by
       assigned teams and recommend solutions.
    Working collaboratively with all team members, develops project plans and milestones,
       assures timely resolution of scientific or regulatory conflicts, facilitates communication,
       and monitors project status.
    Serving as a primary point of contact both orally and in writing regarding administrative,
       regulatory, and scientific policies for assigned projects or tobacco products applications
       and other submissions, ensuring compliance with available legal, regulatory, and policy
       guidelines and criteria.

      Initiating correspondence regarding administrative and regulatory/scientific issues based
       on established guidelines and criteria, and input from the review staff; prepares other
       written communication as appropriate.
      Performing library and document search of technical and scientific publications in all
       appropriate sources for replies to consumer, physician, attorney, congressional, tobacco
       industry, etc. regarding regulated tobacco products and projects.
      Mentoring and training new and junior-level staff regarding FDA policies and procedures
       applicable to regulation of tobacco products.

Desired Knowledge and Skills:
    Mastery of principles and limitations of biological or physical scientific theories,
       concepts and methodologies. Skill in applying this knowledge in independently carrying
       out research or review projects.
    Exceptional skill in leading, planning, and managing projects and resources to
       accomplish a variety of concurrent activities.
    Recognized as an expert in developing policies and program objectives.
    Expert knowledge of FDA regulations, statutory authorities, policies, and processes.
    Ability to effectively use advanced technology, information resources and tools including
       scanners, databases, computer software applications to accomplish work activities.
    Excellent organizational skills.
    Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    Exceptional interpersonal relationship skills and ability to collaboratively lead teams
       (e.g., maximize each person’s contributions, reconcile divergent viewpoints, maintain
       harmonious working relationships).

Application Procedure:
The detail opportunity is open to all qualified candidates at the GS-13/14 grade levels or
Commissioned Corps officers. A temporary promotion may be available. Interested applicants
should submit a copy of their resume, most recent copy of SF-50, written approval from
supervisor, and statement of interest via email to:

       Lisa Thorne
       Management Analyst
       Office of Management, Center for Tobacco Products, FDA

Detail is reimbursable.
Travel Expenses will not be paid.

Candidates must express interest by March 26, 2012
*This is not an official vacancy announcement under the Merit Promotion System


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