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                                 PILOT AND FEASIBILITY (P&F) GRANTS

       The mission of the Autoimmunity Centers Consortium (ACC) is to engage in scientific discovery
       which significantly advances knowledge of autoimmune diabetes, and to accelerate translation of
       research findings towards clinical applications.

       This mission will be accomplished by facilitating cross-Center collaborations, enhancing
       information exchange, supporting training in translational research, and aiding trial initiation.
       Towards these goals, the seven JDRF Autoimmunity Centers will function as a dynamic, flexible
       working group which, through regular interaction, will allocate shared resources and link ACC
       activities with the broader scientific community. Pilot and Feasibility (P&F) projects and Short
       Term Fellowships approved by the ACC will be utilized as a mechanism for supporting novel
       collaborative projects applicable to the overall objectives of the program.

       Steering Committee: The JDRF Autoimmunity Center Directors will constitute the ACC
       Steering committee, together with the JDRF program officer and representatives of the JDRF lay
       review committee. On a periodic basis, as determined by the Steering committee, the ACC will
       issue a “call for applications for pilot projects and training funds”. The Steering committee is
       responsible for the implementation of the ACC P&F project and Short Term Fellowship programs,
       and for allocation of funds earmarked for those programs.

       Procedure for Review and Funding of Applications for P+F Funds:
       ● Pilot projects shall request up to $77,000 (including 10% indirect costs) funding for one year
       ● Projects from junior faculty which involve multi-center interactions will be given priority.
       ● Significance, interaction, and potential to enhance the success of the ACC program will be
       primary review criteria.
       ● A progress report will be required at the end of the funding period.

       Instructions to Submit Applications: Applications shall be submitted electronically via the
       ProposalCentral web site ( ).

       Application Review
       Three weeks prior to each committee meeting, the applications will be distributed to the
       committee members, who will review and recommend a funding decision at the meeting.
       Modifications and revisions, if requested, will be communicated from the chair to the applicant,
       and an application may be re-submitted and re-reviewed as needed. Approval will be determined
       by vote of the steering committee: Each of the eight Center directors holds one vote and the
       JDRF holds another vote and also has veto authority. Decisions for funding pilot projects or
       training funds will require at least 6 of the 9 votes.

       Procedure for Distribution of Awards for P+F Projects:
       After favorable review, the budget will be reviewed by the JDRF program officer, and forwarded
       to JDRF grants administration office for issuance of a supplemental or a new award. Standard
       policies and procedures relating to JDRF-sponsored consortia agreements and subcontracts shall
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                                      P&F GRANT APPLICATION

       (Please limit sections A-E to no more than 5 pages, including tables and figures.)
       NOTE: Be sure to complete the Human Subject Research Plan portion at the end of this section, if

       A.      Specific Aims

       B.      Anticipated Outcome, Projected Benchmarks and Relevance to T1D

       C.      Significance, Interaction and Potential to enhance the ACC Program

       D.      Preliminary Studies (if available)

       E.      Research Design and Methods

       F.      Literature Cited (no page limit)
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                                      HUMAN RESEARCH SUBJECT PLAN

       All applications that propose research with human subjects that involve multiple interactions with
       the subjects for the purposes of sample procurement must include a Human Research Subject
       Plan (HRSP), with the exception of studies using only human tissue (e.g., cell lines, blood, urine)
       without ongoing patient contact. All items in the HRSP template must be addressed. The HRSP should
       not exceed three pages. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit draft consent forms and
       Institutional Review Board Materials in the Supporting Documents section at the end of the Proposal
       Narrative. Please refer to the JDRF Guidelines for Clinical Investigations Research for instructions on
       completing the HRSP. Applications that include an HRSP must be submitted to the Clinical Investigations
       Study Section.

       NOTE: IRB and/or ACUC Approval Forms and draft Consent Forms for clinical studies, if available, MUST
       be appended to this section of your application.

       1. Criteria for subject inclusion/exclusion

       2. Potential benefits and risks to subjects, plans to minimize risks, and knowledge to be
       gained from the study

       3. Monitoring study subject safety

       4. Sources of research material and confidentiality protections

       5. Costs, incentives, and remuneration

       6. Research subject informed consent

       7. Conflict of interest

       8. Investigator expertise and education in the protection of human research subjects

       9. Projects involving drugs or devices

       10. Projects involving the participation of a private company

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