Dynamic Christmas Show by 40H4ez9


									                            Art Richard
  New CD/DVD and new musical show
              for 2010

                          Art Richard’s new show!
                 Presenting your school’s rising stars!
After recording the CD and the DVD “Art Richard chante avec
ses amis” with the participation of over 300 kids, it’s now time
for your students to take the stage.
Let them show their talent!
Each class will receive the words off the songs that will be
performed during the show and their meaning so your students
can be familiarized with them. Each school will then choose three
songs that three different classes or groups of students will then
perform with Art during the show. These students will have the
experience of singing and performing on stage while learning
French traditional songs. They can also prepare for the show by
creating simple costumes and choreography if they wish to.
            For information or reservation: (506)-382-5092
                              Book early for best dates!
            E-mail: artricha@rogers.com web site: www.ArtRichard.com

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