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					      2011 3rd International Conference on Mechanical and Electronics Engineering
                                   (ICMEE 2011)

2011 3rd International Conference on Mechanical and
                Electronics Engineering

                               ICMEE 2011

                            23-25 September 2011 Hefei, China

                      Sponsored by Hefei University of Technology

                                    Keynote Speaker I

                       Liming Dai, ASME Fellow Program Chair & Professor
                        Industrial Systems Engineering, University of Regina
                              Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 0A2
                            Phone: (306)585-4498, Fax: (306)585-4855
                                    E-mail: liming.dai@uregina.ca
                                 Website: http:/uregina.ca/~dailimli/
Dr. Liming Dai is currently working at the University of Regina, Regina, Canada, as a
Professor and Program Chair of Industrial Systems Engineering. His research is mainly on
linear and nonlinear dynamics, wave propagation in porous media, vehicle dynamics, computer
simulations, CAD, acoustics engineering, noise and industrial noise control, and EOR with
seismic and vibration stimulations. He is an ASME Fellow and has published 5 books and more
than 150 peer reviewed papers. In dozens of institutions over 12 countries, he was invited to
present his research results. He is currently a member of several international academic
committees and also an organizer of many international conferences.

Title: Piecewise-Constant Arguments and Piecewise-Linearization in
Engineering Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

Linearization is a widely used approach in solving nonlinear and/or complex engineering
systems. Solutions of this approach can only be approximate and inaccuracy of the solutions is
unavoidable. The present research is on the development of a novel analytical and numerical
approach for the solutions of linear and non-linear oscillatory systems, which are common in
engineering dynamics. The original physical information included in the governing equations
of motion is mostly transferred into the solutions developed. Therefore, the solutions generated
by the present approach reflect more accurately the characteristics of the responses of the
systems. The solutions such derived are continuous with good accuracy and convergence in
comparing with Runge–Kutta method, one of the most popular numerical methods in nonlinear
dynamics. Comparison is presented for the exact solution and the one developed by the present
approach in considering a linear oscillatory problem. A nonlinear oscillatory problem is also
investigated and compared with that of the Runge–Kutta method.

                                      Keynote Speaker II

                                   Presented by: Timothy K. Shih
                                        NCU, Taiwan, China
                                 E-mail: TimothyKShih@gmail.com

Dr. Shih is a Professor at the National Central University. He was the Dean of College of
Computer Science, Asia University and the Department Chair of the CSIE Department at
Tamkang University. Dr. Shih is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology
(IET). In addition, he is a senior member of ACM and a senior member of IEEE. Dr. Shih also
joined the Educational Activities Board of the Computer Society. His current research
interests include Multimedia Computing and Distance Learning. Dr. Shih has edited many
books and published over 480 papers and book chapters, as well as participated in many
international academic activities, including the organization of more than 60 international
conferences. He was the founder and co-editor-in-chief of the International Journal of
Distance Education Technologies, published by the Idea Group Publishing, USA. Dr. Shih is
an associate editor of the ACM Transactions on Internet Technology and an associate editor of
the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. He was also an associate editor of the IEEE
Transactions on Multimedia. Dr. Shih has received many research awards, including research
awards from National Science Council of Taiwan, IIAS research award from Germany, HSSS
award from Greece, Brandon Hall award from USA, and several best paper awards from
international conferences. Dr. Shih has been invited to give more than 30 keynote speeches
and plenary talks in international conferences, as well as tutorials in IEEE ICME 2001 and
2006, and ACM Multimedia 2002 and 2007.

Title: Video Forgery and Motion Editing
Video Forgery is a technique for generating fake video by altering, combining, or creating new
video contents. We change the behavior of actors in a video. For instance, the outcome of a 100-
meter race in the Olympic Game can be falsified. We track objects and segment motions using a
modified mean shift mechanism. The resulting video layers can be played in different speeds
and at different reference points with respect to the original video. In order to obtain a smooth
movement of target objects, a motion interpolation mechanism is proposed based on reference
stick figures (i.e., a structure of human skeleton) and video inpainting mechanism. The video
inpainting mechanism is performed in a quasi-3D space via guided 3D patch matching.
Interpolated target objects and background layers are fused. It is hard to tell whether a falsified
video is the original.
In addition, in this talk, we demonstrate a new technique to allow users to change the dynamic
texture used in a video background for special effect production. For instance, the dynamic
texture of fire, smoke, water, cloud, and others can be edited through a series of automatic
algorithms. Motion estimations of global and local textures are used. Video blending techniques
are used in conjunction with a color balancing technique. The editing procedure will search for
suitable patches in irregular shape blocks, to reproduce a realistic dynamic background, such as
large waterfall, fire scene, or smoky background. The technique is suitable for making science
fiction movies.
We demonstrate the original and the falsified videos in our website at
http://www.csie.ncu.edu.tw/~tshih. Although video falsifying may create a moral problem, our
intension is to create special effects in movie industry.

                                         Keynote Speaker III

                                             Prof. Maolin CAI
                                        Beihang University, China.
                                      E-mail: caimaolin@buaa.edu.cn

Maolin CAI, born in 1972, is currently a professor and PhD supervisor in School of Automation Science
and Electrical Engineering of Beihang University. He is also the vice dean of Advanced Industrial
Technology Institute and the director of Industry- university- institute Cooperation Department of
Beihang University, China.
Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Professor CAI received his Ph.D. degree in 2002. After
9 years’ study and work in Japan, he came back to China in 2006, and was appointed as a professor by
Beihang University the same year. In 2008, he founded Energy Conservation & Environment Protection
Center of Beihang University & SMC Corporation and served as the director. The Center is appointed
as the scientific research & innovation demonstration unit of International Energy Conservation
Environmental Protection Association (China). In 2009, he was appointed as a distinguished professor
of “Blue Sky Scholar” of Beihang University.
His main research interests include the energy saving, measurement, simulation, and control of
pneumatic system.

Title: Trend of Industrial Energy Saving

China is currently facing a severe shortage of energy, and energy saving issues is becoming more and
more prominent and threatening to the economic and social development of China. Nowadays, the
development of Chinese industries depends more on the increase of its quantity but the quality. Low
industry concentration leads to high energy consumption, waste and heavy pollution. The small scale of
factories, poor management and the imperfect of the energy-saving-related calculation, measurement
and evaluation system also help to the further-going on the wrong track. To guide the road correctly, the
industrial energy saving is extremely imperative and urgent.
The situation of energy utilized in the manufacture industry of China can be summarized as “The
efficiency of devices is high, but the integrated energy utilization efficiency is low.”
New thoughts about energy saving should be brought in and taken, and I’ll make 4 points:
First of all, the concept of energy saving should be applied on the system level instead of just on single
devices. Secondly, industrial informatization should be developed and widely utilized in enterprises’
management. Moreover, the value of energy saving should be popularized both in society and in
enterprises. Last but not least, the value of professional services should be highlighted. Energy saving
projects could be entrusted to companies specialized in energy saving.


                                         Keynote Speake IV

                                             Prof. Han Zhao
                                      Hefei University of Technology
                                        E-mail: hanzhaoff@qq.com
Han Zhao received the bachelor degree in automotive engineering in 1982 and the master degree in
mechanics in 1984 from Hefei University of Technology, and the Ph.D. degree in mechanics in 1990
from Aalborg University, Denmark. Currently, he is a professor, doctoral advisor and vice president of
Hefei University of Technology. He is also the vice president of the Political Consultative Conference
of Anhui Province, chairman of Jiu San Society of Anhui Province, vice chairman of Scientific
Association of Anhui Province, academic committee member of Ministry of Education, member of
Mechanical Basic Course Group of Ministry of Education, member of the International IFToMM Board
of Education, director of Mechanical transmission branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society,
vice chairman of the National Mechanical Principle Course Seminar, executive director of China
Automotive Engineering Society, chairman of Automotive Engineering Society of Anhui Province,
chairman of Internal Combustion Engine Society of Anhui Province, member of Academic Degrees
Committee of Anhui Province, leader of Manufacturing Industry Informatization Expert Group of
Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province, editor and director of Chinese Journal of
Mechanical Engineering, director of the journal of China Mechanical Engineering and the journal of
Automotive Engineering.

His main interests are in the areas of electric automobile, digital design and manufacturing, mechanical
transmission, magnetic mechanics, et al. He has participated in and directed more than 100 programs,
including the Key Program of 863, the Program of National Supporting Plan, the National Key Project,
the National Natural Science Fund Projects. He has acquired the second prize of the Provincial and
Ministerial Level Scientific and Technological Progress Awards for 2 times and the third prize for 5
times. He has also acquired the second prize of the Board of education of Anhui Province for one time.
He has one Patent of Invention and 8 Utility Model Patents. He has published more than 300 articles
and 11 books. He has also acquired the Outstanding Youth Award for science and technology of
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in 1991, the Teaching Award of Electrical and
Mechanical Services Department and the Youth Science and Technology Award of Anhui Province in
1992, the Outstanding Returned Overseas Students of Anhui Province in 1995, the title of Expert of the
Youth of China Machinery Industry in 1996. He has been selected as the National Talents Engineering
in 1996 and acquired the National Government Allowance in 1997. In 1998, he has acquired the

provincial and the national Education System Model, and the title of the provincial and the national
Exemplary Teacher.

Title: Introduction of the Automotive Industry of Anhui Province and the
Development of New Energy Automobile
This report includes four parts. First, the development process of the automotive industry of Anhui
province from 1950s has been introduced. Secondly, the main automotive manufacturing companies in
the province, including Chery, JAC and Xingma, will be described. Then the development of electric
automobile in Anhui province will be introduced. Finally, the reporter will present his understand of
electric automobile.

                         24 September 2011 Saturday                          A.M.
                                   2011 年 9 月 24 日 星期六 上午

                 Registration (Location: Hall, Academic Activities and Conference Center of Hefei
                                             University of Technology)
08:00 - 09:00

                Plenary Session 1 (Location: Academic Activities and Conference Center of Hefei
                                           University of Technology)
09:00 - 12:00
                              全体会议 1(地点:合肥工业大学学术会议中心)

                                                Open ceremony
09:00 - 10:00
                                     开幕仪式 (主持人:刘志峰 教授)

                                                Coffee/Tea break
10:00 - 10:30

                                        Keynote talk 1 (Prof. Liming Dai )
10:30 - 11:15
                       主题演讲 1(Liming Dai 教授)(主持人:Timothy K. Shih 教授)

                                        Keynote talk 2 (Prof. CAI Maolin)
11:15 - 12:00
                         主题演讲 1(蔡茂林教授)(主持人:Timothy K. Shih 教授)

                                        Lunch (Location: Jinyiyuan Hotel)
12:00 - 13:30

                          24 September 2011 Saturday                   P.M.
                                      2011 年 9 月 24 日 星期六 下午

13:30 – 15:10   Session A1: Mechanical Design and Session B1: Sensing, Data Processing
                Structural Optimization           and Pattern Recognition

                Chair: Xianjia Huang, Peng-sheng Pan      Chair: Bao Yuanlu, Huang Kaisheng

                Location: No.2 Conference Room at Location: No.3 Conference Room at
                Academic Activities and Conference Academic Activities and Conference
                Center                             Center

                会议 A1:机械设计和结构优化                           会议 B1:感知、数据处理和模式识

13:40 – 13:50   B083                                      B076

                Dynamic      analysis   and    suspension An image de-noising method using
                optimization for new energy vehicle based directions of wavelet decomposition
                FE model                                  sub-bands

                XU Wentao,       ZHANG    Yahui,   MIAO Zheng Cai, Shaohua Tao

13:50 – 14:00   B091                                      B117

                Numerical Study of non-Newtonian Liquid TD / GSM history of adjacent areas to
                Sheet Primary Breakup                   optimize selection algorithm

                L. P. He, Z. Y. Xia                       Xiang Zhuoyuan, Li Ying, Tang Zhitao

                贺丽萍,天津大学                                  向卓元,中南财经政法大学

14:00 – 14:10   B094                                      B149

                Numerical simulation of hydroxyapatite A Map-matching           Method Using
                particle impacting on Ti substrate in cold Intersection-based     Parallelogram
                spraying                                   Criterion

                Lei Zhang, Wentao Zhang, Zhiyong Wu       Wang Min, Bao Xun, Zhu Lei, Bao

14:10 – 14:20   B095                                       B163

                An experimental and computational study Research on State-space Mapping
                of interaction between water mist and gas Algorithm from the Vehicle Unsteady
                jet flame                                 Constraint Test System to the
                                                          Independent Vehicle System
                Xianjia Huang, Xishi Wang, Jia Lu,
                Zhongjun Ding, Guangxuan Liao             Wang Guoye, Zhang Juanli

                黄咸家,中国科技大学                                 王国业,中国农业大学

14:20 – 14:30   B196                                       B198

                Simulating research on rod string’s gyro Research on Identification of Color
                effect caused by eccentric rotation in Structured Light Based on Dichromatic
                circular tube                            Reflection Model

                Shimin Dong, Wansheng Zhang, Guohong Yi-ping Tang, Li-juan Wu, Ming-li
                Chai, Mingming Xing, Hong Zhang      Zong, Fu-ding Sun

                董世民,燕山大学                                   吴立娟,浙江工业大学

14:30 – 14:40   B261                                       B336

                Parameterized computing system on Engine Torque Estimation Based on BP
                structure of lift scaffolding attached to the Neural Network
                                                              Huang Kaisheng, Wang Dongliang, Lin
                Li Bin,Zhu Bo                                 Zhihua, Zeng Xiangrui

                李斌,沈阳建筑大学                                  黄开胜,清华大学

14:40 – 14:50   B267                                       B1235

                Optimal Design of Disc Cutter Structure Parameter Estimation of the MISO
                Parameter Based on Genetic Algorithm    Nonlinear System Based on Improved
                                                        Particle Swarm Optimization
                Yimin Xia, Feng Wu, Lei Cheng, Zhenghua
                Zhang                                   Huaike Fan, Weixing Lin

                吴峰,中南大学                                    范怀科,宁波大学

14:50 – 15:00   B283                                       B1291

                Relationship Between Output Parameters Research on ROI Image Processing
                and DOF of Single Loop Mechanism, Link Technology        of     Teleoperation
                Group                                  Construction     Robot    Based     on
                                                       Trinocular Stereo Vision
                Zhang Yitong, Zeng Daxing, Yang
                Yandong, Lu Wenjuan, Mu Dejun, Yi Yali Mingde Gong, Bo Tian, Yue Ning,
                                                       Weiwei Li


15:00 – 15:10   B337                                          B1311

                Analysis and optimization of flow pattern in Fatigue Crack Length Real Time
                inlet passage of pumping station             Measurement Method Based on Camera
                                                             Automatically Tracking and Positioning
                Yuan Bo, Wei-min Feng, Mei-qing Liu,
                Qiu-wei Li                                   Hongli GAO, Shanshan SHEN, Yan

15:10 – 15:40                                    Coffee/Tea break


15:50 – 16:00   B347                                          B1515

                Design and simulation of a mini precision Predicting seepage of earth dams using
                positioning magnetostrictive inchworm neural network and genetic algorithm
                linear motor
                                                          Xinying Miao, Jinkui Chu, Jing Qiao,
                Peng-sheng Pan, Bin-tang Yang, Guang Linghan Zhang
                Meng, Jian-qiang Li

16:00 – 16:10   B369                                          B127

                Analysis and Optimization of Flexible The Design of Liquid Level Detection
                Supported Drive Train in a Wind Turbine System for Oil Tank

                Zheng Liming, Li Huixin, Chen Yan             Aiping Wu, Heping Pan, Yonghua Li

                郑黎明,汕头大学                                      吴爱平,中国地质大学

16:10 – 16:20   B1076                                         B325

                Modeling and Simulation of Stick-Slip Application of C4D Technique to Void
                Motion for Pneumatic Cylinder Based on Fraction Measurement of Gas-Liquid
                Meter-In Curcit                        Two-Phase Flow: Stratified Flow

                Pengfei Qian, Guoliang Tao, Jianfeng Chen, Kum Chol Ri, Lei Wang, Sanfu Fu,
                Bo Lu                                      Zhiyao Huang, Baoliang Wang,

                钱鹏飞,浙江大学                                  Haiqing Li


16:20 – 16:30   B1267                                     B333

                Solution of Constraint Force of Frame with Study of Large Scale Measurement
                shape of T By Principle of Conversion Method Based on Leapfrog Principle
                                                           LongJiang Zheng, Xue Li, LingLing
                YU Xiaojin                                 Qin, HongBin Chen, Xue Gao,
                                                           RuiRong Yuan

16:30 – 16:40   B1622                                     B1243

                The Optimization Design of Mechanical Intelligent Monitoring System          of
                Structure Based on CAE Technology     Battery Based on CAN Bus

                HU Gui-chuan, LIU Jing-hua                Guo Yisong

                胡桂川,重庆科技学院                                郭屹松,北京石油化工学院

16:40 – 16:50   B1661                                     B1359

                Research on Pressure Resistance of Piston Fiber-optic sensing of coal mine gas
                Type Submersible                          based on Fabry – Perot interferometer

                Zhai Yuyi, Lu Wenjie, Zhou Yu , Xu Zili   ZHOU Meng-ran, Wu Di, ZHANG Hai-

16:50 – 17:00   B1699                                     B1619

                Acoustic Simulation    for   theGearing A MIL-STD-1553B Bus Command
                Engagement System                       Optimization Algorithm Based on Load
                LI Hong-kun, DING Jian, Guo Cheng
                                                        Jiandong      Zhang,        Mingyang
                李宏坤,大连理工大学                              Liu,Guoqing Shi, Weihua Pan


17:00 – 17:10   B1822                                     B1675

                The research of vibration characteristic BISS: A Built-In SEU Sensor For Soft
                about sucker rod string                  Error Mitigation

                LI Bin, WANG XU-dong                      Zhengfeng Huang, Maoxiang Yi

                李斌,西南石油大学                                 黄正峰,合肥工业大学

17:10 – 17:20   D3022

                3-D Finite Element Simulation of Impact
                Damage of Laminated Plates using Solid-
                shell Interface Elements

                C. Wang, H. Zhang and G. Shi


13:30 – 15:10   Session C1: Control Methods, Robotics Session D1: Development            and
                and Electronics                       Research of Special Devices

                Chair: Tian Lin, Jingtao Lei              Chair: Yufu Xu, Yunfei Li

                Location: No.2 Conference Room at Location: No.3 Conference Room at
                gewulou                           gewulou

                会议 C1:控制方法、机器人学和电子技 会议 D1:特种设备的开发和研究

13:40 – 13:50   B080                                      B043

                Neural Network Control of EPS Based on On the Corrosion Behavior of Refined
                the Cerebellum Model                   Bio-oil During Rubbing Process

                WANG Ruo-chen SUN Ze-yu,CHEN Long, Yufu Xu, Wendong Li, Xianguo Hu,
                LING-An                            Qiongjie Wang

                汪若尘,江苏大学                                  徐玉福,合肥工业大学

13:50 – 14:00   B218                                        B1237

                Modeling and Embedded Autonomous Effect of Hardness of Needle-Sealing
                Control for Quad-Rotor MAV       Surface of Pintle Nozzle on Cavitation
                WANG Wei, WANG Feng, ZHOU Yong,
                CHENG Yong, SONG Yu-zhe, NONAMI Hengzhou Wo, Yafang Zhang, Xianguo
                Kenzo                            Hu, Yufu Xu

                王伟,南京信息科技大学                                 徐玉福,合肥工业大学

14:00 – 14:10   B224                                        B104

                Design of Stabilized Platform Controller for Energy analysis of gas engine driven
                Mobile Satellite Communication System        heat pump

                Tao Yuan, Yu Wang                           Ning Jiang, Zengliang Gao

                袁韬,北京理工大学                                   蒋宁,浙江工业大学

14:10 – 14:20   B236                                        B107

                Delay-Dependent Non-fragile Robust H∞ The experimental investigation of
                control for Switched Systems with Multiple energy transfer in wall turbulence based
                Time Delays                                on Wavelet transform and FFT and
                Ni Zhang, Mei-chun Fu, Tao Zou
                                                           X. Q. JIN, Z. Y. XIA

14:20 – 14:30   B274                                        B113

                The Development of ESP Control System Design and Implementation of Safety
                Based on the Fuzzy-PID Control Strategy Protection System for Water-cooled
                                                        Magnet of Steady High Magnetic Field
                Liang-mo Wang, Li-hua An, Li Tan, Zhi- Facility
                lin Wu, Li Li
                                                        Yunfei Li, Zhongcheng Wu, Fei Shen,
                王良模,吉林大学                                Haifeng Wu, Chunshan Shen


14:30 – 14:40   B1222                                       B120

                A New Spacecraft Attitude Controller Seismic        Response    Analysis         of
                Considering Variable Saturation Limit of Suspension Arch Bridge
                Flywheels Output Torque
                                                         MIAO Tongchen, XU Wentao
                Tian Lin, Xu Shijie

14:40 – 14:50   B1232                                       B123

                Parameter Optimization of PID Controller Application of the Tabu Search
                Based on an Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm on Solving the Optimum
                Optimization for the Induction Motor     Heating Institution of Reheating
                Xia-bo Shi, Wei-xing Lin
                                                         Yang Yejian, Jiang Zeyi, Zhang Xinxin,
                史夏波,宁波大学                                 Jin Peng


14:50 – 15:00   B1329                                       B309

                Comparison of Different Controllers for Colon-targeted     drug       delivery
                Automotive Electronic Throttle Based on microparticles    prepared       using
                Rapid Control Prototype Technique       electrohydrodynamic atomization

                YE Xian, PENG Yiqiang, HUI Yancui           Dengguang Yu, Xia Wang, Ping Lu,
                                                            Xiao Chen, Huipeng Zhao, Xiaoyan Li,
                叶险,西华大学                                     Wei Qian, Ying Li, Yaozu Liao


15:00 – 15:10   B1365                                       B1112

                Double-Loop PID Parameter Tuning For A theoretical study of the sustainable
                DC Motor Based on Modified Particle use of biomass energy by rural
                Swarm Optimization                   households in China

                Tao Cheng, Weixing Lin                      Zhongren Zhou

                程涛,宁波大学                                     周中仁,北京市农林科学院

15:10 – 15:40                                  Coffee/Tea break


15:50 – 16:00   B1377                                       B1245

                Study on Gyroscopic Effect of Magnetic Cellular     pattern    evolution     of
                Flywheel Rotor                         deflagration-to-detonation transition in
                                                       square detonation tube
                WEN Xianglong, CAO Cao
                                                       ZHANG Peng-gang, HE Xiao-min,
                文湘隆,武汉理工大学                             WANG Qian


16:00 – 16:10   B314                                        B1269

                Configuration Design of Modular 3-PRS Experimental Study of the Counter
                Parallel Robot and Dynamic Simulation Dual-swirl Air Blast Atomizer
                                                      Na Zhao, Yonggang Yu, Qi Zhang
                Jingtao Lei

16:10 – 16:20   B1290                                       B1342

                Design of Master-slave Position Controller Structure design and test of the high
                of Electro-hydraulic Servo Tele-robot      pressure vessel for corrosion testing

                Mingde Gong                                 Cui Shun, Wang Shi-feng, Zhang Jun-
                                                            liang, Liu Hui, Li Zhong-kui, Xia Ming-
                巩明德,吉林大学                                    xing


16:20 – 16:30   B1472

                Realization of Two-Axis       Macro-Micro
                Dual-Driven System

                Fei Fang, Bai Xiaolong, Bing-Feng Ju


16:30 – 16:40   B1327

                Design of Control System for Micro
                Tracklayer Based on μc/os-Ⅱ

                Jinsong Wei, Fengqi Gao, Guanglong Wang


16:40 – 16:50   B1552

                213 W 500 MHz 4H-SiC static induction

                Chen Gang, Wu Peng, Bai Song, Li
                Zheyang, Li Yun, Ni WeiJiang, Li Yuzhu


                         25 September 2011 Sunday                A.M.
                                 2011 年 9 月 25 日 星期日 上午

8:00 – 9:30   Session A2: Vibration, Noise and Fault Session B2: Analysis of Material
              Detection                              Propertity

              Chair: Wenjing Hu, Jian-qiang Li        Chair: H.Q.Li, Sujuan HU

              Location: No.2 Conference Room at Location: No.3 Conference Room at
              Academic Activities and Conference Center Academic Activities and Conference
              会议 A2:振动,噪声和故障检测
                                                        会议 B2:材料属性分析

8:00 – 8:10   B015                                    B207

              Quantitative Analysis of Noise Impact on Modulus and Internal Friction of W-
              Duffing Chaotic Detection System Using doped VO2 Thin Films
              Lyapunov Characteristic Exponents
                                                       H.Q.Li, X.X.He, T.Liu, Z.H.Nie,
              Wenjing Hu, Zhizhen Liu, Zhihui Li       X.Q.Lv

              胡文静,山东大学                                李合琴,合肥工业大学

8:10 – 8:20   B179                                    B317

              Application of Frequency-Domain Blind Experimental study on continuous
              Deconvolution in Mechanical Fault preparation of ultrafine silicon nitride
              Detection                             powders in transport bed

              Nan Pan, Xing Wu, Yilin Chi, Chang Liu, Yin Shaowu, Wang Li, Tong Lige,
              Xiaoqin Liu                             Yang Fuming, Li Yanhui

              潘楠,昆明理工大学                               尹少武,北京科技大学

8:20 – 8:30   B215                                    D3008

              The dynamic analysis and optimization Experimental Study on Flaw Response
              technique of non-stationary           in Inhomogeneous Media

              random vibration                        Gangfeng Zheng, Bin Wu, Cunfu He

              QIN Zhen, XU Wentao                     郑钢丰,安徽理工大学


8:30 – 8:40   B279                                        D3028

              Application of the Wavelet Transform for Effect of modified-silicon rubber on
              Defect Detection in Prestressing Strands by thermal degradation and anti-droplet
              Guided Wave Technique                       properties of polyamide 6/melamine
                                                          cyanurate flame retardant composites
              Jiang XU, Hongfen XIONG, Xinjun WU
                                                          Na Feng, Jianhui Liu, Hiroshi Uyama,
              徐江,南昌航空大学                                   Wei Liu


8:40 – 8:50   B1349                                       D3036

              The dynamic fault tree analysis of not- Sintering, microstructure and dielectric
              cutting failure for MG550/1220 electrical properties of Ca-Al-B-Si-O glass/Al2O3
              haulage shearer                           composites with various SiO2 content

              Weihan WANG, Dekun ZHANG, Gang Liu Ming, Zhou Hongqing, Zhu Haikui,
              CHENG, Lihua SHEN              Liu Min, Zhao Jianxin

              王畏寒,中国矿业大学                                  刘明,南京工业大学

8:50 – 9:00   B1711                                       D3063

              Inter-modal Couplings between Two SEA One-step Synthesis of Fe3S4 Micro-
              Subsystems with An Arbitrary Interface crystals and its Facile Transformation to
                                                     Fe7S8 Micro-crystals
              JI Lin, HUANG Zhenyu
                                                     Binxia Yuan, Honghong Fu, Weiling
              纪琳,山东大学                                Luan


9:00 – 9:10   B1832                                       D3066

              Dynamic modeling and simulation of 3- Influence         of     MoS2    on    the
              d.o.f. vibration active isolation platform microstructures and properties of Ni-
              based on giant magnetostrictive actuators  based alloying coating

              Jian-qiang Li, Bin-tang Yang, Guang Meng,   Han Bin, Xue Minpeng, Wang Yong,
              Peng-sheng Pan, De-hua Yang                 Yu Mengfei

9:10 – 9:20   B1861                                     D3072

              Behavior Analysis of FxLMS Based on Preparation of high compression
              Deterministic Signal                strength silicon hybrid material at low
                                                  temperature through sol-gel
              ZHANG Feng, LI Yi-nong, WANG Lei
                                                  Peng Cui, Zhaoqiang Zhang, Yan Dou

9:20 – 9:30   B1887                                     D3088

              Vibration Analysis of A Micromachined Preparation and photocatalytic activity
              Modal Gyroscope Based on Elastic Body of TiO2/Fe2O3 nanocomposite

              Zheng Wang, Xiaosheng Wu, Xiaojun Hu, Sujuan HU, Xuanhui ZHANG, Ying
              Wenyuan Chen, Weiping Zhang           HE, Xianchao HU, Lei CHENG,
                                                    Guohua LI

9:30 – 9:40                                             D3089

                                                        Preparation       of       TiO2/CNTs
                                                        Nanocomposite and Its Photocatalytic
                                                        Activity for Methyl Orange In Aqueous

                                                        Xuanhui Zhang, Sujuan Hu, Shaoping
                                                        Tong, Yuan Cheng, Dan Chen, Guohua


8:00 – 9:30   Session C2: Industrial Engineering and Session D2: Communication System
              Enterprise Automation                  Design and New Software

              Chair: Ding bi-rong, Jian-qiang Li        Chair: Junbiao LIU, Kaijie Liu

              Location: No.2 Conference Room at Location: No.3 Conference Room at
              gewulou                           gewulou

              会议 C2:工业工程和企业自动化                          会议 D2:通讯系统设计和软件介绍

              主持人:丁必荣,李建强                               主持人:刘俊飙,刘凯杰

              地点:格物楼第二会议室                               地点:格物楼第三会议室

8:00 – 8:10   B171                                       B203

              A new collaboration distribution network Throughput Analysis of Broadband
              base on Third party logistics alliance   Access in High Speed Railway

              Ding bi-rong, Qu xin-huai, Song wen-feng   Junbiao LIU, Xinyu JIN, Fang DONG,
                                                         Xiangbing ZENG

8:10 – 8:20   B185                                       B255

              Study on Stochastic Assembly Line A Long Sequence Length, Reduced
              Balancing based on improved Particle Complexity MASH 1-1-1 DDSM for
              Swarm Optimization algorithm         Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer

              Zhu Huabing, Yu Feng, Xi Yun, Wang Li Bin, Fan Xiangning, Member IEEE,
              Long, Zhang Juan                   Zhu Weiwei

              朱华炳,合肥工业大学                                 李斌,东南大学

8:20 – 8:30   B277                                       B263

              Product Quality Control Based on Medium An ESD Protected Wideband CMOS
              Logic                                   Low Noise Amplifier Employing
                                                      Active Feedback Technique
              Hang Weidong, Liu Yinmao, Wu Meirong
                                                      Bao Kuan, Fan Xiangning

8:30 – 8:40   B301                                       B374

              Customized Design Support System for Remote Control Based on Android
              Manufacturing     Enterprise   and   Its Phone
                                                       Mao Xiaodong, Wang Dahu, Zhang
              Peisi Zhong, Jiandong Song, Junying Wei, Tong, Huang Keming
              Mei Liu

8:40 – 8:50   B1255                                      B1058

              Research on Quality Control Architecture Design and Simulation of a Broad Band
              for Multistage Machining Processes in Retrodirective Array Element
              Small Batch Mode
                                                       Feng-ge Hu, Jian-hua Zhang, Li-ye
              Yan Wang, Pingyu Jiang                   Fang

              王岩,西安交通大学                                  胡风革,中国科技大学

8:50 – 9:00     B1330                                            B1332

                The Model and Optimization for the A Method for Computer Software
                Discrete Operations Workshop Layout Security Detection
                Based on Multi-Agent Theory
                                                    Cheng Yong, Yang Ling, Jin
                Wang Yaliang, Chen Yong             Wenjia,Yang Wenzhong, WANG Wei,
                                                    WANG Feng, ZHOU Yong

9:00 – 9:10     B1691                                            B1335

                Energy Saving Design of Personal and The Key Technology of Virtual Reality
                Consumer Electronics Products        System Based on Panoramic View

                NI Nan; HUANG Hai-hong; LIU Zhi-feng; Yang Ling, Cheng Yong, Cheng Yun
                LIU Guang-fu
9:10 – 9:20     B1700                                            B1336

                Reliability design of agricultural products      MDO of Anti-creeper on High speed
                                                                 train Using Optimus
                Wang Hong
                                                                 Kaijie Liu, Honglun Zhao, Chao Xu

                                                    Coffee/Tea break
 9:20 – 10:00

                Plenary Session 2 (Location: Academic Activities and Conference Center of Hefei
                                           University of Technology)
10:00 – 11:30
                                 全体会议 2(地点:合肥工业大学学术会议中心)

                                         Keynote talk 3 (Prof. Timothy K. Shih)
10:00 – 10:45
                         主题演讲 3(Timothy K. Shih 教授)(主持人 Liming Dai 教授)

                                            Keynote talk 4 (Prof. Han Zhao)
10:45 – 11:30
                               主题演讲 4(赵韩 教授)(主持人 Liming Dai 教授)



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