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									                                                                                           Agenda Item: 11

                                                                               Dyfed Powys Police Authority
                                                              Planning, Performance and Scrutiny Committee
                                                                                       15th November 2010

Report of The Chief Constable

To receive a breakdown of the cost of the crime mapping service.

1. Purpose of Report
   For information

        To note the report.

2. Background
   Upon reviewing the number of visits to the Crime Mapping facility
   accessible through the Force website, Members of the Committee
   requested that a breakdown of the cost of the facility be submitted to the

       The crimemapper tool was introduced in December 2008 as a direct
       response to a Home Office announcement that all Forces were to have
       crime information made available to the public by 18 th December 2008. As
       a result of this demand the Force undertook a tender process in October
       and November 2008 on behalf of all four Welsh forces to enter into a
       contract to provide this facility. The successful tender was received from
       Rock Kitchen Harris (RKH). This was at a cost for each Welsh Force of

      Subsequently in October 2009 the NPIA merged the various individual
      Force level sites into a single crimemapper site which incorporated all 43
      forces in England and Wales. This change-over was done with no
      additional costs incurred by DPP.

      The provision for making mapped crime information available to the public
      was a direct result of a specific Home Office requirement – which
      subsequently went on to form an element of the Policing Pledge. Moreover
      the incoming coalition government has continued to include it among their
      programme for the current parliament ‘…We will oblige the police to
      publish detailed local crime data statistics every month, so the public can
      get proper information about crime in their neighbourhoods and hold the
      police        to        account         for       their       performance’.

Shared/papersformeetings/pp&S/15.11.10/Item 11 – Crime Mapping Costs.doc

      To that end confirmation has now been received from NPIA that from
      December 2010 (using November monthly data) there will be a
      requirement to provide geo-located information of individual crimes and
      ASB incidents – with a view to having each individual crime/incident
      mapped for the public to view via the internet. The associated cost will also
      be paid for centrally via NPIA with no costs incurred by the Force.

      The Committee will be kept informed of any further developments in this
      area by Corporate Services.

3. Legal issues
      It is a statutory requirement to have the crimemapper facility.

4. Financial implications/assessment of value for money
      There are no ongoing costs to the provision of this service at present.

5. Equality and Diversity implications

6. Crime and Disorder Act implications

7. Children and young people implications

8. Human rights implications

9. Environmental, biodiversity and sustainability issues

10. Risk analysis

11. National park implications

12. Appendices

13. Background papers

14. Contact details
    Author:                                   James Walford
    Telephone:                                01267 226654

Shared/papersformeetings/pp&S/15.11.10/Item 11 – Crime Mapping Costs.doc


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