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									            Integrated Shipbuilding Environment

             Enabling Shipbuilding Interoperability
                         ISE-6 Project

       Exchange of Product Models for Life Cycle Support

                         April 2, 2008
                       Washington, D.C.

2 Apr ‘08                                                  1

• Interoperability Problem
• ISE Architecture and History
• Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS) Background
• Enabling Shipbuilding Interoperability Throughout
  the Entire Life Cycle (ISE-6)
• Demo

2 Apr ‘08                                             2
                          Interoperability Problem

• Communication between diverse computer systems is a big challenge
  in today’s environment:
       – As CAD/CAE/CAM systems have proliferated in the U.S. shipyards,
         interoperability among these systems has become a major issue
       – Interoperability is an issue within a shipyard as well as between partnering yards
         and with the Customer
• This problem is further aggravated because:
       – Most recent and future ship design and build contracts involve multiple
       – Length of time to design and build a ship often exceeds the life span of current
         computer systems driving the need to move existing data to new computer
       – Requirements for life cycle support of the ship will far exceed the life span of
         current computer systems, again driving the need to move existing data to new
         computer systems
2 Apr ‘08                                                                                   3
                   ISE Interoperability Solution

• The Integrated Shipbuilding Environment Consortium
  (ISEC) is attacking the interoperability problem on a broad
  front involving numerous standards, tools, and
  organizations, including:
       – STEP (Standard for Exchange of Product Model Data)
       – XML (Extensible Markup Language)
       – Website
• The ISE Projects have helped develop these standards,
  defined the approach, and implemented a solution to ensure
  information interoperability

2 Apr ‘08                                                       4
                              ISE Project Approach
• Develop and demonstrate tools that are low cost
       – Can be selectively used by shipyards to support interoperability
       – Capitalize on XML and related Internet technologies
• Flexibility is critical
       – Allow shipyards to transform their data to/from common information model
       – Enable each enterprise to use its own tool set rather than all move to the same

• Drive development of shipbuilding product data standards (e.g. STEP,
       – Construct a single Shipbuilding Information Model
       – Demonstrate and educate U.S. shipbuilding community

• The goal of current and future efforts is to make these techniques and
  tools available in production and to all U.S. shipyards
       – STEP Shipbuilding Translators
       – XML Tools
       – Common Parts Catalog Interfaces
2 Apr ‘08                                                                                  5
                    XML + STEP = Ideal Combo
          • Data is independent of IT infrastructure, but standards
            are required to reflect system needs for exchange
             Transactions of Data Packaged in Standards
                  Virtual XML = Industry Standard            Standards
                    Ship        Container for Data
        Company               STEP = ISO Standard               Company
           A                    Language for Data                   B

                           XSLT - map data to another XML schema

                XML :                              STEP :
                • Accepted format/schema method    • Standards for data expression
                • Web-enabling                     • Standards for geometric exchange

2 Apr ‘08                                                                               6
                                  ISE Architecture

ISE architecture represents an innovative, practical solution
to the information interoperability challenge
• Accessible to large and small shipyards
       – Only system dependency is Web infrastructure
       – Utilizes open standards
• Innovative integration of STEP and XML technologies
       – Supports sharing of geometry & geometric product models
• Permissive (mediation) architecture
       – Lets each enterprise choose its own tool set
• Amenable with CAD platforms used by U.S. shipbuilders

2 Apr ‘08                                                          7
                        Information Interoperability Roadmap

                                                Ship Product Model Data

  Ship Structural                   Distribution                     Equipment /                      Life Cycle
     Envelope                         Systems                        Subsystems                      Maintenance
     Ship Arrangement                       Piping                       Common Parts                 Systems Engineering            Config / Geometry
            ISO AP 215:2004              ISO AP 227:2005                 Catalog (CPC)                      ISO AP 233                ISO AP 203/214:1994

                                                                         Reference Data                Product Life Cycle             Finite Element
    Ship Moulded Forms                      HVAC                                                                                         Analysis
            ISO AP 216:2003              ISO AP 227:2005                    Libraries                                                   ISO AP 209:2001
                                                                                                            ISO AP 239
                                                                             ISO 15926

       Ship Structures                   Cable Trays                                                                                Outfit & Furnishings
            ISO AP 218:2004              ISO AP 227:2005                                                                                NSRP 0428:1992

                                     Mechanical Systems                                                Support                       Logistics / Spares
                                         ISO AP 227:2005                                                                                ISO AP 232:2002
                                                                                                 ISO APs 224, 238, 240

                                          Electrical                                                                                Computational Fluid
                                         ISO AP 212:2001
                                                                                                                                          ISO AP 237

                              Standard   Standard          Information    Prototype        Testing       Deployment, integration,
                               In Work   Approved             Model      Translators     Framework              testing

2 Apr ‘08                                                                                                                                                   8
                       ISE Information Model
                 Standard Standard
  ISO STEP        in
                  In Work Approved

                                     Information Prototype   Testing
  NSRP ISE                               Model Translators Framework

  NAVSEA                                                                  Specification

                                                                                          Business Decisions
  Ship Program                                                               Testing

  Phases:   Requirements                   Information Interoperability      Production
            Definition                            Specification              Deployment

2 Apr ‘08                                                                                                      9
                                        History of ISE Projects
                 • The ISEC is led by U.S. shipbuilders along with commercial
                   software vendors, and information technologists
                 • This team has been together for eight years and has
                   developed much of the infrastructure and architecture
                   necessary for shipbuilding information interoperability

         ISE-1                  ISE-2                 ISE-3        ISE-4          ISE-5          ISE-6










2 Apr ‘08                                                                                                       10
                Interoperability: Current Related Efforts

• ISE-6            (Enabling Shipbuilding Interoperability)
       – Deploy information technology systems that meet the shipbuilder’s
         interoperability requirements in the area of life cycle support and post-
         delivery operations
• NPDI             (Navy Product Data Initiative)
       – To specify the requirements for and drive the implementation of product
         data systems based on an open architecture having suitable functionality
         and enterprise-wide interoperability to support affordable Navy ship
         design, construction and service life support
• SCIM             (Ship Common Information Model)
       – SCIM will codify the models developed under the ISE Project under NSRP
         over the past seven years
       – It will be a separate document from the IPDE Specification to be produced
         by the NPDI Project, but it will be referenced by that IPDE Specification
       – Initial versions of the two documents will be completed in the same
         timeframe, but updates and subsequent versions can be issued

2 Apr ‘08                                                                            11
            ISE Team Participants

2 Apr ‘08                           12
                         ISE Test Ship – TWR841

  This ship is used to locate and   This ship was selected because
  retrieve torpedoes and missile    it is in-service, has a complete
  drones. It has a maximum          set of drawings available for
  payload capacity of 42 long       distribution, and is:
  tons which includes the deck
                                    Approved for Public Release:
  cargo plus full liquids, full
                                    Distribution Unlimited.
  complement, and normal

2 Apr ‘08                                                              13
2 Apr ‘08                                                              13
            ISE-2 Demonstration
                (April 2003)

            AP216: Ship Moulded Forms
            AP218: Ship Structure
            AP227: Piping
2 Apr ‘08                               14
            ISE-3 Demonstration
               (October 2004)

              AP227: HVAC
2 Apr ‘08                         15
            Washington DC   •   Integrated Shipbuilding Environment HVAC Demonstration   •

2 Apr ‘08                                                                                    16
                       ISE-4 Demonstration
                           (April 2006)

   •Ship Arrangements
   •Engineering Analysis
   •Electrical Design
   •Steel Processing

                                                TWR 3D
                                             Product Model

2 Apr ‘08                                               17
                    Systems Involved in the ISE-4 Interoperability Demo

            Initial Design                       Detail Design                 Manufacturing             Lifecycle Support
  Concept & Preliminary
  Design                                         Engineering                         Steel
                   Electrical                    FEA Analysis                     Processing
                                                         ADAPT                 Feed Mfg
                     KSS/KM             P21          AP209
                                                                               from ISDP
                      AP212       A                                              AP218
   Preliminary         P28              Modify               C   Partnership      P28
   Arrangement                        Arrangement    AP218          Yard                   GDEB NGSS            Repair
                                                      P28                                                       Shipyard
        Atlantec                      Sener                      Intergraph
        TRIBON                B        FORAN                        ISDP                    P28           INTELLISHIP

    B                 Suggest         AP215      Approval
         Submit        Design          P21                                                                    Final Product Model
 P21     Design       Changes                                                                                 Delivered
                                   Submit                                                                     to Navy
        LEAPS                       For                      Arrangements
          Navy Analysis                LEAPS                                                                    Response
           Programs                                                                                              Center
        Engineering Analysis

                   Key:           = Mediators Required                = Demonstrated               = Not Demonstrated
2 Apr ‘08                                                                                                                           18
            TWR Compartment Overview
                             Compartment Name            Compt #    Volume (m^3)
                             Air Handling Room           1-8-3-Q    9.344559387
                             Ballast Tank #1             2-6-1-V    5.621280313
                             Ballast Tank #2             1-6-2-V    5.621280378
                             Ballast Tank #3             2-23-6-V   10.94196403
                             Ballast Tank #4             1-23-0-F   11.45422363
                             Bosuns Stores               2-2-0-A    31.1542512
                             Bow Thruster                2-5-0-Q    29.65740748
                             Chain Locker                2-2-0-Q    2.128270093
                             CO State Room               1-5-2-L    15.19818335
                             CPO State Room              1-5-1-L    15.19818517
                             Crews Berthing              2-6-0-L    65.55600522
                             Deck Gear                   1-14-3-A   5.256314651
                             Electrical Room             1-7-1-Q    4.672279696
                             Engine Room                 2-16-0-E   164.4171673
                             Engine Room Exhaust Trunk   2-15-1-Q   2.803369266
                             Engine Room Supply Trunk    2-15-2-Q   1.897890198
                             Forepeak                    2-0-0-V    9.703230573
                             Fuel Oil Tank #1            2-9-1-F    7.47810508
                             Fuel Oil Tank #2            1-9-2-F    7.47810645
                             Fuel Oil Tank #3            2-16-0-F   11.87955578
                             Fuel Oil Tank #4            2-23-2-F   4.791415503
                             Fuel Oil Tank #5            2-9-1-F    4.572601083
                             Galley and Mess Area        1-9-0-L    59.46537759
                             Hold Head                   2-10-2-L   20.57645565
                             Hold Passageway             2-8-0-L    18.1679584
                             Lazarette                   2-25-0-Q   45.19140913
                             Lazarette Passageway        2-23-0-Q   6.423977119
                             Linen Locker                2-9-1-A    2.786579543
                             Lube Oil Tank               2-23-4-F   0.987812699
                             Main Deck Head              1-7-2-L    7.00841954
                             Main Deck Passageway        1-7-0-L    6.371290497
                             Observers Berthing          2-10-1-L   17.82688618
                             Pilot House                 01-6-0-C   45.87356833
                             Pilot House Passageway      1-9-1-L    4.014929551
                             Potable Water Tank #1       2-13-1-W   9.928594336
                             Potable Water Tank #2       2-13-2-W   9.928594336
                             Provisions Storeroom        2-11-0-A   7.495108964
                             Pump Room                   2-12-0-Q   112.0118041
                             Pump Room Passageway        2-14-1-Q   3.82277429
                             Pump Room Supply Trunk      1-14-1-Q   0.424752699
                             Void                        2-2-0-V    3.395942412
                             Waste Oil Tank              2-15-0-F   0.976931207
2 Apr ‘08                                                                          19
            ISE-5 Demonstration
              (February 2007)

                             DXF or IGES
                              (2D CAD)

              DXF or IGES        AP214
               (2D CAD)        (3D CAD)

                            (3D Cableways)

2 Apr ‘08                                    20
                       ISE Interoperability Solutions

• Interoperability solutions must apply to the entire life cycle
• Initial efforts focused on Design issues
       – Focus has been on:
            • Transfer between multiple Design agents
            • Exchange between Design and Construction agents
            • Transfer of Product Models from Design agent to Customer
• Attention later focused on Manufacturing
       – Recent ISE efforts have discussed unique Manufacturing issues involved in
         transfer of Models for: Steel Processing, HVAC, and Piping
• Focus has now shifted to Life Cycle processes (such as Maintenance
  and Repair)
       – Involves different issues and requires different information

2 Apr ‘08                                                                            21
                        Issues Arising for Transfers
                           Throughout Life Cycle

• The information exchanged to support Maintenance and Repair is
  different from Design and Construction
       – As-built conditions of the ship needed
       – Changes made during ship’s service must be reflected in the product model
       – Updates to Catalogs for replacement parts must be available
• Ships have long life span (up to 50 years)
       – Ship will likely outlive CAD systems used during Design
       – Even computer hardware and storage media will not survive for life of ship
• Change management is a major cost driver throughout the life of the
  ship and should be addressed by any interoperability solution

2 Apr ‘08                                                                             22
                               Standards for Life Cycle

            Standards for Design, Engineering, Production     International ISO Standards
              (STEP AP 212, 215, 216, 218, 227ed2 )
                   (ISE information models)                   Focus of ISE Projects
                                                               since 1999

              Standard for Logistics & Life Cycle Support   International ISO Standard
                           (STEP AP 239)                    Driven by Aerospace and Defense
                            ISE-6 Phase 1                   ISE-6 is Prototyping Use for

                                                               International Standard
                  Standard for Technical Publications
                           ISE-6 Phase 2                       Driven by Aerospace, Defense
                                                               Emerging DoD IETM Standard

2 Apr ‘08                                                                                   23
             Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS)

    Project to Develop AP239 as an ISO Standard for PLCS

2 Apr ‘08                   Copyright Eurostep Group AB    24
                              ISO 10303-239
                    Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS)
                                        • PLCS provides an integrated
              ISE-6                        data model with a scope that
                Classification     PLCS      is a holistic view
                                               encompassing the entire
              Product Structure                   product life cycle
            Change Management
                                                          • Lifecycle community
                                     Support Tasks
      Approvals, Security, Status                           badly needs to access
                                                            Information defined
     Requirements Management              APSI            during acquisition
    Activities        Schedule
                                    Support History
              Organizations                           ●  Acquisition community
                                                       can also benefit from the
                   Property       Messaging         use of PLCS to exchange
                                                 integrated design and
                                              logistics information
2 Apr ‘08                                                                       25
                                                                          Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS)
            Extended Enterprise enabled by Internet technology
                                                                           Internet-based architecture and federated data models make possible
                                                                             implementations involving thousands of users across many sites
                                         Partners Suppliers Suppliers

                                                                                          Extended Enterprise of
                                                             Tier 2
      Extended Enterprise Integration

                                                                                        OEM’s, Customer, Partners
                                                                                              and Suppliers
                                        Customers Tier 1

                                                                                    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

                                                                                  Enterprise Integration                            Domain
                                                                               through dedicated networks

                                                                                    Domain specific
                                                                                  information systems                          Maintain product
                                                                              (e.g. CAD, MRPII, support use
                                                                        Capture product info forPlanning)

                                                                                                                               Provide feedback
                                                                        Develop the support solution

                                                         Concept               Assessment   Demonstration    Manufacture         In-Service   Disposal

                                                                                                  Product Life Cycle
2 Apr ‘08                                                                                        Copyright Eurostep Group AB                             26
            Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS)

2 Apr ‘08              Copyright Eurostep Group AB   27
            The Key Business Problem

                        In Focus


2 Apr ‘08          Copyright Eurostep Group AB
                     Copyright Eurostep Group AB   28
            Business Drivers
               Reduced Cost of Ownership
                   • Users of products are seeking
                     improved availability, reliability,
                     maintainability, and lower cost
                     of ownership
               Exploit Investment in Product Data
                   • Users of information systems
                     want more open platforms to
                     reduce IT costs and ensure
                     longevity in use of information
                   • Digital Product Data has become
                     a valuable business asset
               For shipyards, the investment in
               Product Data has not yet been
               leveraged for life cycle support
2 Apr ‘08      Copyright Eurostep Group AB                 29
            Typically complex systems environment –
                    point to point integration

2 Apr ‘08                Copyright Eurostep Group AB   30
            Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS)

2 Apr ‘08              Copyright Eurostep Group AB   31
      Enabling Shipbuilding Interoperability
       – Majority of the total cost of ownership of a Navy ship
         accrues after the ship has been delivered
       – Life cycle support; repair, maintenance and overhaul;
         ships’ operations, testing and training are all
         information intensive processes
       – The Navy has steadily moved toward more modern
         systems and technologies to cope with the burgeoning
         information needs, but technology has evolved faster
         than the deployed solutions

2 Apr ‘08                                                    32
                 ISE-6 Project Participants

  •    Electric Boat
  •    Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
  •    Atlantec-es
  •    Industrial Planning Technology
  •    Intergraph
  •    Knowledge Systems Solutions
  •    NSWC-CD
  •    Northrop Grumman Information Technology
  •    Product Data Services Corporation
  •    ShipConstructor Software USA
2 Apr ‘08                                        33
                        Navy Participation in ISE-6

• The ISE-6 Team is anxious to have Navy participation
  and review of its efforts
       – NSWC-CD (Naval Surface Warfare Center – Carderock
         Division) is a Team Member
       – Personnel from PEO-IWS (Program Executive Office –
         Integrated Warfare System) and NSWC - PHD (Naval Surface
         Warfare Center - Port Hueneme Division) attended the ISE-6
         Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA in January 2008
            • Reviewed ISE-6 Use Cases and Scenarios
            • Participated in developing plans for this ISE-6 Demo
       – Project results will be presented at conferences with strong
         Navy and shipyard participation
            • e.g. ShipTech, SPS, NSRP Panels, etc.

2 Apr ‘08                                                               34
                  Navy Logistics Data Requirements
            SCLSIS data is core of Navy configuration and maintenance
                                             Configuration Changes &       Sailor
                                              Work Candidates (WCs)

                                                             OMMS NG
                                                     3MC     R-SUPPLY
    History Maintenance
      DB       Data

                                Maint        Configuration
                      RMAIS     Team             Data             NAVICP
                                                                Navy Supply Chain
                                             CDMD OA

                   NEMAIS                                          ISEA
2 Apr ‘08                                                                       35
                                       Navy Business Usage
             Integrated Data              PLCS provides an opportunity
                                                                                                        Integrated Data
            Environment (IDE)             to leverage Integrated Data                                  Environment (IDE)
              Ship Configuration
         Ship Design    Program Data
                                          Environments (IDE) developed                                    Ship Configuration
                                                                                                     Ship Design    Program Data
         Design Data
                        Change Mgmt
                                          for each ship program.                                     Design Data     Documents
                                                                                                        Parts       Change Mgmt
        Manufacturing Logistics Data
                                                                                                    Manufacturing Logistics Data

                                                            Classification      PLCS
                                                      Product Structure
                                                   Change Management

                                                                                    Support Tasks
                                                 Approvals, Security, Status

                                                Requirements Management                    APSI

                                             Activities          Schedule
                                                                                  Support History

                                                              Property         Messaging

        Legacy Logistics &
        Support Systems


2 Apr ‘08                                                                                                                          36
                             ISE-6 PLCS Approach

            STEP Shipbuilding APs
            Design and Manufacturing
        Molded Forms
                  ISEInformation                                          Link design and
                          Mechanical Systems
                  Models                                                  Logistics data
      Ship Structure
                Navy Logistics
      Distributive Systems
                Data Requirements                        ISE-6
                            Drawings                     Classification       PLCS
                                                   Product Structure
                                                 Change Management
                                                                                Support Tasks
                                               Approvals, Security, Status

                                               Requirements Management                APSI
                                            Activities       Schedule
                                                                               Support History

                                                           Property         Messaging

2 Apr ‘08                                                                                        37
                                                    Shipbuilding Use Cases Mapped to AP239

• Standard Work Processes in PLCS (AP239) have been mapped to
  Shipbuilding Specific Use Cases
• All Shipbuilding Use Cases can be represented by DEXs in PLCS

   Life Cycle Support Business Process                                                                                                                              Application Activity Model (AAM)
           for Ship Acquisition                                                                                                                                           Diagram from AP239
 Ship                                                                                               Drawings &        Production
Contract                                                                                            Prod. Data

                     Define Ship
                  Support Approach                                                                                 Design Changes
                                                                     Detailed Design
                    (Use Case 18)

                                   Define ILS
                                                                                             Part Usage
                                  (Use Case 19)
                                                                                           (See Figure 6)
                  System Design    System Diagrams & Specs                             CWI
                                                                      Identification   Components

                                                                      (See Figure 3)

                            Supportability      Specs
                              and TOC
                            (Use Case 15)
                                                                                       Logistics Support         Logistics
                                                        Procurement       Components       Analysis              Data
                                                                                        (See Figure 5)
                Legend                                  Purchase
                                                                          VFI                                                          Logistics
                  Design / Eng                            Supplier                                                                     Products
                                                                                                                                       & Configuration
                                                                                                          Configuration Status         Baseline
                      ILS                                                                   Changes
                   Shipyard                                                                                  (See Figure 4)

                                                                                       Navy System          GFE                                 Ship
                                                                                        Supplier                                               Delivery

2 Apr ‘08                                                                                                                                                                                              38
                            Business Usage Scenarios
• This technology is applicable to a wide-range to scenarios
       –    Reuse within Navy
       –    Life cycle support
       –    Modernization & repair
       –    Co-design
       –    Co-production
• PLCS enables exchange of consistent design and logistics data
       – Typically design and logistics data separately
       – Logistics data often exchanged piece-meal
• Integrated exchange of design and logistics data supports
       –    Distance Support
       –    Regional Waterfront Integration
       –    ‘One Shipyard’ concept
       –    Efficient logistics product development
       –    Lifecycle Maintenance
       –    Operations

2 Apr ‘08                                                         39
                Example of an ILS Data Collection
    *FOT – Fuel Oil Transfer                                   Link Key

                        Ship               Ship Info Book      TMINS number

                       FOT* System         System Diagram      Drawing #, rev

                                                               TMINS number
                                           Tech Manual         Or ESWBS
                       FOT SubSystem
                                           3D Drawing          Drawing #, rev

                       FOT SubSystem       VFI Photo           Catalog part number

                                           VFI Product Sheet   Catalog part number
                                           VFI Quote           Catalog part number

   Today’s Demonstration:                  AP 214 File         Catalog part number
   • Exchange Components of Fuel Oil                           RIC
                                           Logistics Reports
     Transfer System
   • Equipment design and logistics data
   • Related logistics documents
2 Apr ‘08                                                                            40
                   PLCS Exchange: Functional Scenario

               Design                                                   Navy IDE
              (3D CAD Data)                                            (Design & Analysis)

                                    Data Prep & QA
                                    (Design, Logistics, & CAD)

                                                                 Shipyard B IDE
                                                                 (Design, Logistics, & CAD)

            Shipyard A IDE
             (Design & Logistics)

                                                                         Navy Depot
                                                                     (Design, Logistics, Support)

2 Apr ‘08                                                                                           41
                        AP239/PLCS (ISE-6) Demo Scenario

                                                     Design                      Navy IDE
                       2008                                                                  LEAPS
                                                                                       Navy Design & Analysis
                                   AP 227                                                    Repository

            CATIA         AP 227      ShipConstructor
            (V4 AEC)                         2006
                                                                      AP 214                  AP 239
                                                                          3D Design               Design & Logistics

                                                          Knowledge Management

     Shipyard A - IDE                       AP 239
                                                                      AP 239     Shipyard B - IDE
                                               Design & Logistics
                                                                        AP 214

                       AIM/SIR                            Design & Logistics,
                                                           including 3D Design           Teamcenter
                LPD 17 IPDE Software                                                   DDG 1000 IDE Software

2 Apr ‘08                                                                                                              42
                                      ISE-6 Phase 2

• Phase 2 of the ISE-6 Project will run from April
  2008 through March 2009
• S1000D is an international specification for the
  procurement and production of technical
       – It is an SGML/XML standard for preparing,
         managing, and using equipment maintenance and
         operations information
• The Navy has been working toward a new-
  generation of interactive technical manuals for
  deployment on-board ship
       – There has been pressure to move to the topic-based
         approach embodied in the S1000D standard but, to
         date, this migration has been only partially
• The next phase of ISE-6 will develop use cases for
  shipboard interactive technical documents that
  take advantage of the new capabilities of the
  S1000D standard

2 Apr ‘08                                                     43
                                  ISE Tools

• Tools developed by the ISE Project are made available on
  the Web at:
• These include:
       – Formal information requirements published
            •   Ship Piping
            •   Ship Structures
            •   Ship HVAC
            •   CPC Interfaces
            •   Electrical
       – Translator generators for custom representations
       – XML schema generators
            • ISO 10303-28 ed 2
       – Automated test frameworks for conformance testing
2 Apr ‘08                                                    44

• In order to increase the availability and lower the price of
  production ready computer systems:
       – The ship owner / operator needs to insist that data be delivered in a
         system neutral format
       – The shipbuilder needs to insist that robust STEP functionality be
         an integral part of computer software products
• The next challenge is to move this demonstrated technology
  into the mainstream and insure that the technology is mature
  enough to transition into commercial CAD, CAE, CAM,
  and PDM products
• Enabling interoperability throughout the ship’s life cycle is
  a major challenge in achieving the goals of NSRP
2 Apr ‘08                                                                    45

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