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									                                          Movie Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Anne Shirley and Me!
Movie: Anne of Green Gables

Subject: Social Studies

Brief description of Lesson: The student will view Anne of Green Gables video for the purpose of
learning and recording information about Anne Shirley’s way of life. Students will then compare
and contrast their way of life to Anne Shirley’s. Finally, students will orally present and share
examples of how they are alike and different from Anne Shirley.

Lesson GLE(s):
#50- Describe family life at a given time in history and compare it with present-day family life.
#51- Describe changes in community life, comparing a given time in history to the present.

Materials Needed: (including electronic templates):
   1. Anne of Green Gables movie (DVD or VHS)
   2. Questionnaire – Evidence of what students learn from viewing the movie. Students should
       collect and record new information learned using the questionnaire as they view the movie.
   3. Compare and Contrast Table- Students will use this assessment tool to compare and
       contrast how their way of life is similar and different from Anne Shirley’s way of life. This is
       also evidence of what students have learned and how that new information relates to their
       own lives.
   4. Oral Presentation Rubric- The teacher (and peers, too) can use this assessment tool to rate
       each student’s oral presentation performance. This rubric assesses students on the content
       of their presentation, voice clarity, loudness, eye contact, and gestures. Each student is
       responsible for presenting 2 examples that compare their way of life to Anne Shirley’s (1
       example of how they are alike and 1 example of how they are different.)
   5. Internet Website- (optional)
      This is the official website of Anne of Green Gables films by Sullivan Entertainment. Read up
       on character bios, look at pictures from each movie in the photo gallery, view videos and
       listen to music from the movie. This is a great way to “extend” your lesson and build on
       students’ interest in the Anne of Green Gables series.

Name: Shannon L. Mocanu
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