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									Bank Teller Manager Job Description

Bank teller manager job description and profile

The teller manager is the one who supposed to perform administrative functions of the
bank. He or she has the duty to ensure about all the customer transactions such as
deposits and withdrawals that all the transactions are entered and documented
precisely. He or she also has the duty to oversee the preparation of final records at the
end of the day. He or she has to review the balance sheets trial balance as well to ensure
that the accounts are balanced. In case of a discrepancy in accounts, the manager
investigates and rectifies the problem.

Bank teller manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities which a bank teller manager has to fulfill are as follows:

      He or she has the primary duty to oversee all the operations of the bank with
       regard to deposits and withdrawal
      He or she has the duty to ensure about the serials of all the drafts as well as
      He or she has to try for the nip discrepancies in the bud there therefore will have
       to check the balance sheets on regular basis.
      He or she has to be very sure about the effectiveness of customer service also.
      It will be the duty to take part actively in the strategy and policy planning.
      It will be needed to keep all the documents updated and upgraded.
      He or she has to oversee about the pay back of loans goes on as per schedule.
      The duty also includes the staff work so has to participate in hiring and firing of
       staff and will have to motivate the staff when needed.

Bank teller manager skills and specifications

The skills and specifications required in a candidate to do the job of a bank teller
manager are as follows:

      The candidate should have required thorough knowledge about financial records
       and accounting and the related sector.
      He or she should have the good computer skills and required basic computer
      It will be needed to have extraordinary analytical and observation skills to put a
       keen eye for detail
      He or she should be a very good communicator so should have excellent
       communication and negotiation skills
      The candidate should be able to handle and manage the staff so it requires
       exceptional motivational abilities with the trouble shooting skills.
      He or she needs to be able to work with high precision and under stressful
       conditions as well.
Bank teller manager education and qualifications

The education and qualifications required in the candidate to be a bank teller manager

      The basic degree required for the job is a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance
       and management
      It will be definitely added as an distinct advantage for the candidate to have
       some past working experience in the financial sector

Bank teller manager salary

The annual salary of a teller manager ranges between $35,000 and $48,000.

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