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					 Current Projects
 July 2012
   Description                                                      Status
Cancer Prevention and Control
Alliance for Reducing Cancer NW (ARC NW)                                                                Vicky Taylor (CDC, 9/09-9/14, $300,000/yr)
  Part of PRC Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network       Finalizing pilot project analyses (re: assessing clinic system characteristics
  (CPCRN), ARCNW conducts translational research related to        relevant to cervical cancer control among Latina women); ARC NW
  healthcare and workplace settings                                investigators leading two cross-center CPCRN research projects (re: CRC
                                                                   screening and FQHCs) data collection to begin late summer/early fall
American Cancer Society Technical Assistance Project                                               Jeff Harris (ACS, 9/09-8/12,$75,000/yr)
 Assist American Cancer Society Great West Division to      Conducted 21 interviews with representatives of federally qualified health
 implement two projects in 12 western states, one with      centers (FQHCs); analysis underway; developing tools for improving
 community health centers and one with employer aggregators cancer prevention at urban and rural FQHCs in WA, OR, CO, AZ
Colorectal Cancer Screening                                                                               Laura-Mae Baldwin (CDC, funding ended)
  Study of patient/provider colorectal cancer screening             Article in press at Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine
  discussions and decision-making
Follow-Up of Elevated PSA Tests Among AI/AN Men in Urban                                  Scott Ramsey (ASPH/CDC, 9/08-9/11, funding ended)
Health Clinics
  Study of barriers to care for American Indian/Alaska Native Project officially ended 9/30/11; final manuscript completed
  (AI/AN) urban men without adequate follow-up after abnormal
  PSA screening for prostate cancer
Long-Term Follow-Up of the Family and Cancer Therapy Selection                                     Scott Ramsey (CDC, 9/11-9/14, $266,616/yr)
(FACTS) Study Participants
  Conducting a long-term follow-up of localized prostate cancer  IRB approved, patient and partner survey designed
  patients and their partners leading to better understanding of
  how treatment choices influence outcomes for the couple
Ovarian Cancer Screening, Testing, and Management                                         Laura-Mae Baldwin (CDC, 9/07-9/10, funding endedr)
  Survey of family physicians, general internists, and gynecolo- Four papers published, one in press, three under review, one in draft form
  gists re: ovarian cancer screening, diagnosis, and management
WA Cancer Action Network Ambassadors                                                                              Jeff Harris (ACS, ongoing, in-kind)
 Led by the American Cancer Society, in collaboration with the      Testified in 2012 legislative session and met with key legislators re: a
 American Heart Assn. and the American Lung Assn., this group       tobacco tax increase; tax increase failed but tobacco program funding for
 educates the WA legislature about cancer prevention                state quitline restored
WA CARES (Comprehensive Cancer Control Partnership)                                                           Vicky Taylor ( (CDC, ongoing, in-kind)
 A statewide coalition that guides the WA DOH in cancer             Assisted DOH with comp cancer competitive renewal grant application;
 prevention and control, largely funded by CDC                      conducted informant interviews with Partnership stakeholders to obtain
                                                                    WA Plan feedback; continuing to collaborate with DOH re: evaluating
                                                                    integration of WA CARES with Healthy Communities
WA CARES About Cancer Partnership Projects                                                               Peggy Hannon (DOH, ongoing, $75,000/yr)
 Assist WA DOH with: evaluation of the overall WA CARES             Completed evaluation technical support for a community grantee re:
 Partnership, evaluation of the Partnership-funded community-       prostate cancer treatment and informed decision making; continuing to
 based projects re: prostate cancer treatment and informed          support Prostate and Skin Cancer Task Forces, and designing broader
 decision-making, and training to Healthy Communities grantees      scope of work and collaboration for 2012-13

Depression Management
Literature Review of Older Adult Emotional and Cognitive Health                                Mark Snowden (CDC, 5/08-9/09 funding ended)
    A systematic literature review of interventions to improve Manuscript published in JAGS April 2011 on the effect of physical activity
    older adult emotional and cognitive health, funded by the  interventions on cognition; manuscript for emotional health review received
    National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and CDC  CDC clearance and in process of PCD submission

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   Description                                          Status
 PEARLS Dissemination (Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives for Seniors)                      Mark Snowden (ongoing, in-kind)
    Working with local, state, and national partners to Facilitating monthly technical assistance (TA) conference calls with
    disseminate PEARLS, a depression management program PEARLS providers; new TA contract with LA County Dept of Mental
                                                        Health; met with King County PEARLS partners on April 20; revising
                                                        program brochure, toolkit and training materials, including video
 PEARLS Dissemination Study                                                                               Mark Snowden (CDC, 9/07-9/11, funding ended)
    In collaboration with Aging and Disability Services (ADS),             Submitted final technical report Dec 2011; preparing manuscripts on the
    testing an implementation management team (IMT) approach               IMT approach, reaching hard-to-reach populations, fidelity instrument, and
    to improve program reach to depressed older adults                     delivering PEARLS using interpreters; resubmitted PEARLS R01 03/05/12
 Fall Prevention
 Core Fall Prevention Project                                                                           Elizabeth Phelan (CDC, 9/09-3/12, funding ended)
    Testing at-scene intervention, delivered by EMTs responding            Manuscript in prep; “backer” diffusion survey in analysis phase for second
    to a 9-1-1 call for a fall, to educate about the preventability of     manuscript; grant proposal submitted to CDC for 2012 SIP RFA
    falls and fall-prevention resources, and encourage older
    adults to seek preventive care to reduce risk of future falls
 The Economics of Falls                                                                                                Elizabeth Phelan (ongoing, in-kind)
    Using a longitudinal dataset, evaluated the costs of fall-             Three published manuscripts; fourth manuscript submitted to Medical
    related injuries and the potential savings from fall prevention        Decision Making
 Falls Prevention Qualitative Study                                                                     Elizabeth Phelan (CDC, 9/06-9/10, funding ended)
     In-depth audience research with older adults enrolled in falls        Manuscript reporting physical activity program data under review at
     prevention programs and those who declined or dropped out             Journal of Primary Prevention
 Senior Falls Prevention                                                                                Elizabeth Phelan (WA DOH, 10/09-12/09, $33,000)
    Collaboration between ADSA/DSHS and WA State DOH to                    Revising manuscript for submission to Injury Prevention; program model
    pilot-test a program to prevent subsequent falls among elders          incorporated into intervention study for grant proposal submitted to NIH
    who went to emergency dept for a fall-related complaint
 Older Adult Health Promotion
 CDC Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN)                                                                      Basia Belza (CDC, 9/09-9/14, $286,000/yr)
   HPRC is the coordinating center of this PRC thematic                    Participating in the National Mobility Action Plan Concept Mapping Project;
   research network. Among other goals, HAN develops and                   conducting ongoing concept development and pilot work in community
   evaluates policies and programs that promote healthy aging.             way-finding; continuing work with new partners Easter Seals & Pan-
   Current focus areas are: brain health, mobility, nutrition,             American Health Organization; exploring project opportunities with Cancer
   environmental and policy change, and translation and                    Prevention and Control Research Network. National network meeting:
   evaluation. For more info, see:                         October 2- 4, 2012, Atlanta
 Enhance Wellness Dissemination (EW)                                                                                  Elizabeth Phelan (ongoing, in-kind )
    Partner with Senior Services to disseminate and evaluate               EW profiled on the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange website
    EW,an older adult client-directed health promotion program             (since October 27, 2010)
 Healthy Aging Partnership                                                                                                  Gwen Moni (ongoing, in-kind)
    Coalition of King County nonprofit and public organizations            Focus is “aging at home”; provided $18K in grants to four teams of older
    that collaborate to promote healthy aging                              adults to implement Aging at Home projects in their communities
 BEAMS: Built Environment, Accessibility, and Mobility Study                                                           Basia Belza (ongoing, in-kind)
   Home visits/interviews of adults aging with mobility disabilities Disseminating findings; developing policy briefs.
   to understand facilitators and barriers to the built environment

 Physical Activity
 EnhanceFitness Dissemination (EF)                                                                                          Basia Belza (ongoing, in-kind)
    Partner with Senior Services to disseminate and evaluate EF,           Tracking EF national reach and health outcomes; developing and piloting
    an evidence-based physical activity program for older adults           online EF instructor training modules; developing improved data entry and
                                                                           collection methods; and leading a quarterly EF Researchers Forum
 EnhanceFitness Evaluation (EF)                                                                          Basia Belza, Marlana Kohn (4/12-9/14; $250,000)
    Partner with Senior Services and national Y-USA to evaluate            Agreed on scope of work with Y USA; appointed a Project Advisory Group;
    local uptake of EnhanceFitness                                         applying to IRB; participating on Y Project Manager calls

HPRC Current Projects                                                    July 2012                                                              Page 2
   Description                                                         Status
 Physical Activity Policy Research Network                                                                            Sheryl Schwartz (ongoing, in-kind)
    A PRC national research network evaluating the impact of           Dori Rosenberg will begin participating in monthly network conference calls
    policies to increase physical activity among community members     Summer 2012
 Physical Activity Rapid Assessment Tool (RAPA)                                                                  Kristen Hammerback (ongoing, in-kind)
    Disseminating RAPA, an instrument to measure physical              Used in diverse national/ international research and community projects;
    activity among older adults                                        Web site collects user info and authorizes use; validation study completed
 WA Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (WCPPA)                                           Lesley Steinman (ongoing, in-kind)
   Supports local physical activity coalitions      HPRC continues to support listserv; participating in projects as needed
 Workplace Health Promotion
 Communities Putting Prevention to Work                                                                 Peggy Hannon (CDC, 7/10-2/12, funding ended)
   Funded by Public Health-Seattle & King County to promote            47 worksites completed HealthLinks workplace wellness program;
   healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco cessation at         completed 22 interviews with employer aggregators and wellness vendors;
   small worksites with ACS HealthLinks; working with the Puget        developed and disseminated tool to assist small employers in purchasing
   Sound Health Alliance to improve the health care purchasing         wellness services for employees; analyses complete; final reports
   environment for small employers                                     submitted to Public Health-Seattle & King County
 Community Transformation Grant                                                                           Peggy Hannon (CDC, 2/12-6/13, $300,000/yr)
   Funded by the WA DOH. HPRC and ACS will (a) deliver                 HealthLinks recruitment in Grays Harbor County ongoing; 7 companies
   HealthLinks to worksites in rural counties in WA State and (b)      enrolled; engaging in meetings with ACS and stakeholders to implement
   develop & implement a volunteer delivery model to expand            worksite and volunteer recruitment protocols; developing and testing
   HealthLinks’ reach                                                  volunteer training materials
 Increasing Evidence-Based Interventions at Low-Wage Worksites                                      Peggy Hannon (NCI, 7/12-6/17, $500,000/yr)
     Multi-phased study: develop/ pilot-test workplace readiness- Collaborating with VA to adapt tool to assess employers’ readiness to
     to-change tool; three-pronged RCT of ACS HealthLinks inter-  implement workplace health promotion and policies; preparing to conduct
     vention; measure immediate and longer-term effects on em-    “think-aloud” interviews with 15 employers to audience-test survey
     ployee health behavior; validate tool at low-wage worksites  measures
 National Dissemination of ACS Workplace Solutions                                              Peggy Hannon (CDC, 9/09-3/12, funding ended)
    Partner with the American Cancer Society to develop and      Manuscript being revised for American Journal of Preventive Medicine;
    pilot-test approaches to increasing the dissemination of ACS manuscript underway describing results from national survey of mid-sized,
    Workplace Solutions to mid-sized, low-wage workplaces        low-wage employers assessing current workplace health promotion
                                                                 practices, needs, and barriers
 Promoting Employee and Couple Health (PEACH)                                                           Peggy Hannon (NIH, 7/10-6/12, funding ended)
    Develop an approach for and determine the feasibility of            Manuscript in press describing results of 5 focus groups with mid-sized,
    including employees’ partners as a dissemination strategy for       low-wage employers; manuscript in press analyzing nationwide employer
    Workplace Solutions                                                 survey results; developing manuscript describing interviews with 42
                                                                        couples re: behavior and attitudes around workplace health promotion
 Worksite Immunization Project                                                     Jeff Harris (CDC, 9/09-9/12, 175,000 yr1, $269,000 yr2, $250,000 yr3)
   Evaluating the feasibility of increasing worksite adult              Completed in-depth interviews w/ employers and analyzing data; analysis
   vaccinations, using key informant interviews, a survey, and a        underway of national phone survey of 583 large employers; planning 7
   pilot study                                                          focus groups with restaurant owners and workers; developing materials
                                                                        and measures for fall 2012 pilot with 10-20 restaurants

 Other Projects
 Examining Cognitive Impairment on Co-Occurring Chronic Diseases                              Snowden, Fitzpatrick (CDC, 9/10-9/13, $200,00/yr)
    Three-phase study: 1) systematic literature review, 2) data- 1) Lit review screening and article abstraction completed; expert panel will
    base inventory, and 3) secondary data analysis based on      complete evidence rating in June 2012 after 3 phone mtgs; 2) Contacting
    information from phases 1 and 2                              DB owners to review inventory; advisory panels will meet Summer 2012;
                                                                 3) literature and DB gaps to be identified Summer 2012
 Fire Prevention Evaluation                                                                      Allen Cheadle (CDC, 9/09-12/11, funding ended)
     Evaluate a program to increase the number of homes in high- Fire departments completed Community Risk Reduction projects; final
     risk neighborhoods with working smoke alarms and provide    report has been submitted to CDC
     residents with fire safety info; implemented in 5 cities

HPRC Current Projects                                                July 2012                                                                Page 3
   Description                                                  Status
 Global Health Systems Strengthening: Partnership Frameworks                                       Scott Barnhart (CDC 9/10 -9/14, $217,000 yr)
    Helping USG and partner countries monitor implementation of We are holding workshops in eastern Africa and Miami (for Caribbean and
    policy initiatives under Partnership Frameworks, agreements Central American regions) in 2012 with country teams (representatives of
    between PEPFAR countries and USG                            USG, host governments, and civil society) to strengthen local capacity to
                                                                monitor progress on priority policy goals
 Global Health Systems Strengthening: Uganda PEPFAR effects on health system                Scott Barnhart (CDC 9/10 -9/14, $600,000 yr 2)
    Investigating impact of PEPFAR on delivery of non-HIV Data from 315 health facilities across Uganda are being collected, using 12
    health services in Uganda 2005 -2010; partnering with Ugandan professionals who scan data forms at each site and forward them
    Makerere University and the Ministry of Health        to Makerere U.; district-level data were collected Oct. through Nov., 2011
 Healthy Communities Partnership                                                                    Jeff Harris, Peggy Hannon, (CDC, 10/10-2/12, in-kind)
    DOH and the Association of Washington Businesses formed              In conjunction with the Partnership steering committee, we developed a
    a public/private partnership to promote healthy communities,         program funded by the Community Transformation Grant to deliver ACS
    with a focus on worksites and schools                                HealthLinks to mid-sized and small employers in rural WA counties
 Institute of Medicine Committee on Living Well with Chronic Disease                                       Jeff Harris (CDC, 1/11-1/12, in-kind)
     One-year study, funded by CDC and the Arthritis Foundation, Final meeting was in September 2011; full report was published April 2012
     to summarize what’s known about preventing further chronic
     disease among those who are already chronically ill
 Managing Epilepsy Well (MEW)                                                                                  Bob Fraser (CDC, 8/09-9/12, $133,000/yr)
    PRC national thematic research network partners include UW           Finished 4 (of 6) group intervention trials; finalizing manuscript that
    Depts. of Rehabilitation Medicine and Neurology, the                 compares professional and consumer perspectives; completed
    Epilepsy Foundation, and Swedish Hospital Neurosciences;             collaborative RCT of a depression prevention intervention with Emory
    developed a consumer-generated self-management model;                University; manuscript in preparation; dissemination activities with network
    recruiting participants for an RCT to evaluate outcomes              partners are ongoing in the form of manuscripts and webinars
 Marketing & Tailoring Hypertension Control via 911 Responders                                 Hendrika Meischke (CDC, 9/06-9/10, funding ended)
    Testing effectiveness of direct mail intervention to increase Outcome paper in preparation, intervention adapted by King County EMS
    blood pressure monitoring among high-risk people              for at-scene patient education by firefighters/EMTs
 Native Women’s Wellness                                                                                  Dedra Buchwald (CDC, 9/10-9/14, $275,000/yr)
    Testing the efficacy of a culturally tailored Contingency            ReceivedIRB approvals and established sub-contracts; installed a data
    Management intervention to promote cigarette abstinence              mining tool at one clinical site; developed train-ing materials for
    and weight loss among A/I & A/N women of reproductive age            interventionists, and started recruitment at one clinical site
 Nutrition & Obesity Policy and Evaluation Research Network (NOPREN)                                     Donna Johnson (CDC, 9/09-9/14, $70,000/yr)
    PRC national thematic research network of academic, public       Collecting data for studies on local healthy vending guidelines and healthy
    health, agriculture, and community stakeholders to plan and      food retail in WA; co-leading NOPREN’s rural food access working group
    conduct research that will inform the policy activities of state and collecting data for a pilot “concept mapping” project with national
    and local nutrition and obesity prevention programs              colleagues; submitting manuscripts re: a feasibility study of healthy food
                                                                     access policies and a case study of cross-sector advocacy efforts; a paper
                                                                     on applying policy development theory to local menu labeling accepted in
                                                                     the NOPREN supplement of American Journal of Preventive Medicine
 Oregon PRC Research Advisory Committee                                                                                 Jeff Harris (ongoing, in-kind)
    Advises the Center for Healthy Communities, which is the         Attend quarterly meetings
    PRC at Oregon Health & Science University
 Translating Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools                                            Donna Johnson (CDC, 2/10-9/11, funding ended)
    Analyzing and disseminating effective strategies for school Submitted final draft of guide to CDC 11/27/10; document now in CDC
    nutrition policies                                          review/clearance process; will provide feedback to CDC as requested
 WA Tobacco Program Design and Evaluation Advisory Group                                                           Jeff Harris (ongoing, in-kind)
   Advises on programmatic direction and evaluation activities of Chairing the committee, which held annual meeting in November 2011 to
   the WA DOH Tobacco Prevention and Control Program              review progress; program had quitline funding restored for FY 2012-2013

HPRC Current Projects                                                 July 2012                                                                Page 4

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