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									South London Society of Architects
Minutes of the Committee Meeting held Tuesday 8 June 2010 from 7.00pm at RFH

Dagmar Binsted (Chair)                              DB
Christopher Binsted (Secretary)                     CB
Peter Deakins (Committee)                           PD

Edward Potter (Treasurer)                           EP
Colin Munsie (Committee)                            CM
Kate Cheyne                                         KC
Marina Adams                                        MA

1.   Chair’s Report / Recent Events / Feedback
     a)   Report from London Region and RIBA council: DB gave a brief overview. There had now been much
          coverage in the press and involvement from HQ and a new Chair was to be elected.
     b)   Feedback from recent talks and speakers: DB said overall attendance numbers were falling as architects
          were being made redundant and old contact details became redundant. PD said means of
          communicating needed improvement. DB said this relied on RIBA London. CB noted the range of
          speakers may need review.
     c)   Tuesday 13.04.10 Tony Day – update on urban wind turbine trials. This talk was given by Tony Day’s
          colleague Stephen Dance. It was informative and interesting. The speaker was really engaging.
     d)   Tuesday 11.05.10 Paul Wilkinson – social networking. This talk was well attended and explained not just
          media but how to make the best use of them. Very useful.

2.   Treasurer’s Report / Financial Status
     a)   2010 student prize logged in accounts. CB awaited confirmation that the £750 Discretionary Grant had
          been received in the accounts.
     b)   State of reserves compared to London Region grant distribution. CB had prepared and issued a 3-page
          letter to the London Region Treasurer accompanied by SLSA account summary to set out SLSA’s
          position and claim the funds for the Discretionary Grant. With more or less £2,000 in the account SLSA
          could not receive the Membership Grants.
            i)    This was the network on which SLSA had established their community web presence.
                  Membership participation was increasing, approx. 70 members. Committee agreed that it was an
                  effective method to communicate events, discussion and assistance between members.
           ii)    DB tabled the potential costs from Ning which would in future charge an annual subscription: Ning
                  Mini $19.95 p.a.; Ning Plus $199.95 p.a.; Ning Pro $499.95 p.a. Ning Mini would be limited to 150
                  members with reduced features and controls.
           iii)   Ning Plus was felt the most suited which retained controls, flexibility and unlimited membership.
                  CB noted this allowed a future platform for revenue from advertising.
           iv)    DB said in the short term SLSA had sufficient funds and this could be reviewed each year. PD
                  was generally supportive though noted that such networking sites were one of many and people
                  may or may not use them, may lose interest.
            v)    CB felt the matter should go to the wider community. An email was sent after the meeting.
          vi)     The decision was to proceed and subscribe to Ning Plus for $199.95 p.a. and review
                  annually (at the summer committee). The annual renewal date was August 2011.

3.   Forthcoming Events
     a)   Talks and events for 2010 dates:

           i)     29.06. 2010 LSBU student prizes. Potential judges were considered and it was felt best to
                  approach practices whose contacts had been made previously to cement relations.
                  Attached is the report from the Prize Assessment and the Winners images. The latter will
                  be posted on SLSA net.
          ii)     13.07.2010 planned workshop on presentation techniques by Santa Raymond. This has been
                  cancelled by the speaker with apologies and it is hoped to re-plan for 2011.
          iii)    14.09.2010 contacted Marc Vlessing from Pocket developments. CB was arranging.
          iv)     12.10.2010 Committee. DB hoped the committee would increase in size involving new people.
          v)      09.11.2010 Austin Williams to chair a panel discussion on Urbanism. DB had arranged for Austin
                  Williams to chair and had been building a list for potential panellists and questions. Committee
                  was asked to consider people to approach.
          vi)     14.12.2010 Christmas Party. Cafe on Level 2 Tate Modern had been booked for the last two
                  events. Committee asked to consider alternative venues.

     b)   Ideas for next year’s events. Committee was asked to propose ideas for talks, speakers to
     c)   SLSA presence within RIBA London website. RIBA London Region would manage this new facet of
           RIBA website and monitor/update as required, for example records of meetings could be uploaded. CB
           to coordinate.
     d)   Succession of SLSA offices – how can we build a strategy for this? DB said it was important to consider
           succession. Importantly this would bring new ideas, initiatives and energy to SLSA as well as potentially
           broadening its appeal and building upon the success of the last few years.
     e)   Financial strategy for next year linked to alternative venues like e.g. Jerwood Space. DB noted the link
           with LSBU was hugely beneficial but should not preclude use of other venues in the community.
           Committee was asked to propose alternatives. Committee felt RFH was the best for meetings as it
           was central and well connected to public transport.

4.   Matters for Information
     South London Society of Architects Calendar 2010
     Meeting the second Tuesday of each month, usually from 7.30pm – 9.00pm, venues to be arranged
     a)    Tuesday 29.06.10 LSBU student prize giving
     b)    Tuesday 13.07.10 Santa Raymond – presentation techniques and public speaking – cancelled.
     c)    Tuesday 10.08.10 summer break
     d)    Tuesday 14.09.10 Mark Vlessing – Pocket Living
     e)   Tuesday 12.10.10 Committee
     f)   Tuesday 09.11.10 Austin Williams & Co - urbanism
     g)   Tuesday 14.12.10 Christmas Party

5.   Any Other Business
     a)   General discussion on the Dulwich Estate and 20 Century Housing.

6.   Distribution
     a)   RIBA Website, Dagmar Binsted , Christopher Binsted, Peter Deakins, Kate Cheyne, Ed Potter, Marina
          Adams, Colin Munsie, Tony Brohn.
     b)   RIBA London Website.

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