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September 12, 2012

Planning Commission Member
City Planning Commission
Duluth City Hall
Duluth, MN 55802

Dear Member:

President Wedin has called the regular meeting of the Planning Commission for 5:00 p.m. Wednesday,
September 24, 2003, in the third floor Council Chambers of Duluth City Hall. The field trip to view the sites
is scheduled for 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 24, 2003, commencing from the Second Street
entrance of City Hall.

The Tax Forfeit Committee will meet at 4:15 p.m. Wednesday, September 24, 2003, in the large Urban
Development Conference Room (402) to review applications. (See New Business for details.) The Tax Forfeit
Committee members are President Wedin, Chair Rand, and Commissioners DeGrio, Hinzmann, Koneczny, and

  I.     5:00 p.m. Call to Order.

II.      Roll Call.

III.     Public Hearings

        The Planning Commission promotes the use and adherence of the tools of civility in conducting the
business of the Commission. The tools of civility will provide increased opportunities for civil discourse in
order to find positive resolutions to the issues that face the city. These tools include: Pay attention, listen, be
inclusive, do not gossip, show respect, be agreeable, apologize, give constructive criticism and take

         A.      F.N. 03113, A Water Resources Management Ordinance variance and special use permit
                 request from Living Stones Fellowship for the filling, impacting, and mitigation of 5,150 square
                 feet of Type 6 and Type 7 wetlands. The proposal calls for the construction of a church building
                 and parking area at the northwest corner of Myrtle Street and Basswood Avenue.

         B.      F.N. 03114, A Water Resources Management Ordinance special use permit from Northland
                 Country Club for grading, filling, and excavating approximately 5,000 cubic yards in a
                 Recreational Development Shoreland Zone of 40th Avenue East Creek. The proposal calls for
                 the enlargement and reconfiguration of the practice facility on property located at 3901 East
                 Superior Street.

         C.      FN 03115, A Preliminary Plat Approval request from the Housing and Redevelopment
                 Authority for "Hawk Ridge Estates," a rearrangement of 127 platted lots into 118 lots for
                 residential development on 55.34 acres of property located between Kingston Alley and Skyline
                 Parkway, east of 52nd Avenue East in Lakeside.

         D.      F.N. 03116, A “C-5" Plan Review request from Larry Schneiderman for the construction of

                                    CITIZENS AND GOVERNMENT WORKING TOGETHER
                                    ITS QUALITY OF LIFE AND CONTINUE TO PROSPER
PC 09/24/03 - 2

                  a furniture store with 45,000 square feet of showroom space, 5,000 square feet of storage
                  space, and 150 parking stalls. The project is proposed for a 4.99-acre parcel located south of
                  Village Mall and west of Decker Road.

  IV.     Consideration of Minutes

          Minutes for July 8, 2003 and July 23, 2003 (included in the packet or faxed).

   V.     Communications

  VI.     Old Business

          A.      F.N. 02038, A preliminary plat review for “Sackette Addition.” The proposal calls for the
                  creation of 13 residential lots and 2 Outlots on 6.86 acres located at the west end of Denim
                  Drive. (Tabled 06/11/03)

          B.      F.N. 03092, A rezoning petition from the Independent Apostolic Lutheran Church, to
                  reclassify from R-1-b Residential to C-5 Planned Commercial, approximately 3 acres of land
                  located at 1341 Sundby Road (east side), between Maple Grove Road and Page Street. The
                  proposal is to rezone to enhance the resale of the church property. (Tabled 08/27/03)

          C.      F.N. 03087, A rezoning petition from the City of Duluth and Easy Housing of Duluth, Inc.,
                  to reclassify from “S” Suburban to “R-1-b” Single Family Residential, 6.50 acres of land
                  located south of Peary Street between 105th and 107th Avenues West in Gary-New Duluth.
                  This is to allow for residential development. (Tabled 08/27/03)

          D       F.N. 03088, A preliminary plat review request from the City of Duluth and Easy Housing of
                  Duluth, Inc., for approval of “Birchwood Acres,” a replatting of Blocks 102 and 103 and
                  Outlot C, Home Park Division New Duluth to create 20 single family lots. (Tabled

          E       F.N. 03089, A vacation petition from the City of Duluth and Easy Housing of
                  Duluth, Inc., to vacate 105th, 106th, and 107th Avenues West between Peary and
                  Heard Streets, the alleys in Blocks 102 and 103, Home Park Division New Duluth,
                  and Heard Street West from 105th Avenue West to end near 107th Avenue West.
                  (Tabled 08/27/03)
 VII.     Reports of Officers and Committees

          Miscellaneous Reports

VIII.     New Business

          Tax Forfeit Committee:

          A.      FN 03117, A request from the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) to reclassify
                  the following four lots south of Lester Street, between 52nd and 54th Avenues East in
                  Lakeside from “conservation” to “nonconservation status” and to release this land from the
                  “withheld from sale,” category:
                          i.) Crosley Park Addition. Block 159, Lots 2250 and 2251.
                         ii.) Crosley Park Addition, Block 160, Lots 2264 and 2265.
                  HRA plans to purchase this land for inclusion in the Hawk Ridge Estates Development.

          B.      F.N. 03122, A request from the City of Duluth for the reconveyance of City-title, tax
                  forfeited land to the State of Minnesota in preparation for sale to DEDA as part of the
                  Lakewalk Townhomes project. This property is located near 25th Avenue East between
                  South and Water Streets and legally described as follows:

                        i.)   Endion Division, Block 1, Lot 7 except the part NWly of NEly extension of
                              SEly line of Lot 6 and Lots 10 through 13.

Planning Commission                                      2
September 24, 2003
PC 09/24/03 - 3

                       ii.)   Endion Division, Block 2, Lot 9 except the NWly 25 feet and Lot 11 except
                              the NWly 25 feet.

  IX.     Other Business
          Discussion of Ordinance 03-041 O, “Designated Area Development” special use permits.
   X.     Adjournment,

          Michael Conlan

Planning Commission                                    3
September 24, 2003

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