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									Oregon Department of Education                            Office of Student Learning & Partnerships
255 Capitol Street NE                                                          September 11, 2008
Salem, OR 97310

TO:      LTCT and Hospital Education Program Business Managers and Contract Administrators

FROM: Steven W. Smith, Director of Interagency Educational Services & IDEA Data

RE:      Invoicing for 2008-2009 Client Services Contracts

We are beginning the second year of your 2007-2009 biennial contracts. In an effort to clarify the
expectations for invoicing, budgets, and expenditure reports, we have prepared the following
guidance. This document outlines elements of ODE Procurement policy and specific contract
reporting dates to help ensure timely processing of all paperwork and payments.

All contractors must have an ODE approved indirect cost rate prior to approval of any payment on
this contract. Indirect Costs are established at an approved rate as determined by ODE. For
information on the process to identify the district’s approved indirect cost rate with the Department,
or for contact information for verification of the district’s approved indirect rate, go to
http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/results/?id=150 , Office of Finance and Administration and click
on Accounting Services. If your district does not have an approved indirect cost rate, see the
instructions      for     “Procedures          for       Indirect     Rate        Certification”   at
http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/results/?id=195 .

As per contract, the contractor shall not enter into any subcontracts for any of the Work required
by the contract without the prior written consent of ODE. (See contract for details). If the district
has an approved subcontractor providing services, a copy of the interagency agreement and/or
other contractual arrangement documents must be submitted with the 2008-2009 Service Plan,
due October 15, 2008.
                            INVOICING FOR 2008-2009

Maximum Compensation information is located in Exhibit C on the respective contracts; Exhibit C
includes information on the compensation and expense reimbursement process and a list of the
reports due with the quarterly invoices.

Identified below is information needed to appropriately invoice for payment. The identified
“Deliverables” must be submitted in order for ODE to process payment.

On payment dates identified in the contract, send required invoices and deliverables to ODE, to
the attention of the Contract Administrator (see chart on page 3):

      Due Date                                              Deliverables
     Contract     As specified in   1. Revised Budget for remaining contract period
     Effective     the contract     2. Letter of explanation of any changes to budget
     Date                           3. 08-09 Indirect Cost Rate Certification

     October      As specified in   1. October 2008 Invoice
     2008          the contract     2. 5th Quarter Expenditure Report (July 2008 – September
                                    3. 2008-2009 Service Plan
                                    4. Enrollment report
     January      As specified in   1. January 2009 Invoice
     2009          the contract     2. 6th Quarter Expenditure Report (October 2008 – December
                                    3. Enrollment report

     April 2009   As specified in   1. April 2009 Invoice
                   the contract     2. 7th Quarter Expenditure Report (January 2009 – March
                                    3. Enrollment report
     July 2009    As specified in   1. July 2009 Invoice
                   the contract     2. Final Expenditure Report (April 2009 – June 2009)
                                    3. Enrollment report
Contact information for CONTRACT ADMINISTRATORS
            If you have any questions you can contact Beth Blumenstein, 503-947-5617 or
             beth.blumenstein@state.or.us. She will direct your question to the appropriate
            Invoicing: Pam Williams. Phone 503-947-5681 or e-mail pam.williams@state.or.us
            Payment status on submitted invoices: Pam Williams. Phone 503-947-5681 or
             pam.williams@state.or.us .


Submitted invoices must:
    1.  Clearly state the word “INVOICE”
    2.  Include contractor/agency name, address and phone number
    3.  Identify the contract number
    4.  Identify payment schedule invoice due date from contract. NOTE: Payment schedule due
        date is the same as the quarterly expenditure reports (e.g. use “October 2008 Payment” not
        “1st Quarter Invoice”)
    5. Delineate specific work or deliverable being billed as per the terms of the contract
    6. Identify
                 a. total contract amount (maximum compensation identified in the contract)
                 b. amount previously billed
                 c. amount of current billing
                 d. contract balance
    7. Be an original document
    8. Include all necessary LEA signatures (original signatures only, no faxes or e-mails)
    9. Include contact name and number of person handling billing
    10. Be submitted by mail, not by e-mail

    Please note: Expenditure Reports and Budgets must have the signature of the authorized
    LEA/ESD official and contact phone number.

    Contract deliverables need to be attached to the original invoice document:
          ATTN: [insert Contract Administrator name]
          Oregon Department of Education
          255 Capitol Street NE
          Salem, OR 97310-0203
                                                   SAMPLE INVOICE
[Your Company Name]                                                                          INVOICE
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]                                                                                 INVOICE #[100]
Phone [(509) 555-0190] Fax [(509) 555-0191]                                               DATE: SEPTEMBER 12, 2012

TO:                                                            HOSPITAL PROGRAM
Hospital, Contract Administrator                                        Contract # 9999
Oregon Department of Education                              Payment Period:    October 2008 Invoice
Office of Student Learning & Partnerships
255 Capitol St, NE
Salem, OR 97310-0203

                                  DESCRIPTION                                                AMOUNT

Contract Amount:                 $ ……………                                      (or
amended contract amount)
Amount Previously Billed:        $..............
October 2008 Payment:            $ XYZ (based on contract payment schedule)                              $ XYZ
Contract Balance:                $.............

Attachments: July 1 – September 30, 2008 Expenditure Report
               2008-2009 Service Plan (additional copy submitted
                Electronically to ODE)

                                                                    BALANCE DUE                          $ XYZ

Make all checks payable to (Your Agency Name and address)
If you have any questions concerning this invoice, contact [Name, phone number, e-mail]

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