Minutes of PTA Meeting by g5dV1FFY


									        Minutes of PTA Meeting
                                     Thursday 19th April 2012

Present:       Margaret Jackson (MJ), Rob Hughes (RH), Sarah Dixon (SD), Tricia Birch (TB),
Catherine Jackson (CJ), Rachel Cole (RC); Nicky Whitehead (NW)

Apologies: Diana O’Connor (DO’C)

    1. Minutes/Action Points from last meeting

       Previous minutes agreed as accurate. Most action points picked out in main agenda –
        others below.

       Questionnaire sent out but only 8 replies. This is not statistically significant and it is difficult
        to form any conclusions. One volunteer to help with summer fair.

    2. Finance Update

        Balance approx £5100 – down from last month due to invoice for furniture and books.

        AGM will be on Thursday 10 May at 3.30pm in the school hall to try to encourage others
        to attend.

    3. March/April events – report back

       Mothers Day Gifts – children enjoyed event but concern expressed whether the teachers
        found this too disruptive. MJ to ask staff about this and whether Father’s Day gifts should
        go-ahead. MJ to feedback to PTA.

       Easter Egg hunt – same as for Mothers Day gifts. MJ to ask staff and feedback to PTA.
             - profit from hunt to be confirmed and split between CAFOD & PTA to be decided

    4. School Fayre – 19th May – Olympic theme agreed

       Reptiles, and Rotary Balloons booked
       Raffle tickets ordered
       Climbing wall & archery organised – letter re timed slot allocation, sponsorship and height            DO’C/CJ
        target for each class to be sent out
       Tea/coffee stall – confirm if teachers can do this and buy all necessary refreshments                    MJ
       Children’s food – possibility that teachers could do this stall                                          MJ
       50/50 – confirm if Mr Jolliffe can do this                                                               MJ
       Plant stall – confirm if Helen & Robbie Stewart can do this                                              RH
       Barry Mac Disco – agreed to book
       Bouncy castle – RC has one that is suitable for 4 small children. Agreed to use so young
        children have an activity
       Potting Shed stall – possible activity for children                                                    NW/ SD
       Novelty cakes – possibly from Nikki Bostock or Leah Budworth                                             CJ
       Sumo wrestling suits – could hire these as fun activity for adults                                       CJ
       St John’s Ambulance – needs to be booked                                                               CJ/DO’C
       Gazebos – confirm if these should be bought from Makro                                                   CJ
       Wet weather plan – CJ to send to MJ for confirmation that this is suitable                               MJ
       Risk assessment – can use last year’s one. MJ to send to CJ.                                            DO’C
       Counting machine – possible that DO’C might be able to borrow one

        Request – can this event be communicated to pre-school too as they are often
       Non-uniform days to collect goods for Summer Fair – agreed:-
       Friday 4 May – bottles
       Friday 11 May – bottles
       Friday 18 May – cakes
       MJ to send out letter re asking for volunteers to help with the summer fair. Dates of non-
       uniform days to be included in this letter or in newsletter.

   5. June/July events
    Fathers day gifts – to be confirmed whether this will go-ahead                                      MJ
    Olympic quiz –
         o Food sorted in principle. Caterer will do 2 curries (1 veg, 1 meat), starters and
               sides. Will cost £5 per head. Rob Milligan to do food – (MJ confirmed this on             MJ
               23/4/12 and Rob Milligan has asked for an indication of numbers 2 weeks before
               with confirmed numbers a week before event).
           o   Charge £10 per ticket which will include first drink
           o   Plan 5 rounds quiz, then food, then further 5 rounds
           o   Notification to go out once most summer ball tickets sold

                                      th
       Summer ball – Date set for 15 June. Final request for tickets sent out and needs to be            CJ
       returned by 27 April. If there is not sufficient interest (sale of ~50 tickets) then this event
       will be cancelled but currently looking favourable.
                 - CJ to email MJ re asking teachers and governors if they wish to attend

   6. Any other business

      Confirmation of procedure for sending out letters from PTA:-
            - Letters should be sent out from school preferably on a Thursday or Friday                  ALL
            - If possible the week before, please email letter/ reminder slip to MJ for approval and
            cc Rob Hughes
            - MJ will answer email or forward to Collette Burrows
            - PTA to photocopy the letters, put into class bundles (as done already) and leave in
            the office to be sent out on the following Thursday or Friday.

            - NB. Copy of Summer Fayre letters to be sent to Pre-school as well

Date of next meeting: AGM on Thursday 10th May at 3.30pm at School Hall.

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