M1L4 TPE first meeting plus lecture by O5XwpfV


									                 PAF 101
                      Module 1, Lecture 4

Team Building Video
Class Agenda
 Module Questions
 TPE topic
Who is new to class?
   Attend office hours immediately
   following class; they will help you get
   caught up.
A Freshmen Leadership
 Megan Baron- Recruitment Chair

   Application closes Thursday
          September 13
Extra Credit Speaker Opportunities!
Receive extra credit by attending any speech related to Public
*After the event, fill out the Extra Credit Speaker Evaluation
Form, which is located under the Extra Credit tab on the PAF
101 website:

You may receive up to 3 points per event that you attend.
5 events X 3 points per event = 15 possible points
       *These 15 points can make the difference between an A- or a B+!*
                        Blood Drives
• Donating blood counts for 3 extra credit points. To receive the
  credit you MUST:
   1.   Submit a separate blood drive form. This is found under the Extra
        Credit tab on the PAF 101 website.
   2.   You must give proof of your donation to either myself or to your TA.

   *You may only receive credit for donating blood twice*

   * If you are denied because of health problems, you may still
        complete the form and receive extra credit, however, you
        may only do this once*
        How extra credit works!
• After you complete the on-line form within 48
  hours, I will send you an email letting you
  know that I received it and the number of
  points that you received.

• If you do NOT receive an email within 48
  hours, please contact Wendy as soon as
  possible to ensure that you get your points!
    Use the links provided below to find
•   http://www.dailyorange.com/
•   http://syr.edu/news/
•   http://suevents.syr.edu/main.php
•   http://www.maxwell.syr.edu/calendar.aspx
  Do you know of other Extra Credit
• If you are involved in a campus organization or
  know of a speech that the class could attend,
  please contact me!

                 Wendy Feng
Module One
  Team Policy Exercise (TPE)
    A 50 point group exercise that will be
    introduced this class.

  Exercises 1.1 – 1.5 on following slides
  for 75 points due at the end of the
Team Policy Exercise Project
Wednesday 9/5:    Assignment 1 due by end of

Friday 9/7 :      Meet in TPE Groups, Write TPE
                  rough draft of Assignment
                  #2 due by end of class.
Monday 9/10:      Meet in TPE Groups, Bring
                  Assignment #2 for all group
                  members. 1 typed copy due
                  in Maxwell 102 at 4:00pm!
Wednesday 9/12:   TPE Debriefing and Sign
TPE Topic
  Too many SU underage students
  are drinking alcohol
  Go to download and under Mod 1, look
  at both the TPE directions and
  information on Alcohol
Negative Outcomes
   Sexual Abuse
   Unsafe Sex
   Academic Problems
TPE Assignment
  Write a memo to Thomas V. Wolfe,
  Senior Vice President of Student Affairs
  proposing a policy to reduce underage
  drinking among SU students
  Use the 3cskills.org skills pages on
  teamwork to learn how to be a good
  team member
WARNING !!!!!!
  Last semester, the average grade for
  the reference page on Module 1,
  Exercise 1.5 was an F.

  STUDENTS LOST 5 of 10 points on
   Email your TA by 8 PM TONIGHT or Lose 5 Points
   APA Homework due Friday 9/7 or Lose 5 Points –
   Click Module One on Website
   Keep working on your Module 1 Paper; due Friday
   Meet in TPE Groups, TPE Assignment #1 is due by
   end of class
   Think about and study SU Alcohol Policy
   For Friday, 9/7 come right to your group location

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