Document Sample
					                                       DETAILS OF TENDER


1.    Details of work to be done       :     Interior/Furnishing & Allied
                                             electrical works for the furnishing of
                                             UCO Bank Branch at HANSI, Distt. Hissar

2.    Form of contract                 :     Item wise rate

3.    Earnest Money                    :     Rs.11000/- (Eleven thousand only)
                                             in form of Demand draft in favour of
                                             UCO Bank, payable at Chandigarh.

4.    Period of contract/              :     4 Weeks
      time of Completion

5.    Last date & time for receiving   :     15.03.2012 at 3.00 P.M.
      of sealed tender

6.    Liquidated damages for non       :     1.0% of the contract value per week
      completion of work in time             subject to a max of 10% contract

7.    Defect Liability period          :     12 months ( twelve months) from the
                                             date of virtual completion as
                                             certified by Architect/employer.

8.    Retention amount for 12 months :       8% of the total bill.

9.    Period of submitting of          :     15 days form the date of completion.
      Final bill.

10.   Mobilization Advance/            :     No. Mobilization Advance/secured
      Secured Advance                        Advance will be given to the

11.   Place and date of opening        :      ZONAL OFFICE UCO Bank., Sec. 17-B, Chandigarh.
                                           SCO 55-56-57
12.   Cost of Tender Document          :     Rs. 1000/- in form of Demand draft in favour of
                                             UCO Bank, payable at Chandigarh.

                                      OFFICE OF THE
                               DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER
                         UCO BANK, Z.O. S.C.O. NO. 55-57, 1st FLOOR,
                           SECTOR 17-B, CHANDIGARH - 160017

      NOTE:- An Draft of Amounting Rs. 1000-00 must be attached with Tender
             Document otherwise your application will not be accepted.


1.    The contractor shall sign each page of this tender.

2.    Payment to the contractor Agency shall be made as per actual work done of site.

3.    Quantity of work may increase of decease of the site as per requirement, which shall not
      affect the rates quoted by the contractor.

4.    Furnishing works including electrical works etc. shall be done to the complete satisfaction of
      Bank and architect-in-charge.

5.    All teak/cedar wood/rubber wood to be used should be knotless which is to be polished with
      all background surface preparation course maintaining the visibility of wood grains.

6.    The rates to be quoted shall include the cost of material, labour charges, carriage, sales tax,
      or any/all other taxes any required hardware etc.

7.    The contractor agency shall keep particular vigil on his workers/carpenters/ painters etc. to
      maintain very good workmanship of all items, failing which no payment shall be made and
      no claim of material/labour used shall be made to him in any case, and the same work shall
      be executed by him again without charging any extra cost.

8.    All rates shall be quoted in words & figures & any cutting over writing shall be signed.

9.     All items to be executed as per drawing, if any change is required, the same shall be brought
      to the notice of architect-in-charge.

10.   Any tender/quotation containing clerical or arithmetical mistakes shall be rejected.

11.   Any addition, alteration or correction shall be signed and stamped properly.

12.   Contractor agencies are advised (before quoting the rates) to inspect the site of the proposed
      work. He must go through all drawings and specifications and documents.

13.   The Bank reserves the right to accept/reject any tender/quotation without assigning any

14.   The contractor agency should have already executed works of furnishing interiors & exterior
      civil works of very good workmanship.

15.   Qualify of material and workmanship rejected by the Architect/concerned Authorities shall
      be removed immediately by the contractor and rectified/replaced.
16.   No advance payment shall be made to the contractor on supply of any material supplied at
      site for execution, payment shall only be made on execution of any concerned/particulars

17.   The rates shall include the cost of coat of anti termite treatment on all wooden frame work
      and all commercial ply/board used for partitions and paneling, furniture etc. the contractor/s
      shall have to dismantle & dispose the existing counters, tables & partitions within the quoted
      cost of the total furnishing works.

18.   Rates for partitions, paneling, wall cladding and false ceiling shall include cutting and
      making good necessary cut-outs/chiseling to be made for electrical conduits, switch boards

19.   Bank shall not be responsible for any lose or damage to the contractor/labour due to any
      natural calamity during the course of construction. Contractor is liable to make good all the
      damages if any, till the work is completed and handed over to the Bank authorities.

20.   any payment to the contractor on account of execution of work, whether it is running
      payment of final, shall be verified by the architect-incharge.

21.   Unless, otherwise mentioned all materials to be-used shall be I.S.I marked. Failure to do so,
      the work may be rejected and in that case contractor shall have to remove the defective
      materials and replace/re-do the work for which no claim shall be entertained.

22.   The total work shall be supervised by the Architect-in-charge and he/she shall be kept fully
      informed by the contra for regarding the progress of work.

23.   Bank may award the work in part or whole to a single party or any other party.

24.   It may please be noted that the bank is not bound to allot the work to the lowest party. And as
      such, the allotment of work shall be based on workability of rates quoted by the contractor on
      account of quality.

25.   The bank reserves the right to reject any or all the tender without assigning any reason

26.    The earnest money deposited shall not carry any interest and will be refunded to the
      unsuccessful tenders.

27.   Earnest money paid by the contractor shall be forfeited by the bank if contractor fails to
      undertake the job if he is communicated about acceptance his rates/tender.

28.   The contractor shall take all the necessary precautions while working and to safe guard
      adjacent property, banks property, banks employees, and traffic persons.
29.   All the rates quoted are inclusive of removal of existing counter, partitions, and wiring.
      Rubbish /debris collected during the progress of work, rejected materials etc.

30.   The contractor shall not directly or indirectly sublet the work to other party without written
      permission of the bank.

31.   The quantities mentioned in schedule are provisional and likely to increase /decrease to any
      extent or may be omitted thus altering the aggregate value of the contract. No claim for loss
      of profit/business shall be entertained on this account.

32.   The Bank reserves the right to distribute the work for which quotations have been called,
      among more than one parties, if found necessary. No claim in this respect shall be
      considered and the contractor agrees to cooperate with other agencies appointed by the Bank.

33.   All the workers of the contractor must be properly covered by an insurance policy under
      “Workman’s compensation act” and “Fatal accidents Act”. The contractor of his own
      expenses arrange to effect and maintain until the virtual completion of the contract, insurance
      policy in the joint name of Bank and the contractor against his risk to be retained by the Bank
      until the virtual completion of the work, and indemnify the Bank from all the liabilities
      arising out of such events. In case delay, contractor shall arrange to extend insurance policy
      till work is completed.

34.   All the work should be completed within the specified period in the tender. If the work is
      delayed due to the reasons beyond the control of the contractor, he should keep intimating
      the Bank explaining, therein the reasons for such delays, immediately and if in the opinion
      Bank’s authorities the delay is justified, the contractor shall be granted extension in time

35.   The contractor shall furnish well in time before work commence of his own cost, colour
      samples, samples of materials of workmanship that may be called by Bank’s
      Architect/engineer for approval. Rates quoted shall cover for such preliminary work.

36.   All the glass panes, door handless/hinges, electric fittings, fans, furniture, records, floors etc.
      are to be thoroughly cleaned offer the work is completed.

37.   The rates quoted by the contractors shall be firm throughout the duration of contract
      (including extension of time if any granted) and will not be subject to any fluctuation due to
      variation-in cost of material and labour.

38.   Conditional tenders are liable to be rejected.

39.   The successful tenderer is bound to carry out any item of work necessary for the completion
      of the job even those such items are not included in schedule of quantities.

40.   If in any case of work required to be abandoned, the contractor shall not be entitled for any
      claims and he will be paid as per the actual work done till that period. If deemed fit.
41.   Decision of the Bank shall be final and binding on any matter connected with the work. The
      matter of any dispute shall be decided after mutual discussions based on the terms and
      conditions of the contract. However, if the matter can not be resolved there the same shall be
      referred to the respected qualified persons in agreed to both the parties and his opinion shall
      be binding on both the parties. However, this is recourse of any legal action in this regard.

42.   If any stage during the progress of work, it is observed that the contractor is not progressing
      the work with due diligence, care of lagging much behind the schedule of fails go get up the
      work despite instructions from Bank’s architect, the Employer (Bank) reserves the right to
      terminate the contract with 7 days notice. In such case the contractor shall be liable to pay
      the employer any extra cost involved for the completion of the said work and will not
      obstruct any way in completing the work through other agency. After completion of entire
      work the contractor shall be paid for the actual work executed by him at the quoted rates after
      deducting any claims, damages. In case of such termination the security deposit held by the
      bank will be forfeited.
43.   Contractor shall follow all rules/regulations in force and should posses the license for
      employing labour and also follow all safely measures, labour bye laws and shall be
      responsible for any lapse.

44.   At any stage i.e. during the execution of work, any kind if change reqd. whether it is in
      design or specification, the same has to be in-corporate by the contractor.

      CONTRACTOR                            ARCHITECT                     UCO BANK


                          Grand Summary
S.NO.                SUB HEAD                                    AMOUNT (Rs.)

   A.             FURNISHING WORK

        1.1      Partition                                   :
        1.2      Doors/windows                               :
        1.3      Working Counters                            :
        1.4      Furniture & Fixture table                   :
        1.5      Painting on walls & roof                    :
        1.6      False celling                               :

                  TOTAL             A                        :

   B.           ELECTRICAL WORK

        2.0      Electrical                                  :
        3.0      Electrical Fittings & Fixtures              :
        4.0      Lan Cabling & UPS Wiring                    :

                 TOTAL             B                     :

   C.           A.C FIITINGS                              :

              Provision of A.C                     :
                 TOTAL             C               :
                GRAND TOTAL AMOUNT (A+B+C)        :
                                           SAY RS.

        Rs           Lac           Thousand Only

S.No. Item Description                                           Unit      Qty.      Rate       Amount

           MANAGER CABIN)-
           Providing and fixing in position full Height
           partition having overall thickness of 3” approx.
           made out of vertical and horizontal frame
           work of 2” x 2” hardwood member (1st class)
           at max. distance of 2”-0” approx. c/c both
           ways. Fixing 8mm thick commercial ply
           on both Sides with 1.0mm laminate on top in
           Approved shade with groove pattern as per
          architect instruction. 10mm clear Modi flote
          glass with etching work, (basic rate of etching
            Rs. 85/-) above 3’-0” & up to 7’-0”with steam
           beech wood beading of finished size 1½” x 1”
           all along the edge. All edge-to-edge glass joint
           to be machine cut and polished and sealed
           with silicon sealant. Joint shall be located
           strictly as shown in the drawing. All exposed
           wood work to be melamine polished. All
           complete as per approval of the Architect.
           fixed                                            Sqft.           210

           Providing and fixing straight / curve Low
           height partition up to 4’-6” High (glass
           above 3’-0") includes steam beach wood
           edging of size 3” x 1 ½” at the exposed
           Edges of the partition. All exposed woodwork
           to be melamine polished. All as per Drg. &
           approval of the architect/ employer.         Sqft.              185

1.2       DOORS / WINDOWS

          Providing and fixing 1 ½” thick (approx.)
          Door of size as per following. Door of solid
          core of Block board construction with well
          matched 1st class commercial ply (exterior
          grade) with vertical grains or cross bands on
          both faces of shutter sealed with steam beach
          wood edging slip of finished section 1 ¼” x ¾”
          (appox.) around and finished in 1.0mm thick

      laminated of approved shade on both sides.
      Shutter hung on 2/3 nos. heavy – duty
      brass butt hinges of size 100 x 5.5mm
      with brass screws etc. All exposed
      woodwork to be melamine polished. The
       item inclusive of lock ULTRA C2 of
       Godrej make with both sides keys (basic
      rate of key 1150/- each excluding tax)
      compete in all respect. all complete as per
      approval and incrustation of the Architect
       / employer.
 a)   Manager cabin 2(3’-0” x7’-6”)               Sqft.     45
 b)   Record room door (1 x 4’-0” x 7’-6”)         Sqft.    30
 c)   Flap door ( 2x 2’-3” x 4’-6”)=20.25
                 ( 1x 3’-0” x 4’-6”) =13.5        Sqft     33.75
 d)    Anodized main entrance aluminum door
        having section 2 ½” X 2” with 16 gauge
       complete with all necessary fittings
        Size (4’-7½” x 8’-6”)                     Sqft.    39.31


i)     Providing and fixing of officers counter
       top in split levels 9” and 2’-0” wide
       each. Upper levels having 18mm thick
       granite (shade/colour as approved by
        architect) with half round edge glued with
       approved adhesive to 19 mm thick block
       boards and finished in1.0 mm thick
        laminate. Working top having steam
       beach wood edging of size 1 ½” X 1”
      Vertical face shall have 19mm th. block
      board over pine wood framework as per
       requirement of design. All exposed edges
      of block board sealed with steam beach
      wood beading of size ¼” X ¾”.All exposed
       surfaces shall be finished with 1.0 mm th.
       laminate of approved shade. The item
       includes single drawer of size 1’-0”X 1’-6”
       X 6” made of 19 mm th. block Board
       finished in 1.0 mm th. laminate.

S.No. Item Description                                 Unit   Qty.   Rate   Amount

          The item includes 1 no. prefabricated key
          board tray including drawer slides 12.5”
          X 22” tray with mouse tray 14” telescopic
          slides including L-brackets for securing to
          the table tops. All beading & exposed
          wood shall be melamine polished &
          non laminate surface to be enamel painted.
          Godrej cabinet to be provided by bank .
          Space of cabinet is 691mm x 460mmx
          460mm below counter. All complete as
          per approval & instruction of the
          (fitted with Night catcher godrej make)     R.ft. 22


 i)    Providing wooden table of manager cabin
       & officers. All exposed edge with 19 mm
       thk. Board & laminate top as per the
       architect design finished with the edges
       steam beach wood edging. All wood work
        to be melamine polish and all non
        laminated surfaces to be finished with to
        or more coats of spirit polish. All complete
        including Lock, auto closing hinges, brass
        catchers, 4” long S.S.handles, S.S studs for
        adjustable shelving etc.

          T1 (3’-0” x 6’-0” x 2’-6” high(manager)      No .   01

 ii)     Providing & placing writing desk/Voucher
        Stand of size and shape as per drawings and
        made of 19mm thick block board finished
        in 1.0 mm thick laminate. Top having 12mm
        thick clear float glass. All exposed edges
       of block board sealed with steam beech wood
        beading of size ¼” x ¾”. All beading
        and exposed wood shall be melamine
        polished and non-laminate surface to be
        finished with two or more coats with two or
        more coats of spirit polish . All complete as
        per approval of the Architect/employer.       Each     01

iii)    Providing & placing notice board size
        3’ x 4’as required/directed(matching with
        the panel of the cabin) made of 19mm thk
        steam beach wood section, concealed
        hinges, locking arrangement, and glass of
        (5.5mm th.)softboard with cloth .                        Each   01
        All complete as per approval of architect.

iv)     Providing & placing cheque drop box (overall
        size 450mm x 300mm x 750mm high) made of
         19mm thick phenol formaldehyde bonded ply
         board and the curved portion at top made out of
         90mm x 90mm C.P. teak wood section. A slit
         opening of 10mm x 150mm is to be provided
         at the top of the box. An openable shutter of
         259mm x 262mm size made of 19 mm th phenol
          formaldehyde bonded ply board is to be
          provided 100mm above finished floor level. All
          the exposed timber surfaces including all three
          edges are to be finished with 1.5mm thick
          laminate sheet (INK- 1032 of M/S Marino
          or similar approved equivalent), excepting
          two bands of 50mm wide each(Marigold-10578
         of M/S Marino or similar approved equivalent)
         leaving a gap at 518 mm from finished floor level
         all complete as in drg. Rate to include cost of
          necessary hardware fittings e.g. brass hinges,
         lock, knob etc. of approved design and quality.   Each         01

  iv)   Providing & placing complaint box (overall size
        450mm x 300mm x 750mm high) made of 19mm
        thick phenol form aldehyde bonded ply board and
        the curved portion at top made out of 90mm x
        90mm C.P. teak wood section. A slit opening of
        10mm x 150mm is to be provided at the top of
         the box. An openable shutter of 259mm x 262
         mm size made of 19 mm th phenol formaldehyde
         bonded ply board is to be provided 100mm
         above finished floor level. All the exposed timber
         surfaces including all three edges are to be finished
        with 1.5mm thick laminate sheet (INK- 1032 of
        M/S Marino or similar approved equivalent),
        excepting two bands of 50mm wide each
        (Marigold-10578 of M/S Marino or similar
        approved equivalent) leaving a gap at 518mm

         from finished floor level all complete as in
         drg. Rate to include cost of necessary
         hardware fittings e.g. brass hinges, lock,
         knob etc. of approved design and quality.      Each     01

 v) Providing & fixing side Credenza size as
    required/directed with following spe.: -
    Outer framework i.e. top, sides, shutters,
    shelving of 19 mm th. Block board. Back
    shall be 8 mm th. Commercial ply. All
    surface exposed to view to be finished with
   1.0 mm th. Laminate. All edges of the block
    shall have steam beach wood edging of ¼”
    X ¾” all complete including lock, auto
    Closing lock, catchers, 4” long s.s. handles,
    & drawer slide etc. Wood work protected
    with melamine polish. Entire surfaces left
    without lamination to be finished with to or
    more coats spirit polish. All complete as per
    drawing, approval & Instructions of the
    architect. employer.                          Each          2

vi)      Providing and fixing storage ¾ thk. Board
         with enamel paint inside &1mm thk. Mica
         as/approved by architect & all outer surface
         including hinges, handles, etc. complete in
          all respect. size
        (19’-6”x7’-0”+ 9’-0”’x 2’-6”)                 Sqft.     159

vii} Wall paneling in wooden batten 1½”x½” upto
     4’-6” ht. thk. 1½” water proof ply with 1mm
     thk. Laminated with horizontal pattern of
     grooves. Shades as approved by architect
     & employee.                                 Sft            380

1.5      TEXTURE PAINT :-

a)      Providing and doing texture surface Coating
        on walls (above 4’-6” lvl.)of approved shade
        & texture. (Heritage flakes / spectrum). The
        rates are inclusive of scaffolding Staging etc.
        for any height and for plans as well as For
        architectural surface. All complete as per
        approval and instructions of the Architect/
      Note: Entire area of wall shall be measured in
             single front plane.                        Sqft.   510

b)     Painting work on roof
       Furnishing of roof with three coats
       of Plastic emulsion paint (Asian, Berger,
       Nerolac, Shalimar etc) of approved shade
       approval and instructions of the Architect
       / employer. The rates are inclusive of
       scaffolding Staging etc                           Sqft.    780


      Providing and fixing suspended false Ceiling
      In Gypsum board tiles of size 600mm x 600mm.
      A concealed grid system consisting of main
      runner spaced at 600mm center to center securely
      fixed to the structural soffit / slab by nonius
      hanger at not exceeding 900mm center.Main
     runner shall be fixed to the Z-section / T-section
     by performed clip. White zinc coated perimeter
     angle profiles A-ser-15/B 25 mm x 15mmx 8mmx
     15mm / A-RWL 24mm x 24mm x 0.6mm shall be
     provided at the adges. Perimeter wedges shall
     be used to prevent the opening of panel joint.
      Transverse joints shall be supported by T-section
     / L-section/ spines. 19mm thick tile panel with
      approved fixing method. All completed as per
      manufactures specification. Item includes GR
      gypsum board ceiling (to avoid the cutting of
      tiles wherever required) complete in all Respects,
      finished with layer up to of 3.00mm thickness of
      Veneer Plaster followed by two coats of topcoat
      (primer) at the face of board to plastic emulsion
      paint (Roller finish) of approved shade and make
      shall be applied. Rectifying all defects, and
      cracks formed During the construction period
      before handling over the work complete. The
      rates shall include for necessary supports,
      Scaffolding, Labour All complete as per drawing
      approval & instruction of the Architect / employer. Sqft.   630
      Note: - Horizontal surface shall be measured
              for the Purpose of payment.

                      A                  TOTAL :                        Rs


 2.1 Wiring for the following light points With 1.5
     Sq.M PVC insulated stranded Copper conductor
     wire in concealed PVC Conduits in walls/ceiling
     as Directed including 1/18 SWG insulated
     Copper earth wire complete as required. Item
     includes outlets box, 5amp modularType switch/
     socket/bell push with matching Plate of
     approved colour and shade.

 a) One point controlled by one 6amp switch            Nos.   5
 b) A set of two points controlled by one              Nos.   5
 c)     6-amp switch.
 c) A set of three points controlled by one            Nos.   4
    6 amp switch

2.2     Providing and laying for 5amps light Plug
       outlets with 2 x 3/22 copper Conductor
        PVC insulated 650V grade wire in concealed
       PVC conduits in wall/floor as directed
        including 1/18 SWG insulated copper earth
       wire complete as required . Item includes
        outlet box , 5amp modular type switch/
        Socket with matching plate of approved
        color and shade.                           Nos.       5

2.3     Wiring for 15 amps power outlet point with PVC insulated stranded copper
        conductor wire for the second outlet, in
       concealed PVC conduits in walls/floor as
        directed including earthing the third pin
        complete including chrome plated outlet
        boxes, 1 no.switch (push button)and 1 no.
        Socket of 15amp,5 pin(modular type)With
       matching plate of approved shade As required.
       (Two power outlets shall be connected
        on each circuit)                             Set      4

2.4    Wiring for telephone outlet points with
       2Pair x 0.51 PVC insulated PVC
       sheathed copper conductor taped telephone
       wires in concealed PVC conduits in false
       ceiling/ wall/ceiling as directed including
       making connection in the outlet boxes and
        in Tag Blocks including all fixing Item
       includes 72mm x 90mm x 50mm deep
       flush GI box duly recessed in wall complete
       with RJ-11 jack outlet etc complete
       as required.                                Nos.     03

2.5    3-Phase 4-way D/B TPN of Havells make
       with MCB,s 10 Amp. to 16 Amp. /20 Amp.
       for supply lights, AC’s glow sign Board . No.            1


 a)    Square modular light fitting suitable          Nos   10
       for 4 x18 watt Ref. Phillips Cat No.
       TBS 088M4XTLD18WIC 05(size 2’x2’)
 b)    1x20 watts PL E/T CFL lamp fitted in
       recessed light fixture as per Phillips cat No: Nos   13
       FBH 120XPLC/2PIOW 1240 v
 c)    Providing and fixing speakers including
       wiring with 1.5 Sq.m. PVC insulted
       stranded copper Conductor wires in
       concealed or Exposed PVC conduits as
       directed Including earthling complete
      as Required.                                    Nos    3
d)    Providing and fixing Wall mounted fan
       Including wiring with 1.5 Sq.M. PVC
       insulated stranded copper Conductor
      wires in concealed or exposed PVC
      conduits as director including earthing         Nos   7
       complete as required.

e)    Design, manufacturing, supplying, Installing,
      tasting & commissioning of the following
      cubical type 2mm Thick sheet steel encloser
      fully Recessed type, TPN Miniature Circuit
      Breaker Distribution Boards Duct proof,
      verm in proof, with hinged and lockable
      doors complete with DP ELCB and inter
      re-connection with copper wires, or copper
      tapes, cable glands / conduit, entry bushes,

S.No.       Item Description                         Unit Qty.      Rate   Amount

         bonding to earth and painting. ELCB shall
         be suitable for tripping in case of over
         current and short circuit also.

 e(i) Sheet metal enclosed 8 ways TPN DB each
      phase consisting of 8 nos. of 10/20 amps
      SP Mcb’s and each phase controller by one
      Numbed 60 AMP DP MCB Isolated plus             Nos.    01
      100 MA 63 A DP ELCB backed with 60A
      HRC fuse fitting.

 e(ii)   Sheet metal enclosed 12 way SPN DB
         consisting of 12 nos. of 10.12 amps SP
         MCB’s & controller by one number 40
         AMP DP MCB isolated plus 100 mA
         40 A ELCB backed with 40 A HRC        01
         fuse fitting.

 f)       Fabrication, Supplying, Installation,
          Testing & Commissioning of Automatic
          Change over system complete with
          Supplying & Fixing the following
          Accessories housed in self-supported
          Wall mounted, front operated, vermin
          Proof cubical type Distribution board
           Made out of 14 gauge M.S sheet with
           Hinged and lockable doors complete
         Supplying & fixing following accessories
           i/c. painting, interconnections etc.
           complete as required.
         100      A 4         pole MCCB
          with front operating handle                 1      No
          100 A TPN CU Bus bar                        2      Set
          63 A TPN MCB           2 Nos.               01     Each


4.1   Electrical wiring for UPS input-output: -
      P/F 32 amp. Wiring with 2 DP’s of 32
      amp. From D/B to the location of UPS/
      UPS room for input & output power
      supply with 2 runs of 4 mm sq. & one
      run of 1.5 sq. mm as earth wire multi-
      stand PVC copper wires, with DP
      switches /Power pt. i.e. switch-socket.      Nos.   5

4.2    UPS Points: -
       P/L & testing electrical three point wiring
       having individual circuits for computers
       with mm 2 multi stand copper PVC wire in
       unbreakable PVC conduits 25 mm dia wall
       thickness 2 mm thick with special under
       floor/wall & above falls ceiling including
       chase cutting, disposal of malba away from
       the site & repair of the same with cement
       mortar, incl. switches & socket M.S. switch
       boxes with rust proof treatment size to
       accommodate the required nos. of modular
       switches, socket etc. & plate type sockets
       with indicator three in one plate including
      earthing with 1.00 mm 2 multi stand wire
      complete in all respect
      Set of 6 amp. 4 sockets & 4 switches         Sets   5

4.3   Earthing: -
      Supplying & installation (Testing,
      connection & commissioning with 2.5
      sq. mm earth wire) of earth stations for
      computers with 600 mm X 600mmX 3 mm
      th. copper plate electrode complete with
      25 mm dia. “B” class G.I. pipe for watering
      including funnel, 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
      masonry chamber with precasted RCC
      cover/C.I. cover complete with salt &
      charcoal filling (as per IS : 3034- 1987)
       incl. copper strip 1” wide 4 mm th.
      with copper base plate up to UPS cabin      Nos.    1

4.4    Providing. Fixing, cramping &
       Commissioning CAT –VI/Lucent/D-Link
       computer networking Cable in PVC
       conduit in floor or wall from server room
       to each table with I.O.’s of D-Link (Socket)
       with copper base plate up to UPS cabin         Nos.       5

4.5     Supplying of plate chords for computers
        1 m & 2 m lengths.                            Nos.       5

4.6    Connectivity for the VSAT/Lease lines
       (material & labour) – P & F of 40 mm
       PVC conduit of ISI make including data
       cable of D-Link & RJ – 45 Complete for
       connectivity                                   Mtr.       30

 4.7    Changeover 32 amps. Double phase              Nos.       1
        for UPS complete in all respect.

             B                                        TOTAL            :    Rs.


i)     Provision of A.C. point with 4.5mm wire
       With necessary fixture i.e. A.C. box,
       provision of copper pipe (conduit & Drainage
       pipe. Complete all the Point all respect.       5         Nos

         C                                     TOTAL         :             Rs.
ISSUED TO M/S_______________________________

                   TENDER    DOCUMENT


                  INTERIOR, FURNISHING

                  & ELECTRICAL WORK

                         UCO BANK’S

                     OFFICE OF THE
        UCO BANK, Z.O. S.C.O. NO. 55-57, 1st FLOOR,
          SECTOR 17-B, CHANDIGARH - 160017


                     M/S DESIGNO GRAPH
                     1144-D, MAHESH NAGAR
                     NR. ARORA BOOK CORNER
                     AMBALA CANTT
                     MOBILE : 098960-52127
                                                                                                            UCO BANK
                                                                                                               Honours your trust
CZO/GAD/2011-12                                                                                                                             Dated 07.03.2012

General Manager,
Strategic & Planning Deptt.,
UCO Bank,
Head Office,

Re-Inviting of Tenders for Furnishing of Proposed B/o HANSI Distt.HISSAR (Haryana).

Please find enclosed Tender Papers for uploading on Website for furnishing of our Proposed
branch at HANSI Distt.Hissar in Haryana on 09.03.2012.

We are sending the soft copy of the material to the E-Mail ID mentioned by you to place the
same on Website. We also add here that the closure date of receiving the tender will be
16.02.2012 at 3.00 P.M. and removal date for the tender notice will be on 18.02.2012.

This is for your information please.

(Atul Sinha )
Zonal Head

                                               Zonal Office :: Bank Square, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh - 160017:
                                   Phone:-0172-2701942, . 0172-2703016 E-mail:

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