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					                                                                            Cambridge International Examinations
                                                                                         October/November 2012
                                                                                  Candidate Information Flyer - ABUDHABI

                                    Registration schedule - CIE October/November 2012
                                  November                     November                   Registration timings
                               1 time entries                Re-take entries
                                                        th               th
Regular registrations    1st July – 9th August        14 August – 13 Sept          Abu Dhabi
1 level penalty stage
                        12th August – 30 August                   N/A             Sun – Thurs               Dubai
 rd                       nd           th                 th          th       9:00 am - 4:00pm          Sun – Thurs
3 level penalty stage   2 Sept – 20 Sept               16 Sept – 25 Sept       Ramadan timings        8:00 am - 8:00pm
                                                                                  Sun – Thurs             Saturdays
                                                                               09:00am – 3.00pm       8:30 am – 4:00 pm
                                                                              Registration at VAC     Ramadan Timings
Modified Papers                                    th
                                        Deadline 16 August 2012
(A3 unmodified only)
                                                                                Khalidiya Tower          Sun - Thurs
                                                                                 Level 02 Regal       08:00am – 6:00pm
                                                                                showroom bldg.            Saturdays
                                                                                   Call centre        9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Entry requirements and procedures
        To register, you should visit the British Council / registration office (VAC) in person with your valid original passport, a passport photocopy
         and 3 recent photographs(not more than 6 months old) with your name on the reverse. You will have to complete the application form
         and pay the registration fees. Registration fees can be paid in cash or by credit card. You may complete the application and authorise
         someone to submit the same on your behalf along with the relevant documents.
        A candidate can only register with one centre/exam board for any given session. British Council is not responsible for any timetable
         clash that may occur as a result of registering for more than one centre/exam board for any given session and the British Council reserves
         the right to disqualify such a candidate from taking the examination. If you have registered with the British Council for the same
         session at an earlier date, the receipt should be shown to the customer services staff and a copy of the same should be
         attached to your amendment form.
        Candidates applying for special consideration must submit a detailed medical report which is no more than 2 years old from date of issue
         along with a Special Consideration application form by the above set deadline. Please note that candidates need to reapply for each
        School candidates studying for IGCSE should follow a 2 year course of study, with the examinations normally taking place at
         the end of Year 10 or later. Students studying for A Level should follow a 2 year course of study, with the AS level examinations
         normally taking place at the end of Year 11 or later and the A2 examinations at the end of Year 12 or later. Please obtain a copy
         of the NOC letter which needs to be submitted to the British Council along with this application.
    Statement of Entry
        Please ensure that the Statement of Entry is collected by 28th September 2012 for those who have registered for CIE exams
         through British Council.
        Kindly visit or in order to access the timetable and syllabus for this session.

    Examinations Results and Certificates
       Candidates must come in person to collect Statement of Results which will be available end of January 2013.
       Certificates are received 2 months after the Statement of Results are received, and must be collected in person.
       If you would like your parent/guardian to collect your statement of entry on your behalf please provide them with an authorisation letter
        along with the original receipt.
       If you would like your parent/guardian to collect your Results/ Certificates on your behalf please provide them with an authorisation letter
        along with the original SOE.
    Fees are neither refundable nor transferable
    Private candidates should be aware that as per the local Ministry of Education and Youth (MoEY) regulations,
    Certificates from the British Council will not be endorsed by the MoEY.
The current examination fees in dirhams are as                  Regular entries +  Late entry Fee for entry amendments/
                                                                 Venue charges        fees         change of options
IGCSE fee per subject/syllabus                                                                 AED 650
GCE O level per subject/syllabus                                                               AED 405
GCE A level per subject/syllabus (without practical and/ or
                                                                                               AED 675
GCE Advanced Subsidiary/A2 level per subject/syllabus                                          AED 495
Fees for each oral examination (exclusive of the subject fees)                                 AED 275
Candidate fee (single payment for each session that a
                                                                                               AED 295
candidate enters for GCE syllabuses)
Venue fees per subject                                                                         AED 60
Regular Stage                                                                                                                              AED 120 per amendment
1 level penalty – late fee (per subject)                                                                                  AED 190          AED 190 per amendment
3 level penalty – late fee (per subject)                                                                                  AED 400          AED 425 per amendment
    Please note, if there are any subjects without coursework, practical or orals which are not in the application and you would like to
    apply for, please contact 600529995

    * Oral examinations – Abu Dhabi
    IGCSE English as a Second Language (0510), oral examination will be held on 6th October 2012. The exact date and time for your
    speaking test will be mentioned on your Statement of Entry and Venue Notice.
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