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					                         General Certificate of Secondary Education

          Information and Communication Technology

                                     Paper 1
                                    Higher Tier

                                       MAY 2008


GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                          Page 1
NB As always, these are suggested answers but Candidates may find other
equally valid answers that we have not recorded here – these should be
rewarded accordingly.

Question 1 – maximum marks 13
1a(i)      One mark for appropriate software. Do not allow brand names.                1

           DTP or Desktop Publisher or Word Processing or graphics package or
           publishing software (program or package)

1a(ii)     One mark for each (reward examples)                                         6

           The font gets bigger/smaller (no marks for the size changes – must
           indicate larger or smaller)
           The style of the lettering changes e.g. arial (accept ‘the style changes’
           without an example)
           The writing becomes sloped (at an angle)
           The writing becomes thicker so it stands out (allow makes the text
           stand out more without thicker and visa versa)
           The text becomes half size and placed at the top of the line eg 2
           The text becomes half size and is placed on the bottom of the line
           eg 2

1b (i)     Accept any sensible explanation – 1 mark for ‘jumps’ (indents or            2
           similar description) and one mark for ‘a point on the ruler’

           When the tab key is pressed the cursor ‘jumps’ to a preset point on
           the ruler.
           One mark for understanding that pressing the tab key gives set
           spaces on the line or the text will be indented
           Second mark would be for understanding of pre-set (or self-set)
           Do not allow it gives you columns but allow notion of giving you
           aligned text or text is all straight.
1b(ii)     One mark for the name of the tab                                            2

           Centre tab
           Right tab
           Left tab
           Decimal tab
           Allow centre, right, left or decimal without the word tab or with the
           work align.
           Do not allow indentation or hanging indents as these are margin
           changes and not types of tab
1b(iii)    One mark for a table (not a text box or columns) and one for                2
           organisation e.g.using headings and cells

           They could have used a table with headings and put the
           information into the different cells.

GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                               Page 2
Question 2 – maximum marks 12
2a(i)      5 letters will be produced                                               1

2a(ii)     6 different fields of information are inserted                           1

2b         Award 1 mark for the reason and one mark for the argument (do not        4
           reward quicker or easier without qualification)

           Can produce thousands of letters easily by only writing one original

           It saves a lot of time as they only have to write one letter

           Each one is personal to the receiver therefore it is more effective

           It saves making mistakes typing in the names and addresses they just
           come straight from the database

           Reward notion of corporate image or consistency (1mark)

2c(i)      One mark for a pre-built layout and one for re-usability or the sense    2
           that other documents are created using it:


           Template files are documents that are created with the required
           layout that need to be filled in to personalise them and that need
           to be used over and over again

           It allows the user to open the document with the same layout and
           style each time (infers re-usablity).

           NB if the candidate gives a reason why templates are useful here
           rather than what they are you can reward them in the marks for 2c(ii)
           up to the maximum of 4 marks.
2c(ii)     One mark for a vague response and two marks for a full answer:           4
           (do not reward duplicate answers from reasons given in 2c(i)


           These save the company time by not having to create new ones
           each time

           Easier to create new documents as the layout is already done for

           They also maintain a corporate image with consistency of layout.

           To ensure all the information needed in the document is there so
           nothing is missed out (e.g. gaps left that have to be filled in)

           So the original document is not overwritten and the original one lost.

GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                            Page 3
Question 3 – maximum marks 36
3a         Award one mark for the reason and one mark for the argument or            4

           You can choose different data types for the storage of data e.g. date,
           text, number etc.

           You can use validation rules (1 mark) to help ensure the data is
           acceptable (or sensible – not accurate) (1 mark)

           You can have primary keys that make sure customer numbers are

           You can sort the information into different orders, e.g. name, date of
           order, interest, etc

           You can use search criteria (query) to find specific groups or people
           or interests.

           You can search (sort) data easily (1 mark)

           Databases have forms which make entering data easier (1 mark)

           Database have reports that let you display the results of searches

           You can set up relationships that will link tables together to share

3b         One mark for the choice of field and two marks for a detailed reason.     9
           NB Do not penalise the candidate twice for one mistake - if the
           candidate does not chose a field from the table but gives a valid
           reason for the choice give marks for the reason e.g. title this gives a
           list of all the titles so the user just has to click on one to make the
           entry which saves time and mistakes – 0 for the field but 2 for the

           Lookup – Interest field (accept town not county) – this allows you to
           choose from a list which speeds up data entry and avoids
           mistakes in typing.

           There are a limited amount of choices (1 Mark) and they can chose
           from on to speed up entry (avoid mistakes – quicker than typing it
           each time)

           Date/Time – date of last order – this makes the computer realise it is
           a date (will be written in date format) and so knows how to sort it
           properly (and it also validates the date and will not allow a non-
           existent date to be entered)

           It will make sure non-existent dates are not entered (1 mark) for

GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                             Page 4
           example 30/2/2008(1 mark)

           Text – any of the other fields – it allows the entry of both numbers
           and text (1 mark) as well as punctuation (1 mark) if necessary. (do
           not allow ‘will only allow text’ or is only text – must show
           understanding of text and numbers (or any character) can be

3c         One mark for each sensible item (this should not include any                 6
           customer information as they already have this)

           Items could include

           Item name                      Item code
           Cost of item                   Number ordered
           Total cost of order            Date of new order
           Order number                   Item size
           Item colour                    postage and packaging
           Payment method                 product description
           Product type (e.g. craft, etc)
           One mark for vague response and two marks for a detailed answer              2
           A key field is a unique identifier for each record.

           It is unique (1 mark)

           Must use ‘unique’ for both marks and identify for each record /person/
           item for the second.

3d(ii)     One mark for a sensible key field (do not accept any suggestions that        1
           relate to the products)



3e(i)      It is important that the candidate clearly knows the difference between
           these two techniques and explains them.
           For each award:
           1mark for what it is
           1mark for an example
           1mark for how it works
           1mark for why it is important.

           Examples include:

           Validation – this is a computer generated error check to ensure the
           data entry is sensible/allowed.
           An example is for the gender field which is = “M” Or “F” - this makes
           sure that only the letters M or F are entered. Allow field validation i.e.   4
           date check and input mask as examples.

GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                                Page 5
           It is important to use these to ensure data format is correctly entered
           and save time and silly input mistakes.

           Verification: this is proof-reading the data to ensure it matches the
           original data capture information/is accurate. e.g. checking a print out 4
           against the original/proof-reading. (Or by using dual entry method to
           compare the two for errors Allow verification of passwords and other
           details electronically as this is dual entry which can be machine
           Verification is very important as it is the only way to ensure the data is
           accurate as it checks it against the original – validation can only check
           the data is sensible.

3e(ii)     One mark for each of the following:                                       3

           Both letters included
           The correct equation used e.g. = and Or
           Inverted commas to denote text checking

           = “M” Or “F”

           Accept without the = sign i.e.

           “M” Or “F”

3f(i)      HIVE                                                                      1

3f(ii)     P HALL, F Hall & T Fox                                                    1

3f(iii)    P Hall & S Hive                                                           1
Question 4 – maximum marks 26
4a(i)      One mark for the correctly named Act.                                     1

           The Data Protection Act

4a(ii)     One mark for each rule E.g.                                               4

           They have to keep the data safe from unauthorised access
           The data should be accurate
           The data should be up-to-date
           The data can only be for what is necessary i.e. cannot ask for medical
           details for orders
           The data has to be deleted when it is no longer needed
           The owners of the data can see it if they want to for a fee
           Inaccurate data must be corrected.
           Data cannot be transferred out of the EU to a country that does not
           have data protection legislation
           Data must not be passed on to third parties without permission

GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                             Page 6
4b(i)      One mark for a vague response and 2 marks for a detailed response        2
           with a reason. It is important that the candidate understands that the
           use of both gives added security and makes unauthorised access
           more difficult.

           People can only get access to files if they put in both the correct
           username and password together. (1 mark) If either one is
           wrong they will not be allowed into the system. (1 mark)

           The combination of both gives greater security from hackers as both
           have to be guessed

           Allow levels of access can be set and user actions can be recorded.
4b(ii)     One mark for a method and one mark for a reason. Max 4 marks             4

           Method 1 – choose complex codes of numbers and letters that are
           not easy to guess.

           Method 2 – change the codes regularly so if they have been
           guessed then the new code will protect the files again.

           Method 3 – choose a code that is easily remembered so you don’t
           have to write it down.

           Method 4 – don’t make it obvious i.e. pets name, 123, password or
           something people know you are mad about and could guess
4c         3 marks for each piece of software – maximum 9 marks                     9

           Virus Checker – this checks all documents and e-mails (or runs
           scans on your documents) that the system accesses and
           downloads from the internet or the system. If it finds a virus it will
           warn the user and not allow the download or will delete the virus
           from the system (or quarantine the file so it cannot be executed).

           Firewall – this sits between the user and the internet and it examines
           the packets arriving at the computer – it allows in those with the
           correct identifiers but blocks unauthorised packets from
           entering/asks if you want to allow them access. (the candidate
           does not have to use the word packets and can be rewarded marks if
           the understanding is there)
           allow can block hackers getting into your computer (1 mark)

           Encryption – these programs turn the data into a code that can only
           be read by decrypting the code – anyone who downloads the
           encrypted code sees only jumbled information.

4d(i)      Two marks for a detailed answer – 1 mark for a problem and one           2
           mark for a consequence.

           If they lose the data they will not know who owes them money or
           what the orders are so they could go out of business or the
           customer will not get the goods and not deal with them in future.
GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                            Page 7
           They will not know who has dealt with them in the past so they
           cannot target sales in the future.

           If the computer becomes corrupt they will lose all their data (1
           mark) which will cause problems until they can get it back which
           could take a lot of time (1 mark)
4d(ii)     One for the method and one for the description or secure storage          4
           place. No marks for a device without explanation e.g. removable hard
           Grandfather-father-son (1 mark)
           The data is saved onto a separate backup store on days 1, 2 and 3.
           on the 4th day the first is overwritten and so on (2 marks)


           Every night the system can be set up to automatically carryout a
           backup whilst the business is closed and the backups should be kept
           safe in a fire-proof safe (or kept off site)


           Backup regularly onto a tape streamer (memory stick or web backup
           site or external hard drive and store off site for security.

           Allow making of hard copies (printing off) (1 mark)

Question 5 – maximum marks 24
5a         One mark for each correctly identified cell. Maximum 10 marks -           10
           accept only cell references.

           Entered Data                             Formulae Results

           C3                                       C9
           C4                                       C11
           B6                                       C13
           B7                                       C15
           B20                                      C18

5b         One mark for the description and one for the formula                      6

(i)        Total cost of materials = cost of materials * maximum number of

           =B6*B7 allow SUM(B6*B7)

(ii)       Total cost of the course = venue + Instructor + total cost of materials

           SUM(C3:C9) or SUM(C3:C10)
           Or accept
           = C3+C4+C9 allow SUM(C3+C4+C9) as it will work

GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                             Page 8
(iii)       Total cost to the customer = cost plus profit / maximum number of
            = C15 / B7 allow SUM(C15/B7)

5c          One mark for each correctly identified part of the expression.          4
            Maximum 4 marks.

            The formula takes the value in B20 and compares it to the value in
            If this value is greater than or equal to the value in B7 then the
            course can go ahead or yes is placed in the cell.
            If it is not then it cannot run or 4-
            No is placed in the cell
            Reward correct methods e.g. if B7 is less than B20 then the
            course will not run, if is it not then the course will run (4 marks)
5d          3 marks for a full answer – one per item in bold:                       3

            Modelling is when you take all the variables in a problem and ask
            What if ……? Questions to make changes and work out possible
            You work out (predict) if something will be able to work /go
            ahead/make a profit, etc(1 mark)

            Modelling can help to predict what would happen if prices went up
            or down (or with more or less customers) (2 marks)
Question 6 – maximum marks 17
6a          One mark per item:                                                      3

            Include 5 sensible and different pages (or more)
            Include sub-pages (allow mark if only one sub-page)
            Include how they link (do not need two way arrows – accept ‘family
            tree’ diagrams)

6b          One mark each for the effect                                            2


            People will leave the site without looking at what they have to sell.

            People will not buy their goods/loose customers

            They will lose money/profit go down

            They will get a poor reputation.

            They will get less traffic on the website and so make less sales.
            (could be two marks if the other point is not worthy of a mark)

            Might be too hard to use and so they leave.

GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                            Page 9
6c(i)      One mark for the benefit and one mark for the reasoning.               4

           The shop will be able to reach a wider customer base anywhere in
           the country not just in the local town.

           Anybody in the world can see their site and give them possible
           international sales as well.

           They can advertise their classes as well as the goods they sell to
           a very wide audience.

           It is cheaper to e-mail adverts to target audiences than posting
           them in the mail.

           Don’t have to have lots of shops which cost a lot of money to reach
           more customers so it is cheaper.

           Can make sales even if the shop is shut as the Internet is 24/7

           They can get more orders which mean they will make more money.

           Can see what competitors are doing so they can change their
           prices to be more competative

6c(ii)     One mark for the benefit and one mark for the reasoning.               4

           They will now be able to shop from anywhere in the world and not
           just in their local area (or without having to spend a lot of money
           to travel to the place).

           They can look up classes and events in their locality without
           having to wait for mailshots.

           They can get the goods they want and have them delivered without
           leaving their house (good for disabled people).

           They can compare prices with other companies to get the best

6d(i)      Reward any sensible response. One mark for the method and one          2
           mark for the description. No marks for one word answers e.g. e-mail

           They could use a feedback form (on-line survey/questionnaire) on the
           website and ask customers to fill it in with suggestions to improve.

           They could use a feedback area like E-bay where customers can rate
           the quality of the service they have received

           Can have a customer forum where they can give feedback about
           the service.

           Can use the telephone to ask customers about the service they
GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                          Page 10
6d(ii)     They could include a questionnaire in the parcel (or sent in the post   2
           to them) with the goods for people to fill in and return.
           Accept handing out questionnaires to customers in the shop too

Question 7 – maximum marks 16
7a         3 marks for each example                                                9
           1 mark for the type of documentation
           1 mark for the content
           1 mark for the user.


           User Documentation – this are simple prompt sheets that enable
           the end user (staff) to carry out task in the system, e.g. to edit a

           Technical / Program documentation – this is a printout of all
           document setups and programs that have been written to carry
           out tasks, these are used by technical staff in the event of critical
           problems or system failure.

           System Documentation – a full record of the rationalisation and
           design process behind the development, this is used by the system
           manager to see the whole project and is used to evaluate and develop
           the system at a later date.

7b         Issues the staff can face are many but the most likely issue is:        2

           Training in the new system – they will have to learn how to use the
           new system.

           They will be afraid that they will not be able to use the new
           system (or it may be too complicated to use and understand) and
           that they may lose their job if they cannot cope with it. (or may
           make mistakes in their work and get in trouble or not be able to
           do their jobs properly)

7c(i)      One mark for a vague response (deleted text here)                       1


           To make sure the formulae work

           To make sure there are no faults in the spreadsheet

           To make sure that everything works correctly

7c(ii)     2 marks for a full answer – one per item in bold:                       2

           If they do not work properly the business will not have a clear
GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                           Page 11
           picture of their financial status and may think they have more
           money than they have (or could go bankrupt.)

           They could undercharge customers and make a loss.

           They will not know if they have made a profit or loss (1 mark)

7c(iii)    2 marks for a full answer – one per item in bold:                         2

           If the invoices are wrong then they may undercharge the customer
           and lose money which could lead to the business closing.

           They could overcharge the customer (1 Mark) which would make
           the customer angry and they could get a bad reputation (lose the

                                                           Total Mark Paper – 143
                                                                         QWC – 7
                                                                  Total Mark - 150

GCSE Higher Mark Scheme 2008                                                             Page 12

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