Technical Document               12 September 2012

   Dewatering System Controller™ (DSC™)
Technical Document                     12 September 2012

Table of Contents

Technical Document                                                                   12 September 2012

1.1     Basic System Design
      This controller is designed for international low voltage of 220VAC. The standard DSC™
      (Dewatering System Controller™) is based around a design that uses a stand-alone Logic Control
      Panel to monitor and control the entire dewatering system. The DSC™ contains an Allen-Bradley
      SLC-500 processor and all the associated I/O to control one Thickener, one Belt Filter Press and
      various ancillary pumps and field devices. The DSC™ will also contain a PC with an industrial
      panel mount color monitor for operator interface. The operator interface PC shall provide a
      graphical representation of the system with bed mass, underflow density, center well flocculation,
      and pump speeds actively displayed. Manual control of each pump will be through the operator
      interface PC HMI software or remotely using the remote control panels, RCP1 and RCP2
      respectively. The DSC™ shall be designed to control an external motor control package. The
      external motor package (by others) can take any form from either a Motor Control Center (MCC) or
      a Motor Control Panel (MCP).

1.2     Hardware to include:
             NEMA 12 Free Standing PC Enclosure

             Industrial PC Graphics Display in Door

             Lockable Keyboard and mouse drawer

             Circuit Breaker and Surge Suppressor protected main 220VAC power supply from
              external source.

             230V to 24VDC Power supply built in.

             Allen-Bradley SLC-500 Series PLC, Power Supply and Rack Hardware

             24VDC Discrete I/O

             24VDC Analog I/O 4-20mA

             Dry Contact Closures for motor starter, variable frequency drives, solenoid valve control,
              and various ancillary equipment and field devices for the dewatering system. The
              customers MCC or MCP that houses the switchgear shall provide power for these

             Field Wiring Terminals located in the rear door for ease of wiring to MCC, MCP and other
              plant equipment.
Technical Document                                                                12 September 2012

                                   Typical DSC™ Control Panel

1.3   DSC™ Layout
         The figure above shows the basic layout of the DSC™ enclosure. The upper front portion
         of the NEMA 12 enclosure contains the ELO Industrial monitor, the Allen-Bradley SLC-500
         series processor and I/O rack, and all power connections. The PLC is accessible through
         the upper door on the front of the enclosure. The middle section shows a standard
         keyboard/mouse drawer with a lockable slide out shelf. System power on, power off and
         emergency stop buttons are provided on the front of the enclosure above the keyboard.
         The lower front portion of the enclosure contains the PC. All field terminations are located
         on the rear mount sub-panel and are accessible through the back door.
Technical Document                                                            12 September 2012

           Included in this package are two (2) RCP (Remote Control) Panels to allow remote
           operator control of the thickener/press area and the polymer Area.

1.5   Hardware to Include:
          NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosure

          30mm Allen-Bradley Push Buttons, Selector Switches, and potentiometers

          Terminal Strip for field wiring

                                             Typical Belt Press RCP
Technical Document                                                                  12 September 2012

1.6 Dewatering System Electrical Engineering and Programming
1.6.1 Electrical Engineering
   This control system will include a PC/PLC master control enclosure, remote operator control
   stations, and field device / instrumentation wiring interface.

   The control system design will include the supply of CAD drawings developed with AutoCAD 2007
   software. The drawing package will include the following:

               Filed Device layouts

               Process & Instrumentation Diagram

               Instrumentation Wiring Diagram

               Controls Wiring Diagram

               PLC Wiring Diagram

               Enclosure(s) Layout drawings.
1.6.2 PLC Programming
   Extensive testing and past experience has allowed us to develop a fully functional and tested PLC
   ladder logic code for a DSC. The program has been written using Rockwell Software’s RSLogix
   500 latest revision and has been 100% tested and finalized in our shop prior to releasing the DSC
   for shipment. Included with the PLC programming service is a complete and comprehensive O&M
1.6.3 Operator Interface Programming
   The PC and industrial monitor will provide a real time graphical representation of the dewatering
   system. Additional screens will allow for manual override controls, parameter/speed adjustment
   settings, and fault annunciation with alarm history and date time stamp for record keeping. The
   Human-Machine Interface (HMI) will be developed using Microsoft’s Visual Basic program
   development language. This is a PHOENIX Process Equipment Co developed application and is
   sold to the customer license free. PHOENIX Process Equipment Co retains all rights to the
   developed code which is maintained as a proprietary developed software program. The basic
   function of the HMI can be controlled with the mouse or keyboard or utilizing the touch screen
   capabilities of the industrial monitor. Popup dialog boxes and alerts assist the operator in ease of
   controlling the system and provide instant information.

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