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									Hasboh Kish through its foreign partner and agent for the Islamic
republic of Iran offers WTC-Macro, a highly reputed German
Swedish Company, specializing in water and water treatment, with
many other products including technical know how at the highest
levels of standards. This company has already carried out a
successful project in the south of Iran.

Optimal water for sustainable environment
BWRO-5000 Reverse Osmosis
WTC-MACRO together with main cooperation partners have for
decades been working for better water for households and
industries by providing world-wide supply and consultancy

WTC-MACRO provides contracting services in all aspects of
water supply and in design and construction of water treatment
plants for industries, power plants, waterworks and district heating
boiler houses. And every day we work in close cooperation with
industry, public waterworks, authorities and research institutes.
We can also supply small standard water treatment units to be
used in hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, construction sites, etc.
for purification and softening of water. The basic technologies
applied in the standard programme are reverse osmosis (RO), ion
exchange and filtration.


WTC-MACRO´s many year´s experience has enabled us to solve
and optimise multifarious tasks with reverse osmosis plants,

· Evaporators
· Pharmaceutical industry
· District heating plants
· Foodstuff industry
· Breweries
· Boiler water and steam production
· Chemical industry
· Coolants
· Process water

Reverse osmosis is primarily used where reduction of the salt
content of the water is of importance.

WTC-MACRO´s reverse osmosis plants are constructed on a
stainless steel frame as a complete unit.

· Easy to place where space is limited
· Ready-assembled panel with built-in PLC
· Simple electrical and plumbing installations
· Designed with low flux for trouble free operation


The importance, magnitude, and complexity, as well as dynamic and
uncertain nature of the environmental problems that are drastically
threatening the human well being require urgent collective actions
by governments, NGOs and all other concerned parties to seriously
assume the responsibility of preserving, protecting and improving
the quality of the environment.

Producers almost in all fields still face a substantial challenge to comply
with environmental standards, particularly for companies operating
within the EEC block and more importantly for the new member states
that have recently been admitted to the European market.
It is widely realized that facing this level of overriding challenge is
almost impossible without well planned collaboration, coordination and
cooperation between all concerned players at various levels based on a
dual strategy incorporating both meditative and adaptive measures.

Drawing from our accumulated knowledge and experiences as well as
our close collaboration with leading environmental and water processing
scientific research institutes, we also capitalize
on our togetherness concept by conducting business on the basis of
bringing together a multidisciplinary range of specialist engineering
services for all aspects of environmental, water and wastewater
treatment requirements.

With realistic vision and logical reasoning linking yesterday – today and
tomorrow’s scenarios, we pride ourselves at WTC-Macro on being an
upward-looking company consistently committed to design, develop and
implement environment-oriented engineering systems to achieve the
highest quality standard and to solve different types of environmental
and water treatment problems.

WTC-Macro is well positioned:
• To provide innovative local and international solutions to solve your
industrial and municipal water problems
• To be your reliable center of excellence for providing technical
knowledge and access to a wide range of useful links
• To allow you to exchange ideas and share knowledge across our
extensive network

Company activities
We are at WTC-Macro always dedicated to generating cost-effective
and environmentally friendly solutions to various types of
environment and water treatment problems.

WTC-Macro is an engineering company providing high standard,
innovative solutions for leading-edge products while maintaining:
• The highest possible standard that may exceed our client’s expectations
• Cost-effective consulting and design, construction, operation and
investment in the water and wastewater treatment industry.
WTC-Macro represents your optimal choice to fully satisfy your
requirements of maintaining the optimal balance between
competitiveness and compliance i.e. enhancing your operating
efficiencies and performances with the help of:

• Our highly trained and experienced engineering team,

• By implementing our most advanced know-how and leading edge
environmental technologies and

• By harmonizing your needs of competitiveness and meeting the legally
required standard.

Main activities:

• Water & wastewater treatment and recycling systems for industries and

Other activities:
We have a long experience as coordinator for a consortium of companies
supplying surface treatment plants including total environmental

-galvanic and chemical surface treatment lines

-hot dip galvanization

-powder coating
-pre-treatment (e.g. rinsing, degreasing and automatic washing lines)

Products & Technologies
Many years of experience.

�� Desalination Plants with implementation of various RO (reverse
osmosis) and evaporating systems

�� Plants for treatment of incoming, process and wastewater for
industries and municipalities

�� Water treatment plants for power plants and other industrial sectors
�� Clarification and sand filtration of the raw water Boiler feed water
system – feed water tank and deareartor
�� Boiler water sampling systems

�� Circulating cooling water treatment
systems – by-pass filtration
�� Circulation and recovery systems for water,
metals and chemicals
�� Turn-key metering installations
�� Multiscrew feeders for solids
�� Polymer make-up systems
�� wetting system for pulp and paper industry
�� Feeders (easy cleanable for food and
chemical industries)
�� Big-bag Dischargers
�� Pneumatic and Screw conveying systems
  Components & Accessories
Supply high quality and well tried products.
�� Reverse osmosis/nano-ultra-microfilters
�� Vacuum and atmospheric evaporators
�� Lamella separators
�� Chrystallizers for continuous and batch treatment
�� Units for recovery of EDTA
�� Chamber filter presses
�� UV and ozon treatment of water
�� Process instruments
�� Pumps and agitators
�� Band and bag filters
�� Continuously working sand filters and pressure filters
�� Carbon filters
�� Ion exchange units
�� Electro cells for recovery of metals and electrodialyse
�� DSA (Dimension Stable Anodes) with precious metal oxides

�� Three-dimensional cathodes and grid cathodes for recovery
�� Computerized control and monitoring
(Sitect) systems
�� Precipitation chemicals
�� Feeders (easy cleanable for food and
chemical industries)
�� Multiscrew feeders for solids
�� Wetting systems (polymer mixing for pulp and paper industries)
�� Big-Bag Dischargers
�� Polymer make-up units

Main Partners & Sub-contractors
The below mentioned companies are our main sub-contractors.
WTC-Macro is the exclusive distributor for these companies in
several countries in Central and East Europe as well as in the
Middle East and North Africa.

Polyaqua s.r.o - water treatment plants for power plants and other
industrial sectors.

TOMAL AB products and technologies for
metering equipment for solids.

WTC Sweden AB products and technologies for industrial waste water

We are also acting as a coordinator for a consortium of other leading
Swedish and

Scandinavian companies specialized in large scale projects within
treatment of water & wastewater including total environmental

Below are some of the plants which have
been supplied for industries and
municipalities in different countries. More
world-wide references can be provided if required.
Water treatment plants for power plants and other industrial sectors
(Polyaqua) Slovenske elektrarne a.s. Slovakia Reconstruction of the
bottom distributors on the ionic filters

OLO a.s. Bratislava-Siemens Slovakia Turn-key delivery of water
treatment plant for the combustion boilers

WTP Cyprus Cyprus Gravity snad filters for the tertiary water treatment

Harmanec Paper factory Slovakia Boiler water make-up tank and

Zapadoslovenske energeticke

zavody, s.p.Bratislava Slovakia Chemical storage and dosing system

Ak Enerji-Istanbul Turkey Baticim Congeneration Power Plant

U.S.Steel Kosice Slovakia Reconstruction of the demineralization lines
1 and 3

Duslo a.s. Sala Slovakia Boiler feed water system incl. the deareartor
chemical dosing and sampling system

Matador a.s. Puchov Slovakia Sand filtration unit turn key supply

Neusiedler SCP a.s. Slovakia Boiler feed water treatment (paper factory)

Metering systems for solids and polymers (Tomal)

Ebbared Sweden River liming for pH-adjustments - limestone CaCO3

Falu vattenverk Sweden Water treatment plant - hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2
Aloppan Sweden River liming for pH-adjustments - limestone, CaCO3
Nordkalk Sweden Pulp and paper – hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2

Izmir Ataturk Turkey Waste water plant - quick lime, CaO

Halberstadt Germany Waste water plant - quick lime, CaO

Gao Bei Dian STP China Waste water plant - hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2

Terenganu Malaysia Water treatment plant - lime, kaliumpermanganat,

Tenglu Malaysia Waste water plant – hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2

Gardemoen Norway Waste water plant – hydrated lime, Ca(OH)2

Övre Årdal Norway Chemical and technical industries – hydrated lime,
recirculation lime Products and technologies for industrial wastewater
treatment (Water Treatment Cooperation Sweden)

Kindasa Water Services Saudi Arabia Lime Dosing and Saturating

Ericsson Sweden Printed circuit boards
Husqvarna Sweden Cutting machines, motor saws
Lindab Profil Sweden Roofing material
Proton Finishing Sweden Surface treatment
Environment Protection Agency Sweden Supervising surface finishing
Capinor Norway Printed circuit boards
Aspocomp Finland Printed circuit boards Piiroinen Finland Furniture
Scientific and Commercial Associates
Besides our own research and development we have the access to
valuable information bank within the field of various environmental

technologies thanks to our cooperation
with the following institutions:

�� Center for Osmosis Research &
Applications - Dr. Adel Sharif,
School of Engineering, University of
Surrey, London, UK

�� Systemekonomi and Terrotechnology -
Prof. Basim Al-Najjar,
Växjö University, Sweden

�� Swedish Environmental Technology

�� Swedish Chamber of Commerce
�� Swedish Trade Council (Exportrådet)

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