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									                     International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

        Regional Meeting on Successful Launching of Nuclear Power Programmes
                              Seoul, Republic of Korea

                          INFORMATION SHEET

PROJECT TITLE        RAS/0/053 – Providing Decision Support for Nuclear Power Planning
                     and Development

VENUE                Seoul, ROK and other ROK locations

DATE                 4-14 October 2011

ORGANIZERS           International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in cooperation with the
                     government of the Republic of Korea through the Korea Hydro and Nuclear
                     Power (KHNP)

LOCAL                Mr. Kyo Hwang/ Sr. Manager
ORGANIZER            International Cooperation Team
                     Nuclear Policy Department

                     Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
                     512 Youngdongdaero, Gangnam-gu,
                     Seoul, South Korea 135-791
                     Office: +82-2-3456-2721
                     Cell : +82-10-5617-2726
                     Fax : +82-2-3456-2885

DEADLINE FOR         31 July 2011 (Nominations received after this deadline will not be
NOMINATIONS          considered)

TARGET               This meeting is designed for the expected future leaders of nuclear power
AUDIENCE/            programmes in Member States of the Asia and the Pacific region (with
QUALIFICATION        limited participation available for such persons from other Regions). Priority
OF PARTICIPANTS      has been given to those Member States that are currently actively
                     considering the implementation of a nuclear power programme (i.e., under
                     RAS-0-053: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines,
                     Saud Arabia, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates. Other
                     regions; Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey, Belarus and Poland)

LANGUAGE             English

PURPOSE AND          The purpose of this meeting is to provide prospective future leaders of
BACKGROUND OF        nuclear power programmes in Member States with an overall understanding
THE MEETING          of the factors that are needed in order to have a safe, secure and sustainable
                     nuclear power programme. The “Milestones” approach toward the
                development of a national infrastructure for Nuclear Power (as described in
                IAEA Nuclear Energy Series No. NG-G-3.1) will be used as the foundation
                for the information provided through this meeting. The next section of this
                information sheet describes how this knowledge/information is to be
                transferred through this meeting.

MEETING         The “Milestones approach” will be explained in a comprehensive manner,
                for those from national position, nuclear safety to procurement. This
                introduction will focus on the topics, which future leaders should understand
                and manage, and also the subsequent visit to ROK’s facilities will furhter
                give the participants practical experineces of Korea, how they handled or are
                handling the difficutlies or challenges.

                This meeting will include visits to: the corporate office of the NPP operating
                organization, an engineering company, an education institute and training
                center, research organizations, an operating NPP, an NPP under
                construction, a heavy component manufacturing company, government
                ministries, and the nuclear safety regulatory body. The participants in this
                meeting will be accompanied by mentors who recently retired or are
                planning to retire from senior NPP managers in the ROK. ROK mentors will
                generally be assigned two participants to work with on an individual basis
                during the meeting. The mentors will see and hear the same information at
                each of these facilities that the participants do. The mentors will help the
                participants to achieve the following:

                    1.    Appreciate the need for high standards for a NP programme
                         regarding safety, quality, environmental protection, ethics and social

                    2. Identify how managers and supervisors encourage and welcome the
                       reporting by other individuals of potential safety concerns, incidents
                       and near-misses, and accident precursors.

                    3. Ensure that contractors for the NPP project give a priority to safety
                       and quality.

                    4. Appreciate that all work that is to be done is planned and authorized
                       before it is commenced, and that work should be accomplished
                       under suitably controlled conditions by technically competent
                       individuals using technical standards, instructions, procedures or
                       other appropriate documents.

                    5. Hold managers responsible for ensuring that individuals working
                       under their supervision have been provided with the necessary
                       training, resources and direction.

                    6. Establish specific requirements for qualification for critical or
                       unique jobs if highly technical, specialized skills are necessary or if
                       the job has a potential impact on safety and quality, and if it is
                       necessary to ensure that the individual is competent prior to
                       performing the task.

                    7. Recognize that when launching a plan for establishing a new nuclear
                         programme, it is important to begin stakeholder participation early
                         so that people have a legitimate opportunity to participate in the
                         process and shape the outcome. Meaningful participation by
                         stakeholders requires that such stakeholders be given an opportunity
                         to convey their issues and concerns regarding risk and related
                         questions and to obtain answers.

                 When mentors walk through Korea nuclear industry facilities, they will take
                 the opportunity to point out what they do regarding each of the points above.
                 When they escort the participants to visits to supplier or manufacturer
                 facilities, they will demonstrate what they look at to ensure themselves that
                 the programme will be successful and sustainable including securing
                 manpower, localization policy, regulatory system, and integration of diverse
                 knowledge and experience.

APPLICATION      Nominations may be submitted on the standard IAEA application Form for
PROCEDURE        Meetings/Workshops (attached). Completed nomination forms should be
                 endorsed by and returned through the official channels established, the
                 national institution responsible for IAEA matters.
                 Applications must be received by the International Atomic Energy Agency,
                 P.O. Box 100, A-1400 Vienna, Austria, not later than 31July 2011.

                 Nominations received after the deadline or not routed through the
                 aforementioned official channel cannot be considered.

                 Advanced nominations by facsimile (+43-1-2600 7), or e-mail
                 (Official.Mail@IAEA.ORG) are welcomed. The facsimile / e-mail should
                 contain the following basic information about the candidate: name, age,
                 academic qualifications, present position including exact nature of duties
                 carried out, proficiency in English and full working address including
                 telephone / facsimile numbers

ADMINISTRATIVE   Nominating Governments will be informed in due course of the names of
AND FINANCIAL    candidates who have been selected and will at that time be given full details
ARRANGEMENTS     on the procedures to be followed with regard to administrative and financial
                 Selected, participants from countries eligible to receive technical assistance
                 will be provided with a round-trip air ticket from their home countries to
                 Busan, ROK and return from Seoul, ROK and Daily Subsistence Allowance
                 (DSA) at the prevailing UN Rate. Shipment of accumulated meeting
                 materials to the participants' home countries is not the responsibility of the
                 The organizers of the meeting do not accept liability for the payment of any
                 cost or compensation that may arise from damage to or loss of personal
                 property, or from illness, injury, disability or death of a participant while
                 he/she is travelling to and from or attending the seminar, and it is clearly
                 understood that each Government, in nominating participants, undertakes
                 responsibility for such coverage. Governments would be well advised to
                 take out insurance against these risks.

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