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									This is a compilation of posts from past DTTUSA members and what they did - I just copied/pasted the
info into a text file for the past two years:

VERY IMPORTANT - verify that names (Fiance and mine) are spelled exactly the same on BC, passports
and documents.

DOCUMENTS FOR CONSULATE: I will attach supporting docs to the form in the following order:
- (2) Forms DS-156

- (1) Form DS-156K (unsigned) and supporting docs:
Fiance BC in extensiva and legalizada*
Fiance's daughter BC in extensiva and legalizada
Evidence of Engagement to your Fiancee (I'm providing our oficiant's contract that will be performing
our ceremony, it has both our names)
Evidence of Financial Support (providing the I-864, see below)

- (1) Form DS-230 Part I

- I-864 - I'm going with the recommendation to provide the I-864 rather than the I-134 - and supporting
copies of 2006, 2005 and 2004 1040s
copies of 2006, 2005 and 2004 W-2s

- Police Certificate**
- Medical exam***
- Banco Popular receipt (US$110 if paid before Jan. 1)

In addition:
- Fiance's Passport

- X-Ray from medical exam
- Fiance's Cedula
- (2) 2x2 color photographs (have SO sign the back of photos)
- My Passport (I have a breakdown of all entry and exits to and from the DR)
- My US BC in extensiva and legalizada (meaning raised seal and states my parents names)

OTHER DOCS (just in case):
- Paystubs
- Job letter
- Original packet sent to USCIS (copies)
- Receipts from USCIS both NOA1 and NOA2
RELATIONSHIP PROOF: I have an expandable folder with the following:
- Pictures (at least 50, sorted by date)
- Phone records (residential, cell and phone cards) from the last three years
- personal items we've exchanges such as cards, etc
- Airline tickets receipts
- Car rentals and hotels receipts

* We got two to make sure we bring one copy with us to the US.

- (2) 2X2 color photographs
- Copy of Cedula
- RD$330

- medical exam information sheet (that came in package)
- appointment letter (that came in package)
- Fiance passport
- (3) 2x2 color photographs
- Cédula
- US$100 for exam
- US$98 for vaccination

1. For exam office open: Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m
2. Consultorios de Visa address: Avenida Independencia 202, Condominio Santa Ana, Primera Planta (al
lado de la Clínica Abreu), en Santo Domingo.
3. To pick-up your results you should return to the Consultorios de Visa at 2:00 p.m. of the day BEFORE
your consular section appointment. YOU MUST BRING YOUR PASSPORT IN ORDER FOR US TO GIVE YOU
4. Make sure Fiance gets three things done: blood work, vaccinations and physical

- NO cell phones or electronic things of any kind, no cigarette lighters, no PDA's, no nothing allowed at
- Be in line no later than 5:00AM
- Please note that for K1 and K3 visa's, its usually the line against the wall
- Have your passports and blue appointment paper in your hand, also your SO's 2 x 2 photos (make sure
SO signs the back of photos)
- Ask for proof of vaccination from consulate that medical provided
- Courier service:
o Confirm courier contact number 809-616-6633
o Have visa shipped to XX house: address xyz
o Use Fiance's cell: 809-XXX-XXX

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