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					         TO: All Department Personnel                       FROM: Christopher M. Moore
                                                                  Chief of Police

 SUBJECT: Traffic Stop Involving Mayor Reed                 DATE: September 12, 2012

Approved                                                    Date

By now, most of you know that yesterday Mayor Reed was issued a traffic citation by one of our
officers. Although the traffic stop itself and the subsequent citation were routine in nature and
served as an example of professional law enforcement, what occurred afterward was an entirely
different matter.

By all accounts, the interaction between the Mayor and the involved officer was low key and
professional. It was similar to many other traffic stops conducted yesterday by our officers. A
beat officer observed a traffic violation, stopped the violator and proceeded to issue a citation.
The stop concluded and both parties left the scene. Our professional duties completed, the matter
should have ended right there.

What occurred next was incredibly disappointing and professionally embarrassing to all of us.
Sometime after the conclusion of the stop, one of our officers took a photograph of the citation
and it was made available to the public via social media. This release was a clear violation of our
Duty Manual policy regarding the use of social media and was clearly intended to embarrass the
Mayor. Unfortunately, the actions of a few individuals have taken what was a routine incident
and turned it into an unneeded distraction for all of us.

I have directed that an administrative investigation be initiated to determine the circumstances
surrounding the release of the citation. The individuals found to be responsible will be subject to
discipline. I must emphasize that this investigation has nothing to do with the traffic stop or the
citation. It is solely focused on the inappropriate release of information via social media.

I would also like to dispel a rumor that the Mayor called me from the scene seeking my
intervention. This is not true. It was, again, a routine traffic stop. In fact, the only time I have
spoken to the Mayor since the incident was a telephone call that I placed to him this morning to
apologize—not for the citation, rather for the unprofessional conduct of our personnel.

I realize that we, as a Department and a city, have been through an extraordinarily difficult
period. That said, we must maintain our professionalism at all times. I truly appreciate all of the
outstanding police work that you do on a daily basis.

                                                      Christopher M. Moore
                                                      Chief of Police