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                           MRF Quality Manual                         Issue 1
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                                Quality Manual – Template 1

1      Approvals, control and amendment                                   3
              1.1 Management system scope

2      Introduction                                                       4
              2.1 Overview and company history

3      Management system                                                  4
             3.1 General requirements
             3.2 Documentation requirements

4      Management responsibility                                          5
             4.1 Management commitment
             4.2 Customer focus
             4.3 Quality policy
             4.4 Planning
             4.5 Responsibility, authority and communication
             4.6 Management review

5      Resource management                                                9
              5.1 Provision of resources
              5.2 Human resources
              5.3 Infrastructure
              5.4 Work environment

6      Product and service realisation                                    10
              6.1 Planning of product and service realisation
              6.2 Customer-related processes
              6.3 Design and development
              6.4 Purchasing
              6.5 Production and service provision
              6.6 Control and monitoring of measuring devices

7      Measurement, analysis and improvement                              12
              7.1 General
              7.2 Monitoring and measurement
              7.3 Control of non-conforming product
              7.4 Analysis of data
              7.5 Improvement

Appendix 1     Quality procedure index                                    15
Appendix 2     Quality policy statement                                   16
Appendix 3     Quality objectives                                         17
Appendix 4     Process inter-relationship                                 18

                           MRF Quality Manual                   Issue 1                     2
DRAFT                                                                                           MRF NAME
                                    Quality Manual – Template 1
1     Approvals, control and amendment

An approval signature on the front cover indicates approval of this manual. Controlled copies
are identified by controlled status on front cover - only controlled copies will be automatically updated. Amendments to
sections of this manual are detailed in the following table. Approval of the amendment is indicated by Management
Representative’s initials on master soft copy and original signature on physical controlled copies.

Document history and change record

                   Issue          Issue date                               Description of change

                     1.0           03/12/08        Initial Issue

Note: Within this manual template, red italic text should be replaced by MRF specific information and the guidance in ‘text
boxes’ should be implemented. All of the text in this manual template is sample text however it is known to meet ISO
certification requirements.

Blue text indicates where a change / clarification in relation to ISO 9001:2008 has been incorporated.

The following are registered holders of controlled copies of the Quality Manual:

Position                                                                                                 Manual Number

MRF Manager (Management Representative)                  01

Distribution of the management system documentation is by controlled master soft copy over the MRF network.

1.1      Management system scope

The scope of the MRF Name management system is as follows:

The segregation, processing and recycling of dry co-mingled materials.

                               MRF Quality Manual                              Issue 1                                   3
DRAFT                                                                                            MRF NAME
                                     Quality Manual – Template 1

2        Overview and company history

MRF Name was established in 19yy. The initial concept and core company business activity was as a twenty-four hour,
seven day a week waste logistics service provider, supporting both waste collection agencies and local councils…

The company’s MRF is an established facility …

Our MRF operation philosophy ensures that we maximise production capacity and reintroduce to the supply chain
everything that is produced. We control the quality of feedstock which results in quality material being produced,
minimising residue whilst maximising recovery of recyclables.

The MRF is an essential stage in the recycling process. In addition to sorting the materials into their respective grades we
remove materials which are considered to be contaminates, thereby eliminating any problems that they cause at the MRF
or later in the recycling process at the destination factories.

Key clients include:                                                 The above ‘overview and company history’
      Council 1                                                     information is to be updated / made specific
      Council 2                                                     to the MRF – this allows the manual to be
      Client 3                                                      ‘outward facing’ and gives the reader an
      Client 4                                                      overview of the MRFs capabilities.
      ANO Borough and County Council

MRF Name is registered with The Environment Agency as a licensed waste handler.

The design and implementation of the MRF Name quality management system has been influenced by MRF Names
particular business environment and risks associated with that environment. In addition, the system has been structured to
support the varying needs of the business, its particular objectives, the services it provides, the processes it employs and
its size and organisational structure.

The implementation of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 international standard have been used to meet customer
and statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to products and services. The implementation and interaction of the
system processes are managed to produce the desired process outcome.

In relation to the International Standard and MRF Names implementation of ISO 9001:2008 the term “product” applies to
the product intended for, or required by, a customer or the product realisation processes. This applies to any intended
output resulting from a product realisation processes, including purchasing.

Where appropriate, statutory and regulatory requirements are also expressed as legal requirements.

3        Management system

3.1      Quality Management System (QMS)

MRF Name has established a QMS in order to ensure that the company:

     Meets or exceeds the requirements and expectations of its customers.
     Continuously monitors, measures and improves customer satisfaction.
     Continuously monitors, measures and improves its own performance.

Through meeting these objectives, MRF Name seeks to manage the effective implementation of their Waste Collection,
Sorting, Recycling and Disposal services.

The QMS is designed to assist with the identification, interaction, control, monitoring, analysis and improvement of all key
business processes. These key processes are managed to ensure:

     Conforming services are delivered.
     Control methodologies are in place and effective.
     Adequate resources are available (including competent personnel).
     Non-conformities are prevented.
     Measurable quality objectives are satisfied.

                               MRF Quality Manual                               Issue 1                                        4
DRAFT                                                                                          MRF NAME
                                    Quality Manual – Template 1
The effectiveness of the QMS is regularly audited, reviewed and improved in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and the
needs of the business.

Where processes are outsourced (e.g. management system consultancy, Health & Safety support etc) appropriate control
over these processes is implemented. This includes vendor evaluation and selection, product verification and subcontractor
monitoring / feedback.

3.2     Documentation requirements

3.2.1   General

The MRF Name MS comprises three main parts, the Quality Manual (QM), the Quality Procedures (QPs - indexed in
Appendix 1) and MRF Name process documents (instructions). These are supported by associated controls and a range of
Records and Forms (QFs), which are referenced from each procedure where appropriate.

All QMS documentation necessary to support the key business processes has been prepared in accordance with the
requirements of applicable standards.

3.2.2   Quality manual

The MRF Name management system is designed to address all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 with the following

ISO 9001:2008, 7.3 Design and Development                                            Note: Exclusions can be limited to
                                                                                     clause 7 of ISO 9001 and must be
The interactions between the procedures and processes referenced in this             justified and must not affect the
manual are summarised in Appendix 4.                                                 MRFs ability to meet client and
                                                                                     statutory and regulatory
3.2.3   Control of documents                                                         requirements.

The majority of the company’s QMS documents are stored in an electronic format on shared drives / company network. In
line with this management of electronic documents, a computer backup system is used to provide appropriate document
and data protection.

All controlled documents are approved, reviewed, updated and controlled in accordance with QP01, Control of
Documents Procedure. Only the latest issue of any document is maintained. If it is necessary to hold superseded
documents, these will be identified accordingly.

Changes to controlled documents are made in accordance with QP01. A register is kept for all controlled documents and
hard copies of the Manual and associated procedures / process documents are maintained as reference controlled copies.

Where process documents are more widely distributed as controlled copies (e.g. Work Instruction), these are logged and
updated in a controlled manner through a Register of Controlled Documents.

Documents of external origin, determined by the organisation to be necessary for the planning and operation of the QMS,
are also appropriately controlled.

3.2.4    Control of records

The control of records and data that provide evidence of conformance to requirements and the effective operation of the
quality of services and is documented in QP02, Control of Records Procedure.

All documents referenced from QP02 are stored in either hard copy or electronic form for the retention time specified.
This retention time is based on business, regulatory and customer requirements. The data is stored in such a way as to
allow easy cross-reference and retrieval, with key records stored on computer systems being backed up periodically
through MRF Name IT facilities.

4       Management responsibility

4.1     Management commitment

Management commitment to the development, implementation and improvement of the management system is
demonstrable through the continual communication of quality requirements, establishing and support of quality policy and
objectives, the full participation in management reviews, and the provision of appropriate resources.

                              MRF Quality Manual                             Issue 1                                      5
DRAFT                                                                                             MRF NAME
                                     Quality Manual – Template 1
4.2      Customer focus

Customer satisfaction is monitored and enhanced through ensuring customer requirements for the services offered are
determined and understood (whether fully specified or not). Customer satisfaction is monitored using appropriate and
documented measures.

4.3      Quality policy

A Quality Policy has been produced, reviewed and approved to ensure it is appropriate to the business, demonstrates
commitment to the achievement of quality and supports continual improvement. The policy is also used to provide a
framework for quality objectives. The policy is shown in Appendix 2 and a signed copy of this policy statement is displayed
and is communicated to all staff. The policy is made available to the public via the MRF Name web site and is reviewed at
periodic Management Review.

4.4      Planning

4.4.1    Quality objectives

Measurable objectives have been formulated and communicated to all personnel as appropriate. Procedures, processes
and management system controls have been developed to help ensure that these objectives are met. The results of
management system effectiveness and customer satisfaction monitoring is analysed and reviewed in conjunction with
these objectives.

4.4.2    Management system planning

Planning activities are undertaken to ensure the requirements for quality will be met through the implementation and
improvement of the management system. This includes maintaining the integrity of the system during any significant

4.5      Responsibility, authority and communication

4.5.1    Responsibility and authority
                                                                   The responsibilities and authorities documented in this section
                                                                   4.5.1 are samples and need to be adjusted for the MRFs own
                                                                   organisation. The manual should include responsibilities of the
                                                                   management team and staff that have a specific responsibility
                                                                   in relation to the management system.

The responsibilities of key staff are generally defined by job role description/contract of employment. Core responsibilities
are detailed below. Individual operational responsibilities of other personnel are defined in the relevant operational

Managing Director
The MRF Name Managing Director is ultimately responsible for quality of service delivery and ensuring all Company
employees are aware of the Company's Quality Policy. Responsibilities include the following:
     Establishing the long-term strategy and policy for the company’s operations.
     Ensuring that the company has the competence and resources to fulfil its business and management system
      objectives, and to deliver against the agreed strategy.
     Monitoring, measurement, analysis, review and improvement of the performance of the company’s operations
      against the core measurable quality objectives, and against the overall company objectives.
     Health & Safety as defined within the company Health & Safety Policy.
     Personnel / provision of adequate resources.

The Managing Director has appointed a Management Representative (MRF Manager) with responsibility and authority for
managing the integrated Management System. The Managing Director will deputise in carrying out routine Quality
management activities in the absence of the Management Representative.

Management Representative (MRF Manager)
The Management Representative is responsible for:
    Ensuring the Company's quality system remains effective and continues to meet the quality policy, quality objectives
     and requirements of the business.
    Overseeing the Internal auditing process.
    Providing appropriate input to periodic management reviews.

                               MRF Quality Manual                               Issue 1                                         6
DRAFT                                                                                               MRF NAME
                                      Quality Manual – Template 1
The MRF Manager is the Quality Management Representative. An overview of these responsibilities are outlined in section
5.5.2 below.

MRF Manager
The MRF Manager is responsible for ……

Other responsibilities include the implementation and active participation in individual’s awareness and understanding of
the company’s Health & Safety system.

Operations Manager
The Operations Manager is responsible for the operational activities both within the company and on-site locations. This
includes quality of work, allocation of suitably trained and qualified staff, adherence to set procedures, co-ordination of all
site related activities / requirements, including Health & Safety concerns and Legislative and Regulatory requirements.
Where some of the above is delegated to assigned staff, this is identified in related procedures.

The Purchasing Team are responsible for all purchasing and purchase related activities. This includes; office / general
consumables, Health & Safety standard issue items (clothing, PPE etc), subcontract services, supplier evaluation, and the
integrity, storage and stock control of deliverables.

Health & Safety Manager
The Health & Safety Manager is responsible for:
      Implementation of the company’s Health & Safety regime as dictated by legislative directives.
      Ensuring safe working practices are satisfactorily implemented and supervised as appropriate to individuals
       understanding and training.
      Undertaking of site risk assessments.
      Investigating, recording and reporting services related accidents, near misses and individuals ill health potentially
       resulting from work undertaken.
      Establishing continuous dialogue with employees with respect to Health & Safety concerns, issues and in-house
       training, and the maintenance of records to support such undertakings.
      Ensuring Health & Safety Directives are followed.
      Advising senior management and concerned parties of changes in Health & Safety legislation, cods of practice and
       industrial related standards.
      Reporting details of accidents, dangerous occurrences or diseases that are notifiable to the enforcing authority.
      Liaising with external consultants on Health & Safety issues which may be detrimental to the staff or company.
      Liaising with external organisations, including emergency services etc, as applicable.
      The maintenance of a schedule of statutory examinations of plant and equipment and informing managers of
       impending examinations.
      The maintenance and calibration of Health & Safety equipment etc.

Maintenance Supervisor
The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the general upkeep of company vehicles and utilities to ensure ongoing
roadworthiness. Scheduling six-weekly vehicle checks and recording / reporting concerns identified. They are also
responsible for raising purchase requests for appropriation of spares / vehicle requirements.
Note: Major defects / maintenance requirements are subcontracted to main dealerships as applicable to job requirements.

Drivers / Site Engineers
Drivers / Site Engineers are responsible for undertaking assignments as defined / directed by the issue of job sheets and
conforming to site / client directives including specified Health & Safety constraints / directives. They are also responsible
for the completion of all site related documentation specific to the job / driver activities. Drivers are also responsible for the
daily roadworthiness of assigned vehicle and auxiliary service equipment as per the statutory rules laid down by the
Vehicle Inspectorate Department for Transport (VOSA). Identified concerns are recorded and notified to the appropriate
manager for rectification.

Quality Auditor
The Quality Auditor is responsible for auditing of management system processes and reporting audit findings to the
Management Representative.

It is the duty of all employees to act within the legal responsibilities imposed upon them and the company Quality Policy.
All employees are to be familiar with the environmental policies and procedures of the company.

                                MRF Quality Manual                                Issue 1                                       7
DRAFT                                                                                             MRF NAME
                                     Quality Manual – Template 1
Visitors / business partners
Visitors / business partners are made aware of the Quality Management System, company policy and procedures. During
their time on MRF Names sites, all visitors are to conduct their business with due consideration to create a minimum
impact on the environment and observe the MRF Name Quality Policy.

Additional responsibilities are described in the company quality procedures. A list of these is in Appendix 1 of this manual.
Appropriate resource will be made available essential to the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the
integrated management system. The company structure is documented in an organisation chart located on the network.

                                                                        In line with ISO 9001:2008, the role of Management
                                                                        Representative must be a member of the
                                                                        ‘organisations management’ and can no longer be
                                                                        ‘subcontracted’ to an external consultant.
                                                                        The internal auditing activity can be provided via
                                                                        either internal, trained (competent) resource or via an
                                                                        external consultant.

4.5.2    Management representative

The Management Representative (MR) is the MRF Manager.

In addition to other responsibilities, the MR has the authority and responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of
the QMS in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.

In this respect, the Management Representative has general responsibility for:
       Implementation, operation and maintenance of the QMS.
       Reporting the effectiveness of the QMS to the Management Team.
       Promoting customer awareness throughout the organisation.
       Identifying areas of business and QMS improvement.
       Facilitating the implementation of preventive and corrective actions.

4.5.3    Communication

The Managing Director will ensure that information regarding the performance and effectiveness of the Management
System is communicated, through the Management Representative, to the organisation. Key business information,
performance against targets and effectiveness of the QMS is communicated to the Management Team at monthly
meetings. This information is cascaded throughout the company as appropriate by hardcopy and electronic means.

4.6      Management review

4.6.1    General

The continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the MS is reviewed by Senior Management at least annually. This
will include an assessment of any improvement opportunities and the need for any changes to the MS, including policy and
objectives. A record of all Management Review Meetings is maintained.

4.6.2    Review input

The review inputs include, but are not limited to:
     Follow up actions from previous reviews.
     Results of internal audits.
     Customer feedback, complaints and analysis.
     Process performance and service conformity.
     Status of corrective and preventive actions.
     Changes affecting the Management System.
     Improvement recommendations.

4.6.3    Review output

The outputs from this review will include actions and decisions in relation to:
     Improvements in the effectiveness of the QMS.
     Required resources / training requirements.
     Required audits.
     Customer service and delivery improvements.
                               MRF Quality Manual                                 Issue 1                                   8
DRAFT                                                                                             MRF NAME
                                     Quality Manual – Template 1
Further details are given in the Management Review procedure, QP03.

5.0      Resource management

5.1      Provision of resources

Senior management are responsible for providing the necessary resources in terms of both personnel and equipment to
ensure that the processes outlined in the QMS are carried out throughout the entire service realisation process.

Trained auditors are used to ensure that the QMS is followed and that improvements that enhance customer satisfaction
are carried out in a controlled manner.

Auditing is carried out by personnel independent of the process being assessed.

5.2      Human resources

5.2.1    General

It is MRF Names policy that personnel performing work affecting quality are competent based on appropriate education,
training, skills and experience. This is verified through audit and review, and is recorded as appropriate in an individual’s
personnel file.

NOTE: Conformity to product requirements may be affected directly or indirectly by personnel performing any task within
the quality management system.

5.2.2    Competence, awareness and training

The resource and competency requirements for tasks or roles that affect quality are evaluated and recorded by way of job
descriptions/contracts of employment and the relevant quality records i.e. skills matrices and training and personnel
records. The effectiveness of training carried out is recorded and evaluated through the competence that has been

Control of the training process is in accordance with procedure Resource Management QP04.

All new employees are taken through an induction process to comply with quality and Health & Safety requirements. The
induction also covers company background, facility and materials / service awareness and customer familiarisation.

Training is available for all employees and is planned and recorded by the use of skills matrices / individual training
records. The effectiveness of both internal and external training is evaluated and recorded, and subsequent corrective
actions are implemented as required.

A review of training effectiveness and ongoing requirements is carried out at least annually and training records are

5.3      Infrastructure

All functional areas are provided with the infrastructure required to achieve conformity to business and quality
requirements. This includes buildings, workspace, equipment, vehicles, communications, information systems and
supporting services.

The suitability of buildings, equipment, plant, machinery and workspace is reviewed during management review and
periodic internal management meetings.

5.4      Working environment

Appropriate working environments have been considered and implemented in achieving service conformity. These include
appropriate office space, IT infrastructure, utilities and facilities. Health & Safety issues are considered and appropriate
practices implemented to ensure safe working conditions.

NOTE The term "work environment" relates to conditions under which work is performed including physical, environmental
and other factors (such as noise, temperature, humidity, lighting, or weather).

                               MRF Quality Manual                                Issue 1                                        9
DRAFT                                                                                              MRF NAME
                                     Quality Manual – Template 1
6        Product and service realisation

6.1      Planning of product and service realisation

Planning of product (output material) and service realisation is carried out at the initial phase of a major contract or the
introduction of a new waste / output materials and service. This process may include the review and planning of quality
objectives and requirements for the output material / service, the documents and resources required. The planning of
output material and service realisation also includes the required verification, validation, monitoring, measurement,
inspection and test activities specific to the service and the criteria for output material acceptance.

For any major new projects, project management activities and planning is carried out during the concept phase of a

6.2     Customer related processes

6.2.1    Determination of customer requirements

MRF Name review all enquiries, orders and contracts received from customers to ensure that their requirements can be
met in full and any ambiguities resolved. This determination and capture of product requirements includes the clarification
and agreement of customer requirements including activity scope and service requirements. Any requirements not
specified by the customer but necessary for product or service implementation or compliance with any related statutory
and regulatory requirements are also considered to be a part of this process.

Determination of output material / service level requirements include the statutory and regulatory requirements applicable
to the activity and any additional requirements considered necessary by the MRF. This may include post service delivery
activities. Post delivery activities may include actions under contractual obligations such as support services and
supplementary services.

6.2.2    Review of customer requirements

All customer orders / contracts are reviewed to ensure that service, quantity and delivery requirements can be satisfied.
Recyclate received as part of an existing contract is reviewed to ensure alignment with existing enquiries or orders. Any
conflict with the standard operational processes are referred back to the customer for resolution.

Orders or enquiries for new or non-standard recycling services are reviewed and referred to the Managing Director to
establish whether current processes and controls are suitable. Any changes to order requirements are reviewed and
communicated to other functions within the company. Records of these reviews are maintained.

Further details are given in procedure QP05, Customer Processes.

6.2.3    Customer communication

Capability, facility and service information is supplied to customers via web site, brochures, email and through direct sales
/ personal contacts.

Communications such as enquiries, quotes, orders and amendment details are appropriately stored and identified by
customer and contract number.

Customer feedback is proactively sought via direct contact and satisfaction monitoring.

Complaints are documented and recorded in accordance with QP12, Monitoring, Measurement and Improvement.

6.2.4    Design and development

Excluded – no design or development activities are currently carried out by MRF Name.

6.4     Purchasing

6.4.1    Evaluation and selection of partners and suppliers

Suppliers and subcontractors are selected on their ability to provide quality goods and services, delivered on time and at
the right price. All suppliers, including outsource partners, are subjected to a supplier quality assurance process.

The level and depth of this process depends on the impact the supplied product or service has on service realisation. A list
of approved suppliers is maintained and their performance monitored.
                               MRF Quality Manual                                Issue 1                                       10
DRAFT                                                                                            MRF NAME
                                     Quality Manual – Template 1
Subcontractors are reviewed on an annual basis to establish their suitability to act on MRF Names behalf. MRF Name
realise the importance of fostering good supplier relationships. All key suppliers have been made aware of requirements in
terms of quality and regulatory requirements, delivery and price and they are encouraged to highlight any concerns they
may have about meeting these requirements.

The criteria for selection and evaluation of suppliers are contained in the Purchasing Procedure QP06.

6.4.2     Purchasing information

Numbered purchase orders are used for the purchase of all key goods and services. Order numbers are generated and
recorded via a purchase order system.

Purchase orders contain sufficient details to accurately describe the product or services ordered, and will be supported by
detailed purchasing information such as supply agreements or specifications where appropriate.

Approval of purchase orders is in accordance with Purchasing Procedure QP06.

6.4.3     Verification of purchased product

Suitable verification documentation is requested from suppliers as appropriate. This documentation is requested via the
purchase order and can include certificates of conformity and associated data.

If required within the contract, arrangements for the customer to verify purchases and subcontracted work will be written
into the purchase order.

Where appropriate, an incoming inspection will be carried out in accordance with Purchasing Procedure QP06.

6.5      Production and service provision

6.5.1     Control of product and service provision

Materials are separated by manual and mechanical means with routine inspection at all stages of the process. These
services are performed under controlled conditions. This includes:

       The use of work instructions (where necessary).
       Monitoring and verification of materials and services.
       Standard working methods.
       Identification of standards of acceptable work to be achieved by staff.

6.5.2     Validation of processes

While the output from service provision processes are verified through subsequent monitoring or measurement, the
capabilities of all service / recycling processes are regularly monitored to achieve ongoing improvement and re-validation.

An in-process reject / hold system is in place and is used to identify waste / output materials / services that do not comply
with specification, customer requirements or environmental directives at any stage. Records are kept of all shipment and
disposal activities to demonstrate conformance of service.

6.5.3 Identification and traceability

A unique works order number identifies all work being processed, and is       Allocation of unique activity identifiers
allocated on receipt of an order. This number is recorded on all              requires review. This must include Duty of
documentation associated with that individual material recover process        Care references that are required on Waste
and affords materials traceability throughout the initial receipt / sorting   Transfer Notes.
and baling to final dispatch / disposal.

6.5.4     Customer property

When customer’s property, site, material, samples, products etc. are made available to the company they will be treated as
a supplier for the purpose of the Management System requirements.

Customer’s property that is lost, damaged or otherwise unsuitable for collection / disposal is recorded and reported to the
customer and senior management.

                                MRF Quality Manual                                Issue 1                                  11
DRAFT                                                                                             MRF NAME
                                     Quality Manual – Template 1
All employees are responsible for taking care of customer’s property at all times.
Free issue material or property is treated as if received from a supplier.

Further details of service provision, validation of processes, identification and trace-ability and customer property can be
found in Service Provision and Operations Procedure QP07 and associated MRF Name process documents.

6.5.5    Preservation

The procedures for the handling, storage, identification and protection of recyclates during the MRF processes are
implemented accordingly.

Waste materials delivered to the MRF site are received, processed (sorted) baled and despatched and in an appropriate
and established safe and recognised manner to ensure that no significant damage or deterioration occurs that could result
in reduction of material quality and / or any potential statutory or environmental consequences.

Protective garments and appropriate transfer equipment is supplied during each process stage to protect personnel and
preserve the conformity of the recycling activity at all times.

All recyclable materials are handled safely and carefully so that no deterioration occurs during transportation to their
destination. Protective clothing is worn at appropriate stages during the MRF processes.

6.6      Control of monitoring and measuring devices

All equipment / vehicles that are used for MRF purposes, Health & Safety purposes, inspection, measuring and testing to
demonstrate the conformance of the service process are controlled and calibrated.

The weighbridge is calibrated on an annual basis. In addition, it is subjected to regular verification against a known

All vehicles and associated equipment is checked prior to use to ensure satisfactory status / fitness for use.

Where appropriate, calibration is traceable to National or International Standards and the calibration status identified.
When the equipment fails, the validity of the use prior to this is assessed and appropriate actions taken.

Further details are given in procedure QP08, Control of Equipment.

7.0      Measurement, analysis and improvement

7.1      General

Monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement activities are implemented to demonstrate conformity of processes
and services from initial Customer contact through to final acceptance of implemented services / delivered materials.

Monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement processes will also be implemented to demonstrate conformity and
potential improvement of the management systems. Further details are given in the Monitoring, Measurement and
Improvement Procedure QP10, which includes Corrective and Preventive Action.

7.2      Monitoring and measurement

7.2.1   Customer satisfaction

The requirements of the customer are taken into account at all stages of service delivery, by the recording of customer
acceptance, and monitoring of customer satisfaction. This is achieved by regular customer contact, monitoring of feedback
and customer satisfaction surveying in accordance with Procedure QP10.

The data obtained from the above monitoring is reported in the form of metrics detailing customer satisfaction against
targets set out by management review.

7.2.2    Internal audit

Internal audits are performed periodically to verify the use and effectiveness of the quality systems. The audit programme
is planned and published, taking into account the status and importance of the processes to be audited as well as previous
audit results. Internal audits are carried out in accordance with Internal Audit Procedure QP09.

                               MRF Quality Manual                               Issue 1                                     12
DRAFT                                                                                             MRF NAME
                                      Quality Manual – Template 1
7.2.3     Monitoring and measurement of processes and services

Monitoring and measurement of processes is implemented to demonstrate their ability to achieve planned results. Where
planned results are not achieved, corrective action is taken in a timely manner.

Where a process can be monitored and measured directly, it will be conducted through measurement of process
characteristics. A process that is unsuitable for direct measurement will be monitored through activities such as internal
audit and review of customer satisfaction data (where appropriate). The trends recorded through process monitoring and
measurement is reviewed at management reviews.

Materials are inspected during picking, before baling and are subject to final inspection prior to dispatch. On completion, a
Goods-Out note will be signed to authorise dispatch. In addition, where the materials are being transported via a
container, a photograph of the load will be taken.

7.3       Control of non-conformity

Non-conforming or badly contaminated materials are suitably identified by a label or marking, and segregated into a
quarantine area, wherever possible. Suppliers are informed of non-conformances and details are recorded in Incident
Reports, which are retained and reviewed by the Managing Director. When customer complaints are received, they will be
recorded, investigated and corrected to the satisfaction of the customer and the company.

Records of non-conformity are maintained and analysed as part of Management Review. Output material or service non-
conformities are reviewed by authorised staff in order to determine any remedial action and outputs are subsequently

In the event that an output material / service may not fully meet specified requirements, this may be reported on a
concession (quality report). Records of concessions will be held by the Management Representative.

Further details are also contained in procedure the Monitoring, Measurement and Improvement Procedure QP10.

7.4       Analysis of data

Appropriate data is collected and analysed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the management system processes and the
evaluation of where improvements in the system can be made.

The data generated from monitoring and measurement or other relevant sources is analysed to provide performance
information relating to:

a)      Customer satisfaction.
b)      Conformity of services.
c)      Trends / characteristics of processes / services and preventive action opportunities.
d)      Supplier performance.

7.5       Improvement

7.5.1     Continual improvement

Opportunities for continual improvement will be identified through the review of quality policy, objectives, audit results,
analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions and management review.

Improvements identified and implemented, and the resulting benefits are monitored and the results reported at the
management review.

7.5.2     Corrective action

Any non-conformities will be analysed to develop corrective actions that eliminate cause and prevent recurrence.
Monitoring, Measurement and Improvement Procedure QP10 outlines requirements for:

       Reviewing non-conformities, including customer complaints.
       Determining the cause of non-conformities.
       Evaluating the need for action to prevent re-occurrence.
       Determining and implementing action needed.
       Recording results of action taken.
       Reviewing corrective action implemented.

                                MRF Quality Manual                               Issue 1                                      13
DRAFT                                                                                           MRF NAME
                                    Quality Manual – Template 1
Customer complaints are recorded via the Quality Reporting system and are prioritised accordingly. The effective and
timely implementation of corrective actions and complaint resolution is monitored.

7.5.3    Preventive action

A review of key processes will be conducted through audit or as indicated by quality data. This review will be used to
identify and eliminate potential non-conformities. The implementation and maintenance of effective procedures is also part
of preventive action planning.

Development of preventive measures also occurs as part of the service provision and contract planning process (risk
analysis). Risk assessments are produced for all new service operations / contracts. In addition, a process of continuous
review is applied to all services and processes to identify possible improvement opportunities.

Further details of Corrective and Preventive action is given in Monitoring, Measurement and Improvement
Procedure QP10.

                              MRF Quality Manual                               Issue 1                                      14
DRAFT                                                                                 MRF NAME
                                Quality Manual – Template 1

Appendix 1 - Index of quality system procedures

QP01          Control of Documents

QP02          Control of Records

QP03          Management Review

QP04          Resource Management

QP05          Customer Processes

QP06          Purchasing

QP07          Service Provision and Operations

QP08          Control of Equipment

QP09          Internal Audits

QP10          Monitoring, Measurement and Improvement
              (Includes Control of Non-Conformity Corrective and Preventive Action)

                           MRF Quality Manual                            Issue 1                 15
DRAFT                                                                                           MRF NAME
                                         Quality Manual – Template 1

Appendix 2 – Quality policy statement

MRF Name, aims to become a leading provider of material recovery facilities and support services.

In meeting the above, MRF Name also aims to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, high
quality, cost effective services and output materials within agreed timeframes thus generating the returns required to:

      Reward stakeholders for their investment.
      Reward our people for their efforts.
      Provide the funds to support future operations and company growth.
      Provide a stable and enjoyable work-place for the entire team.

MRF name is committed to the continual improvement of its performance by the monitoring of quality issues and through
involvement with customers, suppliers, regulatory authorities and the community.

To assist with the above, MRF name has implemented a Management System that meets the requirements of ISO

Compliance and improvement is monitored by process measures and internal audits and is maintained by the timely
implementation of preventive and corrective actions.

Meeting these standards is the responsibility of the entire team. MRF name is therefore committed to working with all
stakeholders to support effective operation of the company’s Quality Management System and the achievement of goals
and specific Quality Objectives.

(Original signed copy held in office).

                                MRF Quality Manual                             Issue 1                                    16
DRAFT                                                                                         MRF NAME
                                    Quality Manual – Template 1
Appendix 3 – Quality objectives

In line with the MRF Name Quality Management System, measurable quality (business) objectives are outlined below.

The documented Quality Policy has been used as a framework for these objectives.

The measurable objects are defined as follows:

Customer Satisfaction: A customer satisfaction target of 80% has been agreed. This means that analysis of
performance satisfaction surveys and factors such as complaints and associated feedback should indicate an 80% or more
overall satisfaction rating.

Process Performance: Key business processes have been defined as;
Incoming Material Receipt, Material Segregation, MRF Maintenance, Health & Safety Management and Sales. The targets
for these activities have been agreed as follows:

MRF Operations
Level of Incoming Material Contamination             <10%
Quality of Outgoing Paper Bale Material              >95%
Quality of Outgoing Aluminium Bale Material          >98%

MRF Maintenance
Equipment Utilisation                                         >90%
On Time Preventive maintenance                       >85%

Health & Safety Management
Number of near miss / reportable incidents           <0.5 / person / year

Proposal to Contract Success Rate                    >33%

Management Systems: The measure related to the certification of the MRF Names Management Systems is as follows:

Quality Certification Timescale                      Before end mm/yy
Environmental Certification Timescale                Before end mm/yy
Ongoing Certification Body feedback:                 < 2 Minor Nonconformities per audit

Internal Audit: The process measure relating to audits are designed to indicate process effectiveness and efficiency.

The process measures of Audits completed on Time (against schedule) and Level of Process Compliance (No of Compliant
findings c.f. observations / nonconformities) are as follows:
Audits on Time                       >80%
Process Compliance Level             >80% (based of audit findings)

Performance against these quality objectives and their associated targets will be reviewed at periodic Management Review

                              MRF Quality Manual                             Issue 1                                    17
DRAFT                                                                                                                  MRF NAME
                                                 Quality Manual – Template 1
Appendix 4 – Process interaction

                    Quality Assurance – Document Control (QP01), Control of Records (QP02), Management Review (QP03)

                    Support Processes – Resource Management (QP04), Purchasing (QP06), Calibration (QP08)

                                                           Service Provision         Customer
                                                            and Operations            Support
                                                                (QP07)               Processes
   Business           Customer Processes                                                               Service           Measurement,
   Planning                (QP05)                                                                    Delivery and        Improvement
                                                                                                     Acceptance           and Internal
                                                                                                                         Audits (QP09
                                                           Maintenance / Control                                           and QP10)
                                                           of Equipment (QP08)

                                      Customer Communication (QP05), Customer Satisfaction (QP10)

                             MRF Name Quality Manual                                                Issue 1                              18

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