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					                                                                                              Tech./Data Sheet
                    CONCRETE STAIN SEALER
PRODUCT NAME                                 Preparation: Concrete must be at           PACKAGING
                                             least 14 days old. All paint, oil, and      1 gallon, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon
 CONCRETE STAIN SEALER                       grease must be removed. Concrete            drum.
                                             must be etched as a porous surface
MANUFACTURER & DISTRIBUTOR                                                              COLOR
                                             is required. Etching should be done
                                             with 5 part water to 1 part Increte         CONCRETE STAIN SEALER is
                                             Systems Muratic Acid Solution.              available in 30 standard colors and
                                             Extremely hard or polished concrete         is available in custom colors at an
(813) 886-8811
                                             may require a second application            additional cost.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                          with stronger solution. Rinse
 A solvent-based concrete stain              surface thoroughly with plenty of
                                             clean water and let dry completely.         Available through distributors or
 formulated with acrylic resins
                                                                                         contact manufacturer.
 designed for deep penetration.              Roller Application: Always stir
                                             stain well before use, and during          TECHNICAL INFORMATION
BENEFITS                                     application to prevent settling and        Specific Gravity:           0.95-1.1
 Increte Systems CONCRETE                    ensure proper dispersion of                Non-volatile (wt):           35-40%
 STAIN SEALER is resistant to salt           colorant. For first coat only, reduce      Wetherometer G23F Type: 2000+hrs.
 spray, acids, alkali, water, ultraviolet    to 4 to 1 with Increte Systems Stain       Moisture Vapor Permeability: 0.001
 rays, and wet or dry abrasion. The          Reducer (use more reducer if               Hurricane Force Water:     No Effect
 specially formulated resin system           surface is dense). Use a solvent-          Abrasion Resistance:     12.5 g. loss
 has a very high resistance to traffic,      resistant (phenolic core) roller           Toukon Hardness:           12 (KHN)
 and the aromatic and aliphatic              applying stain not to exceed 250 ft
                                                                                    2                                      o
                                                                                        Glass Transition Temperature: 50 C
 solvents incorporated into our              per gallon. To help eliminate                                                  o
                                                                                        Flash Point:                    65 F
 system provide excellent penetration,       bubbling, saturate roller thoroughly                                         2
                                                                                        Coverage:                   250ft /gl
 flow and cure characteristics.              before starting and use a roller pan
 Pigment system is alkali-proof and          or a paint grid to remove excess           ACID & ALKALI
 lightfast, so color will not fade or        stain. A second coat must be               RESISTANCE TEST
 dieback prematurely.                        applied at full strength after the first    Each sample was allowed to react
RECOMMENDED USES                             coat has completely dried, usually a        for 24 hours under a watch glass,
 Increte Stamped Concrete System            minimum of 1-2 hours.                       washed with water, allowed to
                                                                                         recover for 30 minutes then
 Spray-Deck, Kool Deck or Keystone          Spray Application: Always stir
                                             stain well before use, and during           observed:
 Tennis Courts (Concrete Only)
 Shuffleboard Courts                        application to prevent settling and        Alkali
 Swimming Pool Coating                      ensure proper dispersion of                2% NaOH            Slight Dulling
                                             colorant. For first coat only, reduce
 Properly-prepared Steel Surfaces.                                                     5% Tide                No Effect
                                             to 4 to 1 with Increte Systems Stain       2% Ivory               No Effect
 As a Water Proof, Sun Proof, and a
                                             Reducer (use more reducer if
 Decorative Top Coating for Masonry         surface is dense). Use an airless
 Roofs and Walls.                           sprayer with a medium tip size and
                                                                                        5% Citric Acid         No Effect
                                                                                        Milk (Lactic Acid)        Slight
NON-RECOMMENDED USES                         very low pressure. If conditions are
                                             windy or extremely hot, adjust             Discoloration
 Do not use on wood surfaces. Do not                                                    5% HCl                    Slight
 use on areas sensitive to solvent           technique to avoid “dry spraying”
 attack. Do not use on wet surfaces.         the surface. A second coat at full         Discoloration
                                             strength must be sprayed after the         5% Phosphoric Acid     No Effect
APPLICATION PROCESS                          first coat is dry.                         Mustard              Slight Stain
Test areas should always be used                                                        Ketchup                No Effect
when unfamiliar with surface and/or
                                             High resistance to water, alkali, and      APPLICABLE STANDARDS
product. This extra step will determine
                                             abrasion results in a surface that is       Meets or exceeds applicable
if the surface is properly prepared,
                                             easily scrubbed with soap/detergent         Federal Standard TT-C555B, HUD
probable coverage, and the best
                                             and water on a repeated basis.              approved, ASTM 96-66, ASTM
method suited for application
                                             Rinse after cleaning                        G23F, Federal Standard 141.
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS                         WARRANTY
FLAMMABLE: Keep away from heat,            All recommendations, statements
sparks, and open flame. Ventilate          and technical data contained herein
area, do not let vapors accumulate.        based on tests we believe to be
Material can be irritating to eyes and     reliable and correct, but accuracy
skin. In case of contact, flood affected   and completeness of said tests are
area with water. See a Physician if        not guaranteed and are not to be
irritation persists.                       construed as a warranty, either
Avoid prolong breathing of vapors.         expresses or implied. User shall rely
Use approved organic vapor mask            on his own information and tests to
when TLV is exceeded.                      determine suitability of the product
KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.                   for the intended use and user
                                           assumes all risk and liability
                                           resulting from his use of the product
                                           of this manufacturer which proves to
                                           be defective. Neither seller nor
                                           manufacturer shall be liable to the
                                           buyer or any third person having
                                           any injury, loss or damage directly
                                           or indirectly resulting from use of or
                                           inability to use the product.
                                           Recommendations or statements
                                           other than those contained in
                                           written agreement signed by an
                                           officer of the manufacturer shall not
                                           be binding upon the manufacturer
                                           or seller.

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