Death Valley National Park by HC12091223161


									 Death Valley Was   Established in the year
 The park protects the northwest corner of
  the Mojave Desert and contains a diverse
  desert environment of salt-flats, sand
  dunes, badlands, valleys, canyons, and
  mountains. It is the largest national park in
  the lower 48 states and has been declared
  an International Biosphere Reserve.
  Approximately 95% of the park is a
  designated wilderness area.
In the year of 1939 a Millionaire couple
 had friend named Scotty. They had a
 castle built in the top left hand corner of
 Death Valley for him. Inside there various
 artifacts, pieces of furniture, and other
 objects that, are in surprisingly good
 condition for their age. If you go their
 today you can take a tour with a Death
 Valley park ranger in 1939 ranger
 Believe it or not, Death Valley is home to
 many creatures. Some of these include
 Roadrunner, Chuckwalla, and even
 Scorpions. Most animals that live
 in these environments have to
 be able to survive long times
 rain, or water for that matter,
 and the extreme heat as well.
Many people already know that Death
 Valley is very dry, very
 hot, and very sandy. It
 might by dry, cracking, and
 sandy, but it has some neat
 geography. For example, Grapewine
 Canyon is a known canyon at the top of
 Death Valley. Amazing hieroglyphics that
 have been engraved on rocks draw
 Every  once in a while sand storms blow
 around and can be (deadly). Also the
 info I have says something about “Light
 Pollution” as well. Over all, though, Death
 Valley is a very environmentally friendly
 Death Valleyis still open today. In the way
 of technology they use cars (of course) to
 get around. They don’t need much light
 because the sun supplies most of that.
 However, Death Valley isn’t what a regular
 person would consider “old”. It’s just
 very environmentally friendly.
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 Website (photo gallery)

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