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A veteran programmer with over 25 years of experience. Significant experience in PHP,
JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Prototype, XML, DOM, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Unix/Linux, Drupal,
Java SE, Servlets, JSP, C, C++, MFC, Visual Basic, VBA, MySQL, and SQL Server. Past experience
includes low-level coding, library/framework architecture, TCP/IP services, programming tools,
web site development, technical writing, project lead, database administration, network
administration, and healthcare industry, medical conference, call center, e-commerce, marketing,
personnel, payroll, banking, and financial applications.


 Contract Web Programming and Tech Services; Jacksonville, FL                      Nov. 03 to Present
      Performed custom web site development and coding. Performed custom programming on X-Cart
      e-commerce and Joomla! web sites. Provided hosting technical support and MySQL database
      administration. Performed web site and database migrations. Developed a ClickBank XML feed
      parser, a web crawler to fetch affiliate marketing pitch pages, and a review program that creates
      Joomla! content on the fly. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Linux, Apache, BASH scripting, Subversion,
      CSS, LAMP, DHTML, HTML, XHTML, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, cURL, Drupal, Joomla!, ECMAScript,
      HTML5, Google Maps API, Photoshop, Smarty, cPanel, Web Host Manager, Corel Paint Shop Pro,
      Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, VBA, Visual Basic.

 Sr. Web Developer; Jacksonville, FL                                             Dec. 07 to Jun. 08
 Integrated Marketing Solutions/Mediware Information Systems
       Developed and maintained medical conference software for NACDS and Cardinal Health.
       Developed and maintained web sites for the American Red Cross and independent blood centers.
       PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Linux, Apache, MySQL, LAMP, DOM, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML,
       CSS, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, Adobe Flash MX, ActionScript, Eclipse, Subversion, Photoshop,
       Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office.

 IT Manager; Jacksonville, FL                                                        Jun. 06 – Jul. 07
 Reditos International
       Installed, setup, and maintain company’s virtual call center. Load and maintain outbound
       telemarketing campaigns using’s virtual call center software. Installed, setup, and
       maintained company’s network. Administer e-mail and all other accounts. Troubleshoot VoIP
       problems. Chief point of contact for all computer hardware/software problems.
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 Sr. Web Developer, Sr. Database Administrator; Jacksonville, FL                   Apr. 00 to Oct. 03
 HomeSide Lending, Inc./Washington Mutual
     Designed and developed a web-based electronic funding system, which facilitates rapid funding of
     correspondent mortgage loans. Used Java for majority of the project, and C++ to communicate
     with client’s existing COM components. Used XML-RPC to communicate between COM and Java
     server processes. Rewrote the client’s Customer Service web site used for account information,
     transaction history, year-end statements, payoff statements, customer feedback, e-bills, and more.
     Used Java, JSP, and Servlets along with IBM WebSphere to provide the web front-end, and IBM
     MQSeries to communicate with a remote mainframe. Java, J2SE, J2EE, JSP, JDBC, JAXP, Servlets,
     JNI, JavaScript, WebSphere, MQSeries, C, C++, MFC, ATL, COM, XML, DOM, SAX, XML-RPC, SQL
     Server 2000, Microsoft Cluster Server, Windows NT, IIS, Oracle, Visual Basic, Perl, Together, ASP,
     Microsoft Access, Resin, PHP, ODBC, TCP/IP Sockets.

 Sr. Database Administrator; Jacksonville, FL                                      Feb. 98 to Feb. 00
 NationsBank/Bank of America
      C, C++, MFC, ISAPI, JavaScript, Sybase, SQL Server, Sybase Open Client SDK, DB-Library, Windows
      NT, Microsoft IIS, Oracle, Windows SDK, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages (ASP), ODBC, MS-DOS,
      MS Access, Java, Perl.

 Database Tools Developer, Sr. DBA; Jacksonville, FL                                 Feb. 94 to Feb. 98
 BancBoston Mortgage Corp./HomeSide Lending, Inc.
      C, C++, MFC, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Access, ISAPI, JavaScript, Active Server
      Pages, Windows NT, ActiveX/COM, Illustra, Oracle, Raima, lex/yacc, DB-Library, Windows SDK,
      ODBC, Netware SDK, Visual Basic, MS-DOS.

 Windows Application Developer; Jacksonville, FL                                      Oct. 93 to Feb. 94
 Barnett Bank/Barnett Technologies
      Sybase, PowerBuilder, C, Windows SDK, MS-DOS, WordBasic.

 Windows Application Developer; Jacksonville, FL                                      Feb. 92 to Oct. 93
 The Hamilton Collection
      C, Windows SDK, Sybase, SunOS, C shell, WordBasic, MS-DOS.

 Programming Tools Developer; San Antonio, TX and Jacksonville, FL              Jun. 87 to Dec. 92
 Nemisoft, Inc.
      Produced and marketed CXL, a very popular commercial software tools library for C/C++
      programmers, providing windowing, memory management, communications, system utilities,
      mouse input, string management, etc. C, C++, MS-DOS, OS/2, 8086 Assembly, FoxPro.

 Sr. Programmer/Analyst; San Antonio, TX                                          Sep. 82 to Mar. 90
 United States Air Force (Secret Clearance, Honorable Discharge)
      BASIC, dBASE, Ada, COBOL, Unix, Bourne Shell scripts, Unify 5000, Accell/4GL, MS-DOS, CP/M.

A`AS, Information Systems Technology                                                           Mar. 90
Community College of the Air Force, San Antonio, Texas
Résumé of Mike Smedley
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Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database, 40 hours   Aug. 02
Together 6.0 Quick Start, 24 hours                             Jun. 02
SQL Server 7.0 Database Administration, 40 hours               May 99
Perl Programming, 40 hours                                       Jul. 98
OLE Objects Using MFC, 40 hours                                Nov. 95
Netware 4.1 First Class, 16 hours                              Sep. 95
Using Illustra ORDMBS, 24 hours                                Dec. 94
Using Velocis RDBMS, 40 hours                                  Jun. 94
PowerBuilder Advanced DataWindows, 16 hours                     Jan. 94
PowerBuilder Performance Tuning and Techniques, 16 hours        Jan. 94
AT&T Accell 4th Generation Language, 40 hours                  Nov. 89
AT&T Unify RDBMS/SQL, 16 hours                                 Oct. 89
AT&T Communications Software, 57 hours                         Sep. 89
AT&T System Programming, 57 hours                              Aug. 89
Introduction to Ada, 112 hours                                 Mar. 89
Intro to Data Communications, 24 hours                         Sep. 87

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