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									                                       Welcome To Health
                                           8th Grade

Welcome to 8th grade Health Class. We will be meeting every day for a semester, so sit back,
relax and enjoy a wealth of information about health and wellness. This will probably be one of
the most important classes of your Middle School career because it will count for credit to
graduate High School. This class will also count as part of your High School grade point
average (GPA) so it is important to do your best on all assignments, tests and activities. Please
feel free to ask for help if you are having difficulty with any material that we cover. To help you
be successful please bring a notebook and folder just for Health that will be kept in the room. A
pen or pencil will also be needed every day. Taking part in class discussions and group activities
will help show me your understanding of the material and give you a good participation grade.
The class will be comprised of and graded on lectures, notes, journal entries, assignments,
computer work, class activities and discussions. Some of the topics we will be exploring are
listed below. Good luck, work hard, have fun and remember we are in this together.

8th grade Health Topics:

Health and Wellness
       Definitions and Importance
       Listening skills
       Communication skills
       Refusal skills
Decision Making and Problem Solving
       Decision making skills
       Goal setting
Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs
       Drug use and abuse
       Signs of drug dependence
       Underage drinking
       Signs of dependency
       Drug research and presentations
       External influences
Stress Management
       Stress management techniques
       Depression and teen suicide
Mental and Emotional Health
       Developing a positive identity
       Understanding and managing emotions
       Mental illness research and presentations
       Understanding death and grief

Injury Prevention/CPR/Violence
        First aid and EMS
      Injuries and illness research and presentations
Human Growth and Development
      Puberty and changes of body
      Male reproduction anatomy
      Female reproduction anatomy
      Abstinence and birth control
      Legal aspects of sex
      Gender roles and stereotypes
      Relationships/responsibilities and life goals
HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infections
      STI research and presentations
      What is HIV
      Living with HIV

There will be a parent meeting during parent/teacher conferences on October 11, 2012 to further
discuss and answer questions on the Human Growth and Development Curriculum.

Grading Scale

98-100   A+
93-97    A
90-92    A-
87-89    B+
83-86    B
80-82    B-

77-79    C+
73-76    C
70-72    C-
67-69    D+
63-66    D
60-62    D-
59 ↓     F
Late Homework Policy

Each student will receive one late work coupon to be used any time during the quarter. You can
staple this coupon to your assignment and receive full credit for it. If you do not use your coupon
and have all your work in for the quarter you can redeem it for 5 extra credit points. A new
coupon will be issued each quarter.

If you have used your coupon and don’t have your homework completed on the due date, you can
earn up to 60% by turning it in as long as it’s turned in before the end of the unit. Late work
turned in after the test on the material will earn you 1 point, simply to show that you did the work
and thus qualify for extra credit opportunities.

We realize that sometimes factors outside of the student’s control impact homework completion.
Therefore, all decisions concerning late work are ultimately left to the discretion of the teacher.

Extra Credit

There will be opportunities for extra credit throughout the quarter. At any time a student can
research current health information or articles and type two paragraphs (summary and
reaction/opinion) on the topic. The paper must have a resource such as a web address, magazine
publishing date and page, or newspaper date and page. The student will then have the chance to
speak in class about the topic for more credit. Extra credit will be awarded at the discretion of the
teacher based upon the effort and quality of work.

                    Please cut along this line and return to the teacher.

8th Grade Health Parent Signature Form – Please Return by September 11, 2012 __

Student Name___________________________________ Grade________________

I have read the attached syllabus and grading policies for 8th Grade Health. To opt out of
any Human Growth and Development topic contact the Middle School Principal, Paul
Uhren at 715-273-3908.

Parent/Guardian Signature________________________________ Date:___________

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