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   The Assertive Outreach Team is based at Arundel House, Smithdown
   Health Park, Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15 2HE. The team provides
   care and treatment for difficult to engage clients in the community, in
   keeping with the national service framework for mental health services.

   Referral can be made to the Assertive Outreach Team by completing in full
   the referral form, and providing with that a copy of a risk assessment and
   current CPA documentation. Trainees, however, should not initiate
   referral without the explicit agreement of the patients care co-ordination
   and consultant psychiatrist. Patients should also be told about the referral.

   The team is willing to consider referrals for patients who have a diagnosis
   of a severe and enduring mental illness, and who have had two or more
   admissions in the previous two years, or a total of 180 consecutive bed
   days or more in hospital. There should also be evidence of some of the

          -      a history of failure to engage with services
          -      a significant risk history
          -      a history of self-neglect
          -      a history of co-morbid substance misuse
          -      a history of non-compliance or resistance to treatment
          -      a history of unstable housing and/or social support

Full details of the inclusion and exclusion criteria for referral are listed on the
Assertive Outreach referral form.

Trainees on call may be asked to see a patient of the Assertive Outreach
Team, either in AED, or possibly on one of the wards at the RLUH. All
patients have an identified care co-coordinator from the team, and patients
are very well known to the team. It is, therefore, advisable to contact the team
and ask for information about the latest care plan. Information on the most
recent contacts can be taken from PHC. Team members will be happy to give
advice about possible support and treatment plans for any patients presenting
in crisis.

The following telephone numbers may be useful:

Team Leader:                Vinnie Farrell 0151 330 8028
Team Administrator:         Angela Gaynor 0151 330 8028
Team Offices:               0151 330 8020/21/22/23/24
Consultant Psychiatrists:   Dr Robert Higgo/ Dr Kate Wood 0151 330 8119
Consultant Secretary:       Lea Archer 0151 330 8119

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