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									Webquest: The Life Cycle of a
       By: Bethany Linkous
          Angie Keaton
• Have you ever wondered how a caterpillar
  becomes a butterfly? The purpose of this
  webquest is to understand the life cycle of a
  butterfly. Through this webquest, you will be
  able to identify and describe the stages
  involved as a caterpillar changes into a
• Your task is to read the information that is
  provided in this webquest. This will increase
  your understanding of the butterfly life cycle.
  You will learn how each stage is important as a
  caterpillar becomes a butterfly. After you
  complete the webquest, you will develop a
  book. In your book you will illustrate and
  describe the life cycle of a butterfly.
• Students will be working in partners as they explore this
  webquest. Students will create their book on the life cycle
• Step 1:
     I want you to think about what you know about the life cycle of
     a butterfly. Write this down on a sheet of paper. Then share
     this information with your partner. Discuss what you know and
     what you want to learn.

   Step 2:
       The teacher will read aloud Clara Caterpillar by Pamela Duncan
     Edwards. The purpose of this is for students to begin to think
     about the changes involved as a caterpillar changes into a
Step 3:
  With a partner, you will explore the links to learn
  of the life cycle. Print out the provided worksheet
  on the next slide. Each partner should pick 2
  stages of the life cycle to research. Share the
  information with your partner. The stages are:
  egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly.
Butterfly Stage:

1.     Describe this stage:

2.     Draw a picture of this stage.

3.     Make a connection to this stage or write an interesting fact about what you learned.
• Links to explore:
• Click here to watch a video on how a
  caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.
• After you and your partner have explored the
  sites and completed the worksheet for each
  stage then you will create a book. This book
  will be completed individually. You should
  include colorful illustrations and text that
  explains the life cycle of the butterfly. Use the
  rubric provided and your worksheets to help
  guide you in making your book.
I.  Cover page:                                                              2 points
    Cover should include title of book, name, and date.
II. 4 Stages of a Butterfly:
           Egg                                                               5 points
           Larva                                                             5 points
           Pupa                                                              5 points
           Adult                                                             5 points

           Each stage is on a separate page. You
           provided accurate and detailed information
           for each stage. There is a picture for each stage.
III. Neatness                                                                3 points
     The book is neat and colorful.

IV. Work Ethic
     You worked hard during this webquest.                                   5 points

                                                            Total Points: 30 points
• Congratulations! You have completed this
  webquest on the life cycle of a butterfly. I
  hope you have a deeper understanding of how
  a caterpillar develops into a butterfly. Think of
  your book as a souvenir of this journey.
• Sources used:

  Book reference:
  Edwards, P.D. (2004). Clara Caterpillar. Harper
    Collins: New York.
              Teacher Page
• This webquest was created by Bethany
  Linkous and Angie Keaton. It was designed for
  second graders.

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