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									   Intelligent Automation

Overlord II
An Overview
What is Overlord?

   Suite of Automation software by Process
    Analysis & Automation
   Product range is 10 years old
   Support for more than 200 instruments
   Two main products
    –   Workstation
    –   Scheduler
Overlord Workstation
Overlord Scheduler
Why upgrade Workstation?

   Workstation developed with older tools
   .NET Framework, API will be utilized.
   Although configurable, Workstation is quite
    rigid at a low level.
   New technologies will make writing drivers
    quicker and easier
   Fresh ideas for the UI to make writing
    assays easier.
Overlord II GUI
A major step forward in ease of use
   Enhanced
   Organized
   Procedure
    created all from
    one screen
   Aesthetically
   MDI
Overlord II Model

   Common Model through application
   Procedures defined that contain Actions
   Actions define how to run a Command
   Commands are Instruments, Plugins or
    Flow Control
Overlord II Runtime

   Executes Procedures from the Model
   Processes the Flow using Overlord
   All errors handled with different options
   More Run Engines planned

   Overlord drivers quickly created using
    Abstract class
   ALL components can be modified
   Different Run Engines can be run, all using
    common Model
   Can use different GUI, Excel could be used

   Overlord is a mature product
   New product based upon .NET Framework
   Common Model
   Different Run Engines can be used
   Components can customized

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