safety award by bdy52T3r


									Off-Track Awards 2012
Safety Award

This prize recognises teams that have made the most extensive
effort to comply with Shell Eco-marathon safety rules. Teams
must explain how they have integrated safety concerns into
vehicle design and construction in their entry forms.
To put your team in the running, please follow these
instructions carefully. Teams with incomplete forms will be
disqualified from the Off-Track Awards selection.
  1. Complete this questionnaire.
  2. Where relevant, please attach further information/evidence
     to support your submission. Attachments/information must be
     in English, and in these formats: PDF, JPG, GIF, DOC, XLS,
  3. Save your questionnaire in this filename format:
     Safety_(your team name and ID).doc
  4. Send your submission/queries to
Deadline: 15 June 2012.

     Country:
   Institute:

   Team name:

   Team ID:

   Team manager’s name:

   Team manager’s email address:

   Team manager’s contact number:

   Vehicle category:

   Fuel type:

   How have you taken into account Shell Eco-marathon safety

   If you participated in 2011, what were the main safety
    improvements, with respect to regulations, that you
    implemented in your project since then?

   What are the main innovations of your vehicle in terms of
    safety (visibility, roll bar, fire protection, driving
    area, ventilation, overall conception, etc.)?

   What original safety features, whether active or passive,
    have you included?

   What have you done to ensure driver comfort (position,
    cockpit ergonomics, ventilation, aeration of the cockpit)?

   Does your team have a safety manager? If so, will he/she be
    present at the event?

   How did you integrate safety in your project?

   What makes your project or vehicle remarkable when it comes
    to safety? In this respect, what would you qualify as

   Do you have any other information that you would like to
    make known to the Safety jury?

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